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Hacia un nuevo Renacimiento. The Age of the Consumer-Innovator. Recent research shows that consumers collectively generate massive amounts of product innovation.

The Age of the Consumer-Innovator

These findings are a wake-up call for both companies and consumers — and have significant implications for our understanding of new product development. It has long been assumed that companies develop new products for consumers, while consumers are passive recipients — merely buying and consuming what producers create. However, a multidecade effort by many researchers has shown that this traditional innovation paradigm is fundamentally flawed: Consumers themselves are a major source of product innovations.1 Recently, this consumers-as-innovators pattern has led to the framing of a new innovation paradigm, in which consumers play a central and very active role.2 Rather than seeing consumers simply as “the market,” as the traditional innovation model has long taught, this new paradigm centers on consumers and other product users.

National Surveys of Consumer Innovation Support user innovation. IX Research For Innovation Practitioners. Doug Williams, Chief Research Officer and Principal Analyst, leads the development of IX Research.

IX Research For Innovation Practitioners

A former analyst at both Forrester Research and JupiterResearch, Doug is the primary author of IX Research's syndicated research reports, and is responsible for the development of the IX Research Panel and IX Custom Research lines of business. He is a recognized thought leader and international speaker on the subject of co-creation, particularly with respect to the use of social technologies to involve customers throughout the product development process, and has been quoted in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

13 emprendimientos innovadores para invertir en 2013. Innovation management tools - by Plantel* Our Work in Digital Products and Services - Case Studies. We work with forward-thinking businesses to create new digital platforms, products and services.

Our Work in Digital Products and Services - Case Studies

Retail / Walmart Canada responsive web platform Envisioning the future of shopping for a multichannel world. View case study Automotive / Tesla Motors retail kiosks Reinventing the automotive sales experience. Gaming / EA Origin A new way to buy, manage and play games. Transportation / SNCF Train Service Improving train travel for an entire nation.

Media / Québecor Média Portfolio Transforming a media giant for the connected age. Entertainment / Dish Network View Anywhere Designing the next generation of TV. Select Clients Client Adidas Relationship Since 2012. Ropa tecnológica de startup mexicana triunfa en EU y Asia. Machina Wearable Tech es la firma mexicana de hardware para prendas de vestir que ha causado sensación entre los asiáticos y estadounidenses amantes de la tecnología y la moda.

Ropa tecnológica de startup mexicana triunfa en EU y Asia

La startup fundada en 2011 por Linda Franco, Antonio Rodríguez y Daniel Shore, facturó el año pasado un total de 333 mil dólares con las ventas en línea de su colección, que incluye una chamarra para controlar los sets de los DJs, ropa para ciclistas y playeras con leyendas de protesta. “Todo está hecho en México (diseño y desarrollo) y llevamos dos años creando las cosas desde cero. Los elementos de tecnología especializada los compramos en China. La meta para este año es entrar con tiendas físicas a Japón y Estados Unidos, dos de nuestros principales mercados, donde ya firmamos contratos para hacerlo” comentó Franco. 10 TRENDS FOR 2015. Jeff Bezos recently told shareholders that Amazon would have 10,000 Kiva robots by the end of 2014 (from just 1,400 in 2013), and that this could cut fulfillment costs for an average order by 20-40% (BCG, August 2014).

10 TRENDS FOR 2015

And while lower costs will be central to the robot narrative told in boardrooms during 2015, smart business will be planning not just how robots might decrease their costs, but how they can also increase customer satisfaction, too. Draw inspiration from the examples below around how to use robots to initiate better customer service: more reliable, faster, richer, more personal, more convenient … the list goes on.

Remember, this isn't about Man vs. Machine. ROBOLOVE will free your (human) employees from the most repetitive parts of their roles, and free them to focus on the more engaging, valuable tasks (that will further increase their satisfaction, and so ultimately that of your customers too). TENDENCIAS DE LA CONSULTORIA. Make creative thinking work. Repensadores — Creatividad, innovación y repensamiento para personas, organizaciones y territorios. LOS DATOS. INNOVACION 6.0. INNOVACIÓN 6.0: LA INNOVACIÓN SE INCRUSTA EN LA CULTURA DE LAS NACIONESEstrategia, innovación, tecnología y territorio.


(post inicial del blog)La innovación es un concepto emergente de management. IX Research For Innovation Practitioners. Top 10 Influential Business Models" While Apple and Google may appear at first to work in very different ways -- Apple as a consumer products and software manufacturer, Google as a suite of free online services -- they share one pioneering interest: you.

Top 10 Influential Business Models"

Apple, in practice, is more like three different kinds of companies working in concert: software engineering, hardware manufacturing and retail. Each of these gets to consumers in a different way, but they all work around the same core concepts of suiting the consumer's needs before he or she can even anticipate them: products for the home, business and entertainment, in-home and portable, for young and old, at price points high enough to make their products aspirational, but just low enough they're still attainable. Solo conversación profesional. Revista de Innovación. El cartapacio del consultor: Nuevas tendencias en consultoría. Mercados emergentes.