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Tulle, The Fabric To Essay This Summer. Dressing For The Summer Season. If there is one thing the hot and humid summer compels us to wear, it’s the all-white look.

Dressing For The Summer Season

It is fresh, cool and timeless. Fashion brand, Lovebirds, with their white flare pants, slit dresses and crisp shirts at AIFW SS16, have inspired us to revisit the white-on-white look. We asked the brand’s designers Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh ways to wear this look, without doing it wrong. Here’s what they had to say | Pair different textures together | We believe that playing with different fabric textures helps you stand out. Time For Home Renovation Tips. Shabby chic is about classic simplicity and the opposite of everything shiny, new and glossy.

Time For Home Renovation Tips

It’s an easygoing and practical style with French, vintage and country influences. We’re thinking wood or iron furniture that is beautifully matured with furnishings in natural fabrics such as cotton and linens. An internet search will show you lots of pinks, flowers and frills. Because You Want Outdoor Entertainment Tips. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, the maddening crowds and the pollution is a much-need break we all deserve.

Because You Want Outdoor Entertainment Tips

If you love all things open-air, an outdoor shower vacation is for you. You don’t have to look seven seas away, because there are places in India that can cater to all your outdoor-shower vacation requirements Adamo The Bellus | Calangute | North Goa For travelers that love luxe coupled with a rustic scenario, Adamo The Bellus, Calangute, North Goa is the place to be. Shape Your Wardrobe For the Summers Are Calling. It’s time to embrace the home-brewed style of yesteryears.

Shape Your Wardrobe For the Summers Are Calling

The timely intervention of ethnic chic has enlivened many wardrobes with their distinctive global Indianness. We bring you some of the most accessible and versatile options to choose from. The Mulmul magic | Mulmul seduces summer into submission. Bags To Stockpile This Summer For Your Bag-drobe. Our trendy and functional handbags hide our secrets and are an excellent add-on to our overall look.

Bags To Stockpile This Summer For Your Bag-drobe

From the iconic Birkin to Gucci’s Bamboo, bags have always been the focal point of luxury. This summer, an eclectic range, some classic and some new are waiting to be tried on! We are sure these statement-y bags will find their space in your wardrobe. The Bucket Bag | The Bucket, which rose to fame a few years back is still holding strong and is inspiring a number of designers to experiment with the shape. Mansur Gavriel, the New York-based label took inspiration from a bag pack and created the classic leather bucket bag in 2013. The Textile For Summer Dressing. Nothing beats linen when it comes to staying cool in the summer.

The Textile For Summer Dressing

Crisp and lightweight, it’s both comfortable and luxurious. What’s more? It’s sustainable. So, go ahead and invest in more than a few pieces this season. Here are some exciting suggestions for your everyday style | Jumpsuit. Celebrity Fashion Styles For You. Stripes have registered a strong presence on all the major runways for Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Trends.

Celebrity Fashion Styles For You

This versatile pattern can be an easy choice for the perfect summer wardrobe. Two different occasion stylings for this basic-turned-haute pattern are as seaside stripes and banker stripes. As the name suggests, the color palate of beachy locales often inspires seaside stripes. Whereas banker stripes exude a more formal impression, borrowing from the color codes of Wall street investment bankers from 1980’s – mostly in black, white, navy blue and grey.

Designers have given this trend their own twist. Shaping Home Library For Books Are An Emotion. A house full of books is a house of the learned.

Shaping Home Library For Books Are An Emotion

Books bring wisdom much needed to help us move on in life; without them, the world seems bleak. Fashion Accessory Chanel Black Flap Bag. Every woman has a secret desire to own something exclusive.

Fashion Accessory Chanel Black Flap Bag

For us, Chanel is one of those hidden guilty desires that we long for, save for and go the extra mile for. This is the story of our first Chanel- a classic flap black bag, 2.55 making it to our closets. The story | Toting The Leafy Green Colour To Your Spaces. All shades of green | Nothing says summer like bringing the green outdoors into your home.

Toting The Leafy Green Colour To Your Spaces

Accessories in small quantities like cushion covers for the sofas, rug in family room in shade of green or even indoor planters into your living spaces can uplift and reenergize your living spaces. Adding accessories in any room are the easiest way to stay within the budget and on trend. An emerald green room | Give an emerald green makeover to one of your rooms at home, either a study room or the family room where you intend to relax and unwind. A dark shade of emerald green on the walls can look delightfully rich. Balance this with textured carpets or rugs on the floor and white window paints or panelling, to create a zen feeling! Khara Kapas And the Take On Mulmul Fabric. Its soft feel against the skin and its gossamer, lightweight quality is what sets mulmul or muslin apart from its counterparts. Ideal for the hot Indian summer, it was the country’s favourite fabric way back before Independence. It later lost popularity with the influx of western fashion trends and synthetic fabrics.

In For Smudged & Washed Makeup Looks? Fine Dining Eatery Paowalla. After his tryst with the successful Tabla, chef Floyd Cardoz dabbled with the North End Grill and White Street, made his TV debut on Top Chef Masters, got a book written and then came back to Indian soil to launch Bombay Canteen. The buck didn’t stop rolling there, for he had a burning desire to get back to NYC and do something more.

He wanted the masses to relish the diversity of the Indian sub-continent, and Paowalla was thus born. Deep Goan roots | Typically, the name Paowalla refers to a bread delivery person in Mumbai, and chef Floyd Cardoz ensured the same essence and legacy is carried on with his new venture. Signature dishes that once made a mark at Tabla are still be available at Paowalla, namely the bacon naan, tamarind margaritas, rice-flaked halibut in watermelon curry and more.

Modish Interiors Art Nouveau Style. A movement of abandonment for home decor was brewing through the late nineteenth century up into the early twentieth century. Known as Art Nouveau, it raged through Europe and then worldwide. The varied versions of this movement of interior and exterior home decor called for wide and large features. Its aim was to make designs chic and modern while borrowing inspiration from geometric and organic forms with seamless unity. Here are ways to incorporate it into your home too! Let The ‘Keep’ And ‘Toss’ Bout Begin. Don’t be nervous. Time For Home Renovation Tips. Uneven Hemlin Denim – Summer Wardrobe’s Champion. Every season, a ‘hero piece’ transitions from being a runway hit into a style rage on the streets. De-cluttering your home with KonMari Method. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant, who has written four books. Tips and Ideas for a Sunday Brunch’s Table Setting. Air BnB Homes for your Weekend Break or Next Vacation.

Collaborative Kitchen By owners of the Table, Gauri Devidayal. There isn’t one tag that we can put on Magazine Street Kitchen; it is a collaborative concept where the idea of too many cooks spoiling the broth doesn’t apply! Beauty Gadgets To Lend You Flawless Skin. Best Home Decorating Ideas. Salone Del Mobile 2016. Salone Internazionale del Mobile is an annual exhibition held in Milan to showcase the latest in furniture and design from across the world. Get Rid Of That Sunburn & Sun Tan. Infuse Metallic Shine In Your Closet. Wedding Invites, E-Invites, Fancy these Days. A Fashion Trend Report for Fall/Winter 2016. White Shirt as a SMART INVESTMENT. Jiten Thukral & Sumir Tagra Studio. International Women’s Day 2016. New Hairstyles Trends. Celebrity Fashion Style. Best & Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas. Floor Cushions Speak Comfort. Summer Dressing Tips.

Get Me Sunglasses, The Sun Is On Fire. Top Indian Fashion Designers. Interpreting The Eyebrow Conventions. Step Into My Shoes, Shoes Of The Season. Bikaner House Keeps All Things Fancy. Organic & Sustainable Fashion. Undertones Of Lights In Your Spaces. Fashion accessories Trends. Home Renovation Tips. Fashion accessories Trends. Tips for outdoor Entertaining. Best Stylish Dresses. Shape Your Wardrobe For the Summers Are Calling. Toting The Leafy Green Colour To Your Spaces. New Hairstyles Trends. Latest Dresses by Manish Malhotra. Sabyasachi Sarees Online Shopping. Spring Dresses for Women. Winter Wardrobe Ideas. Wedding Dresses Designer. Latest Makeup Trends. Hair Growth Treatment. Latest Dresses by Manish Malhotra. Selecting the best blush shade this season. Best Home Decoration Ideas and Renovation Tips on low budget.

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