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Ian Hall

I am an IT trainer, Casual Relief Primary School Taecher and E-portfoilio person

Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud. Teaching ideas, lesson plans. Technology in the Classroom - Intel® Learning Series. Mind Mapping Software - Create online Mind Maps. iMindMap HD. Description Also available on iPhone iMindMap HD is the ONLY Mind Mapping app that is endorsed by inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, allowing for truly organic Mind Maps and freedom to draw as if by hand.

iMindMap HD

It is your limitless workspace for brainstorming ideas, note-taking during meetings or lectures, organising tasks, planning events, creating and delivering presentations and so much more.iMindMap HD is packed with intuitive, time-saving features to help lighten the load from your busy schedule and add a touch of creativity to everything you do. So, ditch the endless lists and dull slideshows and take refuge from the status quo with the creative tool for all tasks, iMindMap HD. PLEASE NOTE: iMindMap HD syncs your maps between all your supporting devices, so will ask you to sign up for a free account on the first start. ...More. iMindMap HD for iPad. Mindmap - cartes conceptuelles. Thinglinking.

Personal development. MIND MAPPING. MindMap. iMindMap Overview. Download your free trial of iMindMap today – no credit card details, no commitments Get a Free Trial View Pricing Available for Windows, with a Mac version due out in February 2015 – Learn More.

iMindMap Overview

Apps also available for iOS and Android Be more creative and productive when you… Brainstorm Plan Organise Present Brainstorm ideas Use our unique, free-form Brainstorm View to capture ideas without restriction. Develop & Organise Switch into Mind Map View to build on ideas and organise them into plans. Work with stunning visuals Inspire creative thinking with our flexible and stimulating canvas, including 3D View, Branch Art, flowcharts, icons and images.

Collect info in a single hub Add notes, links, files and comments to capture lots of information on one, easy-to-navigate canvas. Home » Edynco. Blogging Tools. Pin by Piktochart on Education. Microsoft & Nokia. 1st Juniors. Teaching. StoryKeepers - home. Professional Tools. Digital storytelling. Integrating the Web. MIND MAPS. 5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education. What do you do when you have an elaborate project, assignment, or paper that needs to be quickly organized?

5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education

Do you fire up Microsoft Word and whip up an outline? Do you pull out a pen and paper and start sketching? What if you could have the best of both options with a free online tool? It’s called ‘mind mapping’ (“Mind Map” is a trademark of the Buzan Organization .) and it’s basically a fun and intuitive way to visually organize your thoughts. Thanks to a recent article , I received an influx of mind-mapping web tools that I wanted to pass along to the Edudemic audience. XMind Definitely one of the easiest ways to embed a mind map into your blog or website. The biggest feature to me is the ‘Pro’ feature which lets you record what an audience (or your classroom) says directly into the mind map as an .mp3.

MindMeister MindMeister is a powerful tool that is great for mind-mapping on the go. The killer tool is far and away the ability to collaborate, though. iMindMap Sample From ThinkBuzan. Mind Mapping. EpCop Mooc. About me , Ian Hall. EPCOP learnspace My profile for EpCop MOOC I love e-learning..

About me , Ian Hall

I recently joined the E-portfolio Mooc. It is amazing to see how many resources and how much collaboration takes place. I strongly believe I am going to benefit a lot. I created web sites and then with E-Skills created with tab links to many areas of my life including mind mapping and voluntary activities. I have always had an emphasis on online training, teaching and learning. I am undertaking IT volunteer at The HUB in Eaglehawk – 8 computers (2 days a week) plus the Broadband for Seniors Internet kiosk.

At Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services (LCMS) I do voluntary work for 2 days a week as Information technology trainer, training trainers for the Broadband for Seniors Internet Kiosk, Web Designer for www.lcms.org.au using FrontPage 2003 in design and assisting migrants with issues.Email: lcms2011@gmail.com I have watched a Blackboard/Collaboration 11: Better Together (section 5) info session at:. Main WEB SITE: Like this:

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Help. ThinkBuzan - Support - Mind Map Gallery. ThinkBuzan - Products - iMindMap - Basic. Skype: How to Make Video Calls on Skype.