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Top 10 Grammar Tips for Every Business. We’ve all gone through those boring English classes in school.

Top 10 Grammar Tips for Every Business

While some grammar lessons stick with us and others don’t, it’s important for businesses to remember that all it takes is one wrong letter or word to step into a public relations gaffe. Consider the two following statements. Our business is proud to lend an enormous helping hand to community service efforts.Our business is proud of the enormity of our community service efforts. Did you catch the mistake? The word “enormity” in the second sentence is in no way related to the word “enormous” despite the syllabic similarities. In other words, the second sentence reads: Our business is proud of the extreme evil of our community service efforts.

To avoid both internal and external embarrassment with your business, keep these grammar tips in mind: Continual vs. continuous. If you follow these 10 Grammar Commandments for businesses, you’ll find that your communications and public relations efforts flow more smoothly! Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 2. Part One : ( Click HERE to access this part ) Definite and indefinite articlesAll about AdjectivesPunctuation Passive VoiceWhen to use e.g and i.e Here is what the second part is aboutPart Two : ( Scroll down to read Part Two ) 1- How to Use Quotation Marks and Punctuation 2- Subjective I wish I were 3- Modal Verbs 4- Parallel Structure Part 3 : ( Click Here to access this part ) Apostrophes The Importance of Good Grammar Adjectives Degree of Comparison Most Misspelled Words Ten Hyphenation Tips Fifteen Most Useful Phrasal Verbs Here is what part four is about :Part 4 : ( Click Here to access it ) Fourteen Typical Mistakes with PrepositionsNew Words of 2010The Most Annoying Writing MistakesCommon Rules for Capital Letter UsageThe Story of Modifiers Part Two 1- How to Use Quotaion Marks and Punctuation by 2- Subjenctive I wish I were by

Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 2

Top 4 Android Apps for Learning Vocabulary. April 29, 2015 Upon the request of several readers of our blog, we have done some sifting through the Android app store and curated the selection below.

Top 4 Android Apps for Learning Vocabulary

These are some of the most popular apps that you can use to teach your students and kids English vocabulary. Our selection is based on a variety of rating criteria such as number of installs, user reviews and content rating of the apps. We hope you find the titles below helpful and if you have other suggestions to add to the list, please share with us. Enjoy 1- Vocabulary Builder This is a powerful vocabulary game that helps learners builder their vocabulary. 2- PowerVocab Word Game This mobile word game is a handy dictionary of challenging words. The English Grammar Exercise Page. Use these English grammar exercises to help you learn or teach grammar the easy way.

The English Grammar Exercise Page

In each chapter, you'll find sentences to diagram and answer keys to check your work when you're finished. (No peeking until you're done!) Give it a shot. Use these sentence diagramming exercises, and see what you think. They start with easy concepts and gradually get more difficult. You can get all of these English grammar exercises and more in the Sentence Diagramming Exercises book.

Chapter 1: Start Basic Sentence Diagramming Chapter 2: Modifiers (Adjectives & Adverbs) Chapter 3: Prepositional Phrases Chapter 4: Coordinating Conjunctions Chapter 5: Interjections. English Grammar Rules. English is Fun - Photos. 43.activevspassivevoice.pdf. Opposites Words by Picture for Kids - Dictionary for Kids.

Opposite Words for Kids Vocabulary list by Opposites (or Antonyms) List of Opposite Adjectives big, small blunt, sharp cheap, expensive clean, dirty difficult, easy empty, full fast, slow fat, thin front, back good, bad hart, soft heavy, light here, there high, low hot, cold left, right light, dark long, short near, far noisy, quiet old, new old-fashioned, modern open, closed right, wrong rough, smooth same, different strong, weak sweet, sour top, bottom true,, false young, old 1-2 new – old 3-4 young – old 5-6 tall – short 7-8 long – short 9-10 large/big – small/little 11-12 fast – slow 13-14 heavy/fat – thin/skinny 15-16 heavy – light 17-18 straight – crooked 19-20 straight – curly 21-22 wide – narrow 23-24 thick-thin 25-26 dark-light 27-28 high – low 29-30 loose-tight 31-32 good – bad 33-34 hot-cold 35-36 neat – messy 37-38 clean – dirty 39-40 soft-hard 41-42 easy – difficult/hard 43-44 smooth – rough 45-46 noisy/loud – quiet 47-48 married – single Adjective Opposites.

Opposites Words by Picture for Kids - Dictionary for Kids