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Cathy's Lab - Mushrooms and More. ... a slice of science pie for the mushroom minded. - Cathy Scott is Chief Science Officer at Everything Mushrooms; she handles all the mycelium! Cathy is also a tremendous cook and dedicated fungal fanatic. This little slice of our web space is dedicated to Cathy's experiments, recipies, and mushroom musings. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates on some of the exciting things happening "behind the scenes" in Cathy's Lab at Everything Mushrooms. Pointers on pouring petri plates - posted February 18, 2014 Pouring media plates is one of the first things I would teach students when they entered the microbiology lab. For the Mycophiles interested in culturing mushrooms this skill is a must. LEFT: Tare scale to zero with empty container.

Mix Media - The recipes below are for 20 petri dishes (one sleeve of petri dishes). MEA - Malt Extract Agar 20g Everything Mushroom Malt Extract Agar-Light add hot water to a final volume of 500ml swirl to dissolve before sterilization Move quickly!

Mushroom ID projects

Looks like this ‘mushrooms in a holey bucket’ idea is catching on… Last winter, Nick decided that the best way to grow oyster mushrooms for us would be in a bucket. Plastic bags of mushrooms are great and fine, but they’re one-use only, and result in wastage with every harvest. Food-grade buckets, on the other hand… Nick figured we could use these to grow our shrooms in, and then re-use them for years. Decades, even. And so he tried it, and it worked. Proud Nick with his new mushroom-growing system last winter… Into the kitchen and ready to harvest (to fry with garlic + butter, of course) At the time when we first blogged about our success with this technique I got a small avalanche of emails saying ‘you should patent that idea, and if you don’t want to, can I?’ To which we said: no, and, er, no. Because growing mushrooms is awesome, and part of our resilient communities’ food futures.

And after all, it’s just a bucket. The big thing for us with this bucket’o’shrooms™ (just kidding) idea was that we wanted the whole system to be re-usable. The solution? Hunting Mushrooms. HUNTER-GATHERING: wild & fresh food: Ceps: know your Boletus… It must be said that while there are many wild foods that are edible, not all of them are worth bothering with. Some however, are just about the most delicious, scrumptious morsels you will ever get your hands on. The Cep (alias Porcini or Penny bun) is the very pinnacle of fine wild food. It is difficult to truly describe the overwhelming pleasure that sweeps the soul on discovery of a perfect Cep. First, a glimpse of the round cap poking through tufts of grass looking like a freshly baked straight-out-of-the-oven crusty bread roll. Next the rush over to fondle underneath the cap to see if it is accompanied by the fat belly and off white pores that will indeed guarantee a wild find of the best kind.

Food porn it most certainly is, if the Cep was in the adult entertainment business it would give Jenna Jameson a run for her money… Ceps are part of the Boletus family, their distinguishing feature is the mass of spongy pores they have instead of the standard mushroom gills. 1. 2. The Cep. Just mushrooms | Letter from Serbia. These are just pictures of mushrooms, with latin names, and mostly English, Serbian and Swedish names plus information about where they can be found. Boletus Edulis, Ceps or Penny Bun (English), Pravi vrganj (Serbian), Karljohan, stensopp (Swedish) Found in all of Europe, most of Asia except India and nearby countries including middle East, both North America and all countries in South America Coprinus comatus, Shaggy ink cap (English), Beli Jarcic (Serbian), Fjällig bläcksvamp (Swedish).

Found in grasslands and meadows in Europe and North America. Has been introduced to Australia, New Zealand and Iceland, and is cultivated in China for food Coprinus comatus but a day too late to pick, see text under previous picture. Oudemansiella mucida, Porcelain fungus (English), Ledenjaca (Serbian), Porslinsnagelskivling (Swedish) Found in all of Europe and most of Asia North of the Middle East and North of India and Burma. Omphalotus olearius, Jack-ó-lantern mushroom (English), Zavodnica (Serbian) Medicinal Mushrooms. Pajure. Mushroom - Powerful Immune Secret to Prevent Cold and Flu. Mushroom - Powerful Immune Secret to Prevent Cold and Flu. Lingzhi mushroom. Taxonomy and naming[edit] Names for the lingzhi fungus have a two thousand year history. The Chinese term lingzhi 灵芝 was first recorded in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 CE). Petter Adolf Karsten named the genus Ganoderma in 1881.[2] Botanical names[edit] There are multiple species of Lingzhi, scientifically known to be within the Ganoderma lucidum species complex and mycologists are still researching the differences among species within this complex.[4] Chinese names[edit] In the Chinese language, lingzhi compounds ling 灵 "spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; sacred; divine; mysterious; efficacious; effective" (cf.

Since both Chinese Ling and Zhi have multiple meanings, Lingzhi has diverse English translations. Japanese names[edit] Japanese language Reishi 霊芝 is a Sino-Japanese loan word from Lingzhi. Reishi synonyms divide between Sino-Japanese borrowings and native Japanese coinages. Korean names[edit] Korean language Yeong Ji or Yung Gee (영지,灵芝) is a word from hanja of lingzhi. Make a Ganoderma Extract. A Ganoderma extract is a tincture made from distilling the medicinal reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) in alcohol.

An extract is more potent than a tea and lasts much longer. There are many reported health benefits of reishi mushrooms. In a Ganoderma extract, these health benefits come from steroid-like molecules called triterpenes. Triterpenes inhibit histamine release, have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, and help protect the liver. Sounds great, right? For this recipe I recommend buying your dried reishi mushrooms from Mountain Rose Herbs! Ingredients: Dried reishi mushrooms Vodka (100 proof) When purchasing liquor the term proof refers to double the alcohol content. The purpose of the alcohol is to extract molecules, not to go down smooth.

I bought 1.75 liters of 100 proof Zhenka for about $15, enough to make organic tinctures for months! Instructions If purchasing whole reishi mushrooms, you'll need to break them into the smallest pieces possible. Hooray! Final notes: Reishi extract-4. Reishi extract-3. Reishi extract-2. Reishi extract. Growing Morel Mushrooms: Multiple Techniques. ShareThisFacebookTweetLinkedInPinterestEmail The process of growing morel mushrooms has baffled amateur and professional mycologists for years.

Now that we know more about the mysterious morel, growing your own is certainly possible. Be aware that these are difficult mushrooms to cultivate, and it may take years before you see results. Reading through the other morel pages on this site before you start will help you better understand their life cycle. Below are a few different ways to grow morels, ranging from easier techniques to more difficult. I've included the grow kit and mushroom spawn approach, the spore slurry process, and a few other methods.

Click here to share a morel growing story with visitors to this page! The Grow Kit and Spawn Method One of the most popular ways of growing morel mushrooms is with purchased spawn. Mushroom spawn is simply the mycelium, or "vegetative growth" of the mushroom, and the material on which it was grown. Prepare your morel bed: Plant your spawn: Wait: Reishi: what kind of wood? - Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. Mycelium.