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Six Takeaways from Service Design Immersive. Peter March is a Senior Interaction Design Consultant in New York City, where he is part of the core leadership team of the Interaction Design Association and the Service Design NYC network.

Six Takeaways from Service Design Immersive

As a seasoned interaction designer, he has worked with a remarkably wide range of clients across multiple industries, including Hershey’s, Dannon, Merrill Lynch, Bank Of New York, Citibank, Discovery Channel, HP, Microsoft and Toyota. I had a great experience the first time I took a class with Cooper Professional Education, so I was really looking forward to seeing how the company would approach its Service Design Immersive.

Hosted at Designit’s New York headquarters in Brooklyn, the class was taught by two instructors, Tammy Su and Talli Pinhasi, who provided real-world examples from their experience in the field. It was especially helpful to hear how the concepts they taught could be applied to actual project work. Here are six key takeaways: Don’t stop at user personas. Six Takeaways from Service Design Immersive. Search results for "chocolat" Chocolate Concierge October 28, 2015 | 1 Comment.

Search results for "chocolat"

The World’s Most Recognizable Logos, Redesigned As Fonts. Logo and identity designer Emanuele Abrate recently conducted a very curious experiment.

The World’s Most Recognizable Logos, Redesigned As Fonts

He decided to recreate some of the most famous logos on earth–from Adidas to Red Bull–by replacing each brand name with the typeface used in each logo. Put down your Freight Sans Black frappuccino and ponder the results above. I asked Abrate–who is also a teacher and managing partner at Italian blog and academy Grafigata–how the idea came to be. It turns out, it emerged from a very common question among design fans, including myself: What’s that typeface? “Every time I see a logo,” Enmanuel told me, “I wonder how it was conceived, how it was designed, what kind of typeface was used and why.” When I look at some of his mock-ups, I don’t even notice the brand name is missing. Agrofree: el macetero inteligente que cultiva tus plantas por ti. Mantener un cultivo en nuestra propia casa es algo que muchos quisiéramos, ya que nos asegura un producto orgánico, de calidad, bajo costo, saludable y nos da la satisfacción de ser autosuficientes.

Agrofree: el macetero inteligente que cultiva tus plantas por ti

Pero, ¿cuántos hemos intentado el autocultivo sin llegar jamás a cosechar más que hojas secas o telarañas?

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KPN Healthcare Communication Advice. Open Source 3D Printed Water Filter. To make your own safe drinking water, you need to understand how to filter the two main classes of contaminants: Stuff: Particles and chemicals Pathogens: Bacteria and viruses First we'll learn to clear the water of floating matter and chemicals since these affect the taste and can have harmful physiological effects.

Open Source 3D Printed Water Filter

This is accomplished using activated charcoal. Activated carbon is simply charcoal (which you can gather from an extinguished campfire) that has been mixed with salt, left to soak overnight, and rinsed. You can see the activated carbon in our cap in the center image. Second, we need to clear pathogens. Boil the water for a full minute Leave the filtered water in direct sunlight for four hours. In this project we use a micropore plastic filter with pores so small that pathogens can't penetrate, but water flows through. Extrusora de cerámica para impresión 3D FDM - impresoras 3d. Aesthetic Assembly - The Art to Attractive Bonding - Dukane Ultrasonic Assembly Equipment. Miranda Marcus Dukane Corporation - Intelligent Assembly Solutions Download in pdf format Abstract After carefully molding a beautiful product, nothing is worse than seeing it destroyed during assembly.

Aesthetic Assembly - The Art to Attractive Bonding - Dukane Ultrasonic Assembly Equipment

El futuro es imprimible en tres dimensiones. 1983.

El futuro es imprimible en tres dimensiones

Maxwell Render for Rhino: Video Tutorials by Holger Jahns. Today Holger Jahns brings us a special offering for our Rhino users.

Maxwell Render for Rhino: Video Tutorials by Holger Jahns

Holger is a Berlin-based Industrial Designer and Maxwell Xpert and he has been using Maxwell since the Beta days for visualization work in his Studio but also in his work as a lecturer at several international universities. Design & Invention. K3D. Exposition at tenth Designday Decorfabriek Maastricht 15 - 17 May Lecture afternoon 16th Kirschner3d is a design studio that stands its ground in 3d printing design, development and education.


Based in the super south of the Netherlands, Heerlen, we (Aron and Jesse) run six printers with the sole purpose of giving the 3D printer purpose. Laboratorio Tottolab. W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

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Webs mejores que Google para descargar imágenes bonitas. Algo en lo que todos nos vemos metidos alguna vez en en la sección de imágenes de Google buscando fotos sobre cualquier cosa.

Webs mejores que Google para descargar imágenes bonitas

Esto no tiene nada de malo, de hecho Google Imágenes es una herramienta excelente para conseguir imágenes relevantes sobre cualquier tema, para hacer búsqueda inversa y descubrir si una foto es real o no o saber quien es su autor original, y, así para muchos otros casos. Para lo que verdaderamente no funciona usar Google Images es para buscar fotos bonitas, libres de uso, y que podamos usar en proyectos personales o web, como por ejemplo, la portada de este post.

Al usar imágenes en la web es importante saber cuál es su licencia de uso, quién es su autor y si este exige crédito o regalías de su trabajo. Usar Google Imágenes da la impresión a muchos de que todo eso está ahí puedo por duendes, es gratis y podemos usarlo donde queramos. Pues, no. 1. Kaboompics 2. Diseño de Empaque. Fuseproject. We call it 24 because it gives you 24 hours of insights and motivations to reach goals, and go beyond them. The ultimate goal of design at Jawbone is to make technology disappear, to craft all-day wearability that expresses personal style and fashion, and to turn the data collected into true insights people can change their lives with. One of our target insights is that people can't get enough info about themselves. UP24’s advantage is that from micro information to macro insights, 24/7 engagement can give you personal, on-the-spot, feedback that motivates you towards your goal.

The pace and habits of modern life are taking their toll on global health. DiCreem : Medio lleno o medio vacío? por... Free textures for your next web project. Therese Larsson on Behance. Shop. Diseño Sostenible : Glosario. 10 aportaciones de Steve Jobs al mundo de la tecnología. Concept and Design. We conceive and design digital concepts. Website, mobile and social. Result-driven and user-friendly. Frequently asked questions How can we use the internet to earn more money?

What are the criteria for a distinctive, cross-media campaign? Concept and Design. Concept and Design. CBBC Newsround - Top gadgets from US tech show. 25 Brochure Designs Creative & Inspiring. Brochure designing in printed form is very important role play in branding as well as grooming in corporate image building. Without brochure printing company’s marketing toolkit always incomplete and your products don’t generate revenue as per your expectations. Brochure Design: 50+ Brilliant Layouts. Brochure design is an important and useful marketing tool for businesses who want to put their products and services in the spotlight.

Like a business card, a well designed brochure can make the difference when attracting new clients and conveying the image and personality of your business. In this post I have assembled an amazing collection of brochure designs that will definitely help you get your creative juices flowing for your next design. 100+ Business Card Designs.