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Life Skills. Critical Thinking Part 1: A Valuable Argument. Refining A Google Search Query. Refining a query means changing or adding to the set of search terms to do a better job of returning the pages you’re seeking.

Refining A Google Search Query

Successful researchers frequently enter several queries to find what they’re seeking. The search boxes at the top and bottom of the results page show the query for the current results page. Classrooms for the Modern Learner: ISTE Field Trip - Alan November's Digital Learning Farm. Many of us would all agree that students learn best when they have a vested interest, a desire or passion in what they are learning.

Classrooms for the Modern Learner: ISTE Field Trip - Alan November's Digital Learning Farm

As educators, we are forever working toward capturing that passion in our students by providing learning experiences that are authentic, challenging and relevant to the lives of those we teach. Alan November would take that one step farther, reminding us about the human need to make community contribution and encouraging us to bring this concept to the forefront of lesson planning. Students as Researchers. A word about Students as Researchers and the Students as Researchers Toolkit from Mary Jean Gallagher.

Students as Researchers

Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Education. Students as Researchers Conference Toronto – February 2012 The Students as Researchers Conference was a response to students' suggestions about the importance of learning life skills like research and critical thinking. The conference provided new ways to gather student perspectives and incorporate students' views into school policy and directives. 150 students and teachers from around the province came together in a two day workshop and learned how to conduct collaborative inquiry research. More Games — Breakout EDU. Game Designer: Emma MorganAges: Middle GradesIdeal Group Size: Large GroupContent Area: Math Game Designer: Lisa ButlerAges: Middle GradesIdeal Group Size: Whole ClassContent Area: Social Studies Game Creator: Karen SwingAges: High SchoolIdeal Group Size: Whole ClassContent Area): Late Algebra 1 or Early Algebra 2.

More Games — Breakout EDU