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Business models to monetize publishing in the digital era. At TOC, you’re as likely to run into media professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators as you are publishers, booksellers and others working in traditional publishing.

Business models to monetize publishing in the digital era

This, in turn, makes the underlying themes as varying and diverse as the attendees. This is the third in a series, taking a look at five themes that permeated interviews, sessions and/or keynotes at this year’s show. The rebirth of reading. Back in 2005, we – well, more accurately I – made a mistake.

The rebirth of reading

My reasoning went like this: The Economist fills a need in people’s lives; that need is not going away; people’s media consumption is shifting online; if we position The Economist to fulfil the same need online that it meets in print we’ll have a powerful basis for continued success. So we researched how people were doing online what they previously used The Economist for in print. But we found that, regardless of age or geography, people weren’t shifting that part of their life online. UNIT4, a sleeping giant. This week I attended UNIT4's UK user conference as a paid speaker.

UNIT4, a sleeping giant

I was more than glad to do so because it gave me the opportunity to help showcase customer success and innovation. The show lived up to my expectations and was one of the best user conferences I've attended in a very long time. I'll explain why later. Anyhoo...UNIT4? Who? The Rise of the New Groupthink. Making-Social-Media-Pay. Ross Dawson on opportunities for business and society in a hyper-connected world. The Future of Journalism – by Ross Dawson.