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At IHuS, we deliver effective and economic business solutions with our quality research, social media, consultancy, and content writing services.

Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Canberra. Software Development Trends in Canada that Will Gain More Momentum. Amidst the noise you read, see or hear around AI and machine learning every day, it is easy to forget that a majority of software development work that goes on in firms and businesses in Canada and around the world has very little to do with these technologies, yet.

Software Development Trends in Canada that Will Gain More Momentum

Software development at the commercial level is more focussed on solving problems that you face every day in the present world rather than giving you solutions for a ‘distant’ tomorrow. This is not to say that AI, machine learning or blockchain, among others, are not interesting. They definitely are and every software developer you see, meet or know will have tales to tell of what’s happening in that space. But this two-part series of posts is not about these awesome developments but rather on a few others that were buzzwords a few years back and are now the mainstay of software development services in Canada and around the world. Cloud Computing Needless to say, cloud computing is here to stay. Big Data Smarter Apps. Software Development Trends in Canada that Will Gain More Momentum. Industry-Focussed SEO Services are on the Rise – Here’s Why.

It seems that digital marketers and SEO companies have finally figured out that generic content sprinkled with a healthy dose of keywords was actually the wrong approach.

Industry-Focussed SEO Services are on the Rise – Here’s Why

If a business aims to add value to their customers’ lives with their products, they ought to start right from the content on their website. Industry-focussed SEO is now the only way to ensure you can balance the needs of digital marketing while providing your customers with meaningful content on your website. The companies that have transitioned successfully are seeing tremendous results both in terms of profits and customer engagement. Featured Snippets - The Coveted “Position Zero” in Search Engine Results. The main purpose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has always been to get a website to rank high on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Featured Snippets - The Coveted “Position Zero” in Search Engine Results

There are numerous strategies that come under the SEO umbrella – including link building, web content writing with the right keywords, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, etc. All of these serve to attain the same goal – to be the top result a user sees on a search results page. The methods used to get a high rank continuously evolve with new updates and discoveries made by various leading SEO experts. Google recently gave webmasters something new to strive for – the “Position Zero” aka the “Featured Snippet.” These results are displayed right at the top, making it worth their while. There are obviously several things that are working in favour of these featured snippets. Digital marketers and webmasters already know the importance of ranking high in search results. 3 Reasons to Stop Underestimating the Power of Cross-Channel Marketing. The Difference Between Web, SEO, and Technical Content Writing. Introduction to Technical Content Writing.

Corporate Content Writing Services. Our content writing services takes care of the content you need to have on your website, your social media pages or elsewhere.

Corporate Content Writing Services

It defines you and your business. They tell the world who you are, what you stand for, and whether you are capable enough. Having good credible content on your web properties (i.e. website, social media, etc.) tells the world more than your story. Not Just Seo: The Big Picture on the Impact of Content Quality. People, particularly those living in urban regions, now spend a significant amount of their time online.

Not Just Seo: The Big Picture on the Impact of Content Quality

This creates obvious opportunities for companies to directly reach customers on their mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc. Content plays a crucial role in this process, and not just for SEO. Good content improves website quality, brand perception, conversion, retention, and a host of other metrics. Technical Content Writing Services. At IHuS, we understand the necessity making technical content writing legible to the layman and the need to make it the go-to source for all queries at any time.

Technical Content Writing Services

Our factual, informative and engaging content styles and designs get the instructions across in the shortest possible time. We take out the unnecessary jargon and replace it with an easy language that provides the information in a lucid and yet unambiguous manner. Social Media Marketing Content Writing Services. We offer effective social media content that allows you to reach the right customer and promote your business or brand in the most effective way possible.

Social Media Marketing Content Writing Services

We cater to all businesses and organisations that are looking for industry experts who can help them build their own or their customer’s brand on social media. We have the expertise to say the right thing to the right audience. 5 Content Writing Trends: The 2017 Edition. Just like other industries, new trends emerge and the old ones fade away in the world of content writing.

5 Content Writing Trends: The 2017 Edition

The rise of mobile-indexing, for instance, means content now also needs to be accessible and easy to read on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the content needs to be SEO-optimised and consequently, rank high in search results. Social Media Marketing Content Writing Services. SEO Content Writing Services. We offer SEO content writing solutions to SEO firms and digital marketing players as well as larger companies looking for bulk content for their top ranking websites.

SEO Content Writing Services

Our expertise ranges across diverse industries from aircraft and aviation to wearable devices and web technologies, from legal and HR management to pet care and home renovation. Over the years, we have written content for businesses from around the world. Our experience has allowed us to create an expert team of content creators who can create keyword-based and well-researched original content right from scratch. Our focus on quality and timely delivery ensures our clients get their plagiarism-free content creatives without any delay, day after day, year after year.

Our SEO content solutions comprise of, among others: Website contentBlogsArticlesClassifiedsEmailsCase studies Each of these can be defined independently for each of our clients. Content Strategy Services. What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy Services

Content strategy means planning and using your content in a way that maximises their effectiveness. It takes into account various factors such as: The strength of your content,Your ability to churn out meaningful content,The demands for content across the web and other media,Particulars of your industry such as the fundamentals that drive it, and its current and upcoming trends,What your competition is doing,User profiling and behaviour analysis,Data analysis and so on. 5 Practical Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Conversions for Beginners. Irrespective of the size of your business, attracting qualified traffic and improving the conversion rate are fundamental to your online success.

Thankfully, even if you are a small business owner, you can employ a few digital marketing tactics to ensure that your website ranks high in search results and attracts plenty of visitors. However, it is not just essential to bring visitors to your website. They must be actively looking for your content, products, or services, and find them suitable enough for their needs to engage your services. The reason for this is quite simple and often not given the relevance it deserves – qualified visitors are more likely to convert into customers since they are already looking for what you offer. If satisfied with the information on your website, they are usually going to think of buying your products or services.

Optimising search engine results using SEO techniques can be time-consuming. 5 Tips to Perfect Your Landing Page Design. SEO is important since you need people to find you on search engines aside from any visitors you bring in with paid ad campaigns or from among your email subscribers, social media followers, etc. To use industry jargon, SEO brings in organic traffic. However, no amount of SEO can overcome a cluttered or drab web page. Bad design is the all-powerful bane that will sink a website regardless of the quality of its content. It is ironic that the opposite is equally valid. A great design encumbered by poor optimisation will almost never get any hits. Responsive Web Design: 7 Reasons Why You Need It in This Mobile-first World. As more and more people use their mobile to browse the net, responsive design has become a key factor in determining whether a user stays on a page or closes it.

Content that fails to load to fit the screen size or displays distorted images leads to a poor customer experience making a visitor leave the website for good. Most people may not know this but the time a user spends on a site impacts the search engine ranking of the website. Consequently, it becomes crucial that a page loads properly, and the easiest way to get it done across devices and screen sizes is through the responsive layout.

Let us look at some of the benefits of adopting a mobile-optimised responsive design for your website(s) in this note. PPC Services Company. Tips to Write Website Content. Despite being a creative field, website content writing is usually different from other forms of content. Some would even go as far as to say that website content writing is an art rather than a profession, because of its specific requirements. For instance, unlike say what readers prefer from books, website users and visitors prefer to-the-point content that gives them the information they are looking for as succinctly and clearly as possible. Professional web content writing services firms and individuals can create this content rather easily than a newbie.

Nonetheless, even experts sometimes make mistakes in creating the content for websites. Unleash the Real Power of Social Media for Your Business. Digital marketers are usually quick to spot trends and adopt new platforms to drive successful online campaigns. Surprisingly, even in this day and age, a sizeable portion of businesses undermine the importance of creating and managing an active presence on social media. Most are willing spend a lot of money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content creation to get their website rank high on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). However, they consider the time and effort required to maintain social media accounts as a waste of resources. This can mean that they end up blindsided by an unexplained lack of website traffic despite investing heavily in SEO. The strategy for pure SEO used to work fairly well until social media gained prominence. As is obvious, it is not sufficient to just create multiple social media profiles and pages.

What You Should Know About SEO: Keyword Research. Whenever you discuss digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is bound to come up at some time. 4 Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic and Customer Experience. While most webmasters tend to see the bigger picture, there has been a disturbing trend of late where customer experience and usability have taken a backseat to traffic stats. Ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) is a crucial aspect of a successful website but it says little about a customer’s experience. Consequently, businesses have to spend a lot of resources in their SEO and SMM efforts in spite of high traffic, simply because their customers are not a part of the digital marketing chain. Digital Marketing Firm. SEO Services Firm. Our search engine optimisation or SEO services can form a part of a larger content strategy solution, offered as a part of our digital marketing services (with Social Media Marketing or SMM) or simply provided as a one-off solution.

The services are custom designed based on client requirements and the end-results desired. This approach allows us to provide solutions that achieve the desired results without going overboard on our client’s budget. We take care of all aspects from defining relevant keywords through keyword analysis, competitor and industry research, and site structure optimisation to article and blog submission, social bookmarking, to even video marketing.

Choosing Quality Over Web Spam – A Digital Marketer’s Prerogative. After a tease in October, Google announced the impending launch of their Mobile-first indexing update in November 2016. IHuS. The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing. Social media has become the new marketing frontier. How Good Content Can Boost A Company’s Image. Tips for Writing Good Quality SEO and SMO Content. Importance of Social Media Management And Marketing. Social media, also known as alternate media, is a growing platform for marketing. Content Writing Firm In India. Social Media Management and Its Importance in Business. Social media–the name itself is a catch-all term for websites that may provide radically different online interaction actions. What are the Content Writing Services Available in India? Professional Business Research Services.

Operational Consultancy Services Firm. Social Media Management And Monitoring Solutions. How to Create Good Content for Marketing for Smartphone Users in 2017. Content Writing Services in India. Good Content Writing Firms in India. Digital Marketing: Time to Rethink Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Content Writing Services. IHuS. SMO Marketing and Advertising Services. Content Writing Firm. Content Writing Services in India.

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