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Essentia environments launches signature pieces of furniture in Mumbai - Other Services. Creating mood and ambience with lighting : ifjseo12 — LiveJournal. Interior design is definitely all about art and aesthetics, but it is also a puzzle one may get muddled in trying to figure out the start.

Creating mood and ambience with lighting : ifjseo12 — LiveJournal

One important aspect of the puzzle is lighting that plays a vital part in creating a space, because, without it, no other detail, no matter how big or small, ever gets highlighted. Interior lighting can either bring about an aesthetic augmentation of a space or rescind its visual appeal. Textured Walls: Why and How? – Ifj.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your walls, but don’t want to invest in wallpaper or panelling?

Textured Walls: Why and How? – Ifj

Textured walls are hugely popular in residential, commercial and hospitality projects alike, due to their aesthetic and functional advantages. Trending in the 1970s, people have welcomed back the textured walls due to its cost and time-effective factors. Decorating a tiny room by IFJ123. All households have that one room whose size gets compromised.

Decorating a tiny room by IFJ123

Rather than worrying about the congestion, thinking about styling through creative imagination and surfing top interior design magazines will offer more solutions. These tips and tricks might be helpful as solutions too. Dark Path Do away with the myth that dark colors make a room look shrinked. As per one of the studies, humans see light-colored objects as taller than dark-colored objects. Italian furniture brand opens exclusive gallery, Mumbai. Santa Lucia Mobili opened an exclusive Pune gallery last year.

Italian furniture brand opens exclusive gallery, Mumbai

One of the largest home-lifestyle destinations in India, Creaticity launched Santa Lucia Mobili, a leading Italian furniture company specializing in designing and manufacturing modular furniture units for homes and hotels. The inauguration was done at the hands of the Consul General of Italy, Stefania Costanza. Sunon upgrades the workspace in Mumbai - Other Services. Ifj: Classic Blue: The Pantone Colour 2020. The decade has just begun and interior designers have already devised ways to use the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 – Classic Blue.

Ifj: Classic Blue: The Pantone Colour 2020

For those who don’t know, it is a dark hue of azure. Psychologically speaking, blue represents reliability, staidness and the world’s rapid advancement in technology. Apart from interior design, the color has been extensively used in space, technology, art, automotive manufacturing, and even the beauty industry. Hardware fittings and what fits well with them. Glass Facades: “Elegant yet expedient!” - Ifj seo12 - Medium. ARISTO, F2C Wardrobes, Mumbai – Creative & Design Services Borivli (Mumbai) Twist chandelier cécilegeiger, Mumbai.

A smarter lifestyle in a smart home! - Ifj seo12 - Medium. The concept of smart homes came into existence to offer better and easier lifestyles to busy professionals.

A smarter lifestyle in a smart home! - Ifj seo12 - Medium

It is gaining a lot of popularity these days due to the unparalleled convenience and safety they offer. Security products like smart alarm sensors are highly preferred in both residential and commercial spaces to ensure the safety of valuable belongings. Regular tik-tok switches are now replaced by ‘Smart Switches’ that function on touch and gives a feel of automation. The best architecture magazines in India.

Ifj: Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures: Why Are They So Popular? Black is an interesting color as it symbolizes mystery, elegance, power, and authority.

Ifj: Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures: Why Are They So Popular?

Though painting our walls would be too overpowering for most tastes, what do you think about having matte black fixtures black in your service areas? One of the bathroom and kitchen fixture trends of the year, it instantly adds glamour and appeal to the entire space. They enhance most design trends and enable you to be at the top of trending interior design styles. So, is there more to the mighty black than what meets the eye? Benefits of Matte Black Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures. Kitchens: “The heart of every household” - Ifj seo12 - Medium. Kitchens, also addressed as “the heart of a household”, have now become a social space that is connected to the remainder of a household.

Kitchens: “The heart of every household” - Ifj seo12 - Medium

It is a place where food is cooked, recipes are created, friends and family gather, and also new memories are formed. The concept of open kitchens is adopted by most architects and builders these days. With no demarcation between the living and kitchen area, an open kitchen is a space for guests to sit while the hosts complete their chores. Ifj: Faux-Wood: More Than Just A Fad. Thanks to advanced technology, numerous options, and innovative thinking, flooring options have gone way beyond the plain and simple.

Ifj: Faux-Wood: More Than Just A Fad

Customers now want something sustainable, luxurious and durable yet within a reasonable rate – and that’s where faux-wood tiles come in. Though they have made their appearance way back in 2014, they have certainly made a powerful comeback. Faux-wood tiles have always been favored due to their contemporary look and several advantages, and here we are to tell you all about them. Since the traditional times, hardwood flooring has always been featured in the best home decorating magazines. “Illuminating a million lives” - Ifj seo12 - Medium. Home is the cosy nest, one yearns to step in after a long hectic day to unwind and relax with the loved ones.

“Illuminating a million lives” - Ifj seo12 - Medium

Hence, the saying “Your heart is where your home is”. The décor of a room always reveals the personality of the one residing there. Each design element speaks a thousand words. Home-automation making lives easier - Ifj seo12 - Medium. The concept of smart homes is currently gaining momentum at a promising rate, due to the unparalleled convenience and security they offer. Smart locks are a must these days. This gives total control to home and office owners over whom they wish to let in. When combined with the smart doorbell, the owner can enhance the safety and accessibility of their premises to a greater extent. Smart Alarm Sensors are also highly preferred in both residential and commercial spaces these days, to ensure the safety of valuable belongings.

Advancement in technology and smart innovations have given birth to products that allow people to carry their homes right on their smartphones. Smart offices, on the other hand, are also gaining considerable popularity, but at a slower pace as the lighting requirements of an office more or less remain constant throughout the day and energy saving is the only factor that appeals to decision-makers. Ifj: The Recent Scene in the Indian Carpet Export Industry.

The carpeting industry first made its appearance in the sixteenth century, and today it has become the largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets in both value and volume. Approximately, 90 percent of such handmade carpets are exported to other countries due to their magnificent designs, brilliant colors and excellent quality. That’s not all; Indian handwoven carpets are featured in the best home decorating magazines all over the world as well. India is home to a rich testimony of craftsmanship and cultural diversity in the variety of carpets that produced on an annual basis, as follows: GEZE Slimdrive SCRCircular Sliding Door, Mumbai. Design Eurotech, Mumbai – Home Services Khār (Mumbai) Ifj: Interior design spreads its wings to office spaces. The 2019 offices take most of our time, so much so that we easily end up spending more than half of a day at work. When the workplace becomes more than just a place to work, the need for happy and creative vibes arises.

And that is why we see interior designing not just limited to homes anymore. Scrolling through top interior design magazines will give an idea of how the present-day workspaces are being done to take care of employee health. High-tech and more Window Magic, Mumbai. Ifj: Green work places with biophilic design. As we become more commercial and prone to spending less time with nature, our physiological and psychological health tends to suffer. As a result, architecture has now evolved to bring us closer to nature. Biophilic design aims to increase one’s primal connectivity to nature which provides health, environmental and economic advantages even for an artificial environment. One of the latest trends of this last year, this is a successful strategy combining outdoor and indoor spaces. The use of scattered vegetation, dynamic lighting, natural scents, local materials, and shelter brings nature itself into our workplaces.

The glass is half full - Ifj seo12 - Medium. Glass-fronted sky rises are an enduring image of the developed world. The best architecture magazines in India give us a look at these glass sculptures soaring across the world and into the skies. Conventionally, large glass façades used to impart buildings with a box-like, sharp structure. Spotlight on wallpaper - Ifj seo12 - Medium. Ifj: LUXURY FOR EVERYONE. Every house has a furniture set that makes it feel like home.

Bonton furnishing solution, Mumbai. Ifj: Play with your home. Luxurious interiors: ‘Not confined to the posh any more’. Extravagance and coziness are the key elements of home interiors today. ‘Affordable luxury’ is a concept becoming widely popular which gives the masses a chance to plan their dream homes. Art & Architecture Capsule 2019 SanjumSingla, mumbai. Ifj: When it comes to interior design, follows your instincts. ADONIS 3-SEATER FABRIC SOFA DANUBE HOME, mumbai. Ifj: Essential Design Trends. Ifj: DO MORE WITH LESS. INSECT SHIELD, mumbai – DIY Andheri East (Mumbai) Pastel palette for your home - Ifj seo12 - Medium.