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PULASKI LAW FIRM PLLC is located in Houston, Texas. We represent plaintiffs from across the United States, individually, and in class and mass actions. Typically, we represent clients who have suffered serious injury, death or other damages from dangerous and defective products, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, premises liability, consumer fraud and deceptive business practices and toxic and environmental exposure to dangerous substances.

We Battle Mega Corporations - Mass Torts Legal Help & Advice. PULASKI LAW FIRM PLL (@ifspb_) Pulaski LAW FIRM PLLC. PULASKI LAW FIRM PLLC. PULASKI LAW FIRM PLLC. Mass Tort Law Firm. Mass Tort Lawsuit. Mass tort lawsuits are the same as class action suits: they sue a company for damages against a large group of people.

Mass Tort Lawsuit

However, with mass torts, it is a bunch of individual cases rather than one large lawsuit. All of the cases are combined into a single trial to save time and money possibly. There have been many instances over the years where a company or institution has hurt a large number of people with something that they have put on the market. Some examples of this include the fen-phen lawsuits of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the huge cigarette/tobacco industry settlement, and lawsuits filed over the Firestone tire explosions. Mass Torts. Instapaper. PULASKI LAW FIRM PLLC (@ifspb) — Ask me anything. Inoreader - PULASKI LAW FIRM PLLC. PULASKI LAW FIRM PLLC. Behance.