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Providing schools, teachers, students, and parents the widest selection and the world awarded of Educational Technologies, Tools, and Apps from the most respected suppliers.

Simulation in Education - iKhwarizm. Book Online Demo for Education Software. Ikhwarizm. Innovative tools to introduce programming: control animated characters using flowchart programs, and learn about loops, functions and variables.


Sequences - introduce computer programming by controlling 3D dancing characters. Programming - control on-screen animations and 3D characters with a wide range of flowchart commands. Yenka Sequences Yenka Sequences is an innovative tool for introducing computer control and programming. Control dancers by making simple flowcharts, and learn about sequences of instructions, loops and functions. Modelling a dance routine is a great way to learn about computer programming. Loops can be used to repeat steps, and a chorus routine is ideal for teaching about functions. Get Yenka Sequences free Yenka Sequences is free to use at home or school. To get your school copy, here's what you do: Log in or register, then add the free 'Sequences' product to your account. Dynamic Educational Products and Solutions Provider. What Is Virtual Laboratory? Why Is It Gaining Popularity These Days? The Concept of 3D Modelling and It's Future in the Education System! Yenka Technology - Educational Software for Students.

Yenka Technology is a powerful, but easy-to-use, simulator for systems and control.

Yenka Technology - Educational Software for Students

It lets you design circuits, with a vast library of digital and analog electronics, and convert them to PCBs for manufacture. You can program PIC or PICAXE chips, and model the circuit in full 3D, with mechanical inputs and outputs. Yenka Technology has been designed for children as young as 10 to use - unlike most of our competitors, which are converted industrial simulators. As a result, Yenka's interface is easy to learn, and the software simulates as you work - so you can see how your changes affect the circuit straight away. And teachers and students can all use the full version of Yenka Technology at home. Yenka Technology can be used right throughout the design process: Electronic circuit simulation. STEM Education: Reasons Why It Is So Important!

Exploration-Based Learning - Dynamic-Balancing Of Student Abilities! Yenka Science - Physics & Chemistry Virtual Lab 3D Physics & Chemisty. Yenka Inorganic & Physical Chemistry Yenka offers you a virtual laboratory, where you can model experiments in inorganic and physical chemistry safely and easily.

Yenka Science - Physics & Chemistry Virtual Lab 3D Physics & Chemisty

Drag chemicals, equipment and glassware from the toolbars at the side of the screen, and combine them as you wish. Define parameters like mass, elasticity, coefficient of friction, dimensions, velocity and driving force, and add your own images to give context. Then choose whatever quantities and concentrations you like: reactions are modelled accurately as soon as you mix the chemicals. The powerful graph tools let you plot data from your reactions - for example, pH against volume. The power of simulation Yenka Inorganic Chemistry offers much more than much other software. - World's Best 3D K12 Content for science & Mathematics. Library Eureka is an e learning library of over 75000 learning objects in 2D and 3D to teach science and maths to Grades 1-12. - World's Best 3D K12 Content for science & Mathematics

Pedagogy The pedagogical sequence that our digital content follows is : Curriculum Mapped Eureka has been mapped to all the major curricula of the world and is available in about 20 international languages including Arabic. Competitive Advantages Eureka is a product of choice due to the following main reasons : Learning centric. Products Our current products are in two main categories – 2D Products and 3D products. the 3D products are for use by the schools within the school premises and is called a 3D School Product, the 2D products are further divided in two categories: School and Student Library. Adaptive Learning - 5 Vital Aspects to Know About This Methodology! Why Is Game-Based Learning Gaining Importance In The Modern-Aged Education? Yenka Mathematics - 3D Math Models Solution - ikhwarizm. Yenka Mathematics Yenka Mathematics lets you experiment easily with 3D mathematical models, to learn about statistics, probability, geometry and coordinates.

Yenka Mathematics - 3D Math Models Solution - ikhwarizm

It can be used as a flexible demonstration tool - for example, on a whiteboard. Yenka Dynamic Educational Software for Math, Science, Technology, ICT. Student-Centric & Adaptive Learning: Why Is It Gaining Popularity? Engaging Evidence-Based Learning Program with Sumdog - ikhwarizm. Sumdog adaptive learning engine delivers curriculum-aligned questions targeted to each student's level.

Engaging Evidence-Based Learning Program with Sumdog - ikhwarizm

You're free to focus your teaching where it matters most. Sumdog's intervention tools help you identify students who may be struggling or require extra assistance, and tailor their learning as needed. Target your interventions to individual students or small groups - while Sumdog's adpative learning engine manages the rest of the class. On Sumdog, we split each year's learning into skills, and each skill into steps. These skill plans are correlated with the key curriculum and standards. Teachers can see how each skill and step is aligned to the curriculum, and can modify the order in which they are presented to the students to fit their own learning plan. Engagement: the key to growth With Sumdog, your students will love learning. Sumdog uses positive reinforcement to reward achievement. As students play, Sumdog track detailed metrics. You're free to focus your teaching where it matters most.

Engaging Evidence-Based Learning Program with Sumdog - ikhwarizm. Autograph Mathematics Software - 2D & 3D Modeling Content - iKhwarizm. 2D - Graphing Creation of interactive objects based on movable points, lines, vectors, conics, polynomials, shapes, data sets.

Autograph Mathematics Software - 2D & 3D Modeling Content - iKhwarizm

Shapes and transformations Shapes either from a set of points or from a list of presets. Transformations including stretches shears reflections rotations enlargements translations as well as arbitrary matrix transformations. Vectors Create as an interactive object using points or with cartesian or polar coordinates. Equations. Dynamic Educational Software for Students. Educational Products – Dynamic Software, Engaging Learning Platform. Dynamic Educational Software for Students.