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Slopness Behavior, Funny People, Drunk Pictures. BROKE AND DONT KNOW IT. Gender Studies Isopod. 97% Effective. A time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Psimadethis. Sickipedia - Building the world's best collection of sick jokes. Funny Background Pictures. OMG Facts - Your Mind. Blown. Futurist Raymond Kurzweil is known for his books that make accurate predictions about the future.

OMG Facts - Your Mind. Blown.

His predictions explain how we will grow as a human race, as well as the growth of artificial intelligence. Some of his well-known, correct predictions include the demise of the Soviet Union and the explosion of the internet around the world once wireless internet had been introduced. His prediction for 2029 involves direct brain implants. These implants will be widespread by 2029, meaning that they will be relatively affordable.

The implants will have the capability to take your mind wherever you want to go. Without the use of eyeglasses or headphones, you will be able to think of a place, a situation, even a sound and signals will be sent to your brain, making you feel like you are really there. So, will Kurzweil’s prediction be correct again? (Source) Taste Of Awesome = boring photos + epic captions. Public Displays of Fail (from Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo! Answers) Be careful with what you sing :p Are laughs really good for you?

Public Displays of Fail (from Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo! Answers)

Punk.. is almost dead. almost. We Are Killing Our Planet. OMG Facts - Your Mind. Blown. The end of the 1800's and beginning of the 1900's were a time of Revolution throughout Europe.

OMG Facts - Your Mind. Blown.

Lots of monarchies were overthrown and resulted in now Communist or Democratic governments. But it left a lot of displaced monarchs wondering "Now what? " One of whom was Constantine of Greece, formerly Constantine II, King of Hellenes. Born June 2, 1940, Constantine grew into a noted sportsman, earning his home country of Greece it's first Olympic gold medal since 1912 in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome for sailing. Constantine assumed the throne as King beginning in 1964, when he was still 23. A restoration of his power was set to a vote of the populace in 1974, after a royal edict he attempted failed to overthrow the government. A law passed in 1994 stripped him of his Greek citizenship, passport, and property unless he adopted a surname.

Fail Autocorrects and Awkward Parent Texts. 7 things you didn't know about the Alien franchise An early script for Alien 3 took place on a planet made of wood populated by technophobic monks!

Fail Autocorrects and Awkward Parent Texts

It’s really no secret that Alien 3 was a disaster of a production. They went through three directors and the one who finally saw the project through has since disowned it. They went horribly over budget costing twice as much as Alien and Alien 2. Several people tried to erect a third Alien flick, but either lost interest or were affected by a writer’s strike in the 1980s. The ruling forces say to the sect that they can take a satellite out and live in space the way they want to, knowing that they’ll eventually die. (Source) Bizarre. Pop Culture 10 Hilariously Outdated Instructional FIlms Animals 10 Weird Environmental Issues With Serious Impacts On Wildlife History 10 Failed Conspiracies That Would Have Changed Everything Mysteries 10 Lesser-Known American Mysteries Weird Stuff 10 Bizarre Uses For Excrement 10 Amazing Man-Made Underwater Discoveries Creepy.


Controversial Lists. Pop Culture 10 Bizarre Facts About Michael Jackson History 10 Monumental Map Blunders And Lies Technology 10 Obscure Inventors And Their Wonderful Inventions Crime 10 Cold-Blooded Professional Killers.

Controversial Lists

Embalm. Why I Don't Get Laid. Stuff Hipsters Hate. How to make a dress form out of Duct Tape. Soon, you will be looking this attractive!

How to make a dress form out of Duct Tape

During a recent discussion on the Offbeat Bride Tribe, one of the girls suggested that I post a DIY tutorial for the Duct Tape dress form that I am using to sew my wedding gown. Fortunately, I had many goofy pictures of me looking completely unattractive during that process, so I am able to do it! What you will need: 2-5 rolls of duct tape, depending on your size an old t-shirt (short or long sleeves) that isn't too tight or too loose on you a pair of old shorts or pants, again, not too tight or loose scissors a sturdy hanger (I prefer ones like this) – make sure it is able to hold a fair amount of weight without breaking (metal or metal/wood ones seem to work best) old phone books, junk mail, fabric scraps, newspaper, etc. a friend or family member whom you trust! Assemble these supplies in one conveniently accessible area.

You need to prepare yourself and your clothing for taping. My sexiest moment ever, no? AWKWARD, and you can't move, haha! Hipster puppies. Dancing While White. MyLifeIsAverage - Life is pretty normal today. Tumblr.