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iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) is AICTE approved Business School and is located amidst Mumbai and Pune. iFEEL offers a Two years PGDM Program which is equivalent to a MBA program. It also has specialization in Finance, HR, Marketing & operations. iFEEL offers international placements & study tours.

PGDM in Marketing. PGDM colleges in Pune. Management Development Program. Best b school in mumbai. At iFEEL our aim is to provide exposure and interaction opportunities with practicing managers and to the work place culture and environment across different business sectors.

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Over the last 4 months the students have undergone an Industrial visit to study the various operations , processes and departmental functions in a manufacturing Unit. iFEEL has also organized training for executives and managers from corporate on its Campus. Being a residential campus, the interaction time that students get when corporate participants are on campus is invaluable. “i4 :Ignite, Involve, Innovate & Inspire” The series is designed to bring about interaction between industry leaders and experienced professionals with young students at iFEEL and share a perspective of the changes, challenges and opportunities across different business sectors and how they, as young corporate citizens need to prepare.

Entrepreneurship - #MMScourseinMumbai, #TOPmanagementCollegesinMumbai #MMScoursesinMumbai, #TOPCollegesforMBAinMumbai. Top Residential Business Schools. Opportunity. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Institute. Representatives of regional, sectoral, bi-lateral business associations and trade promotion boards are invited for enlightening the students with their expert advice.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Institute

The students get the golden opportunity of learning through the First hand Interaction with them. iFEEL has always worked on creating better platforms for the students to achieve corporate success. Its Placement Team works round the clock to place students with the top companies worldwide. From the last 3 years, iFEEL has maintained the record of 100% Placement for the students. Its students have been placed internationally as well. iFEEL is offering Fully Sponsored Study Tour to all students who will take admissions for 2016- 2018 batch. Guest Lectures series comprises of Founder Promoters / Entrepreneurs and Top Management Executives like CEO/COO/CFO/CMO from esteemed companies. Management colleges mumbai. The Orientation program at iFEEL spread over a fortnight brings about interaction with various corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and persons from various walks of life.

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Some of the leading corporate professionals who have shared their wisdom with students as part of this program include: Sanjay Jog, Head HR - Reliance RetailAmit Chincholikar, Group Vice President, Management Development - Tata Sons Ltd.R. A. Motivational Quotes. Martin luther king jr. AICTE approved MBA college. Top pgdm colleges in mumbai. Best pgdm colleges in mumbai. Executive 1.

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Mr. Chirag Soni – Globuzz (Dubai) 2. Mr. Ganesh Mokashi – Future Group 3. Mr. Summers 1. Package 1. Executive 1. Summers 1. Package 3. Post graduate diploma in Management. Top management colleges in pune. iFEEL has the philosophy of imparting education centers on the creation of a true learning environment.

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To achieve this, the Institute encourages the use of a wide range of pedagogical methods and strongly emphasizes experimentation for further innovation. Case analysis, role-plays, participant presentation, use of computer software, simulation and games, lecture-cum-discussions are among the teaching methods commonly used. Post graduate diploma courses in mumbai. Post graduate diploma courses in mumbai. Direct Admission PGDM. Top Mba Colleges. "rain lab" - reflect, act, innovate and nurture. rain lab was inaugurated by Prof.

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Dr. Sten Ekman; PhD in Innovation Science and Management from Malardalen University in Sweden and Dr. Analill Ekman, Department of Education, Uppsala University in Sweden. Both of them are practicing experts in the area of Innovation led Entrepreneurship. It was inaugurated in the month of February 2012 during their visit to iFEEL in India. Both of them mentor and closely work with iFEEL on Innovation and its relevance in all spheres of management.

The Objective The objective of having the rain lab in the vicinity of the campus is not only to provide the students with a space where they can explore their creative minds and work on the plethora of ideas that may range from whacky to wonderful but also to give them a space where they can prototype a service or a product and implement things and hopefully come out with something sustainable and scalable. Post graduate diploma courses in mumbai. Learning Methods The Global Citizen Leader Program (GCL) iFEEL students are part of a unique learning experience; the "Global Citizen Leader" (GCL) designed by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB), a global initiative by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), which is amongst the best educational institution in the world.

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CCL trains Fortune 500 companies across the globe. The program provides students with leadership and innovation led knowledge along with an opportunity to learn and practice skills in a real-life context. Some of the leading corporate that students groups worked with as part of this program are : In the last two years, iFEEL students have worked on Live Projects shared by Future Group, Wockhardt Foundation, Perfetti Vans Melle, Bank of India, India First Insurance and Panoramic Group.

Post graduate diploma courses in mumbai. Top PGDM Colleges in Mumbai. Top PGDM Colleges in Mumbai. Best pgdm colleges in mumbai. Top management college in mumbai. Top management colleges in pune. AICTE approved MBA colleges in mumbai. MBA college in Maharashtra. MBA college in Maharashtra. Executive mba colleges in mumbai. Eligibility and Selection Process The Eligibility mentioned below is for the 2 year Full-Time, AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management - PGDM with specializations in Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations (120 seats) Graduate in any discipline (with a minimum of 50% marks) from any recognised university is eligible for Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

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Candidates appearing for the final year bachelor's degree / equivalent qualification examination can also apply. Applicants having purchased the application kit will have to fill in the details required and submit the same. Aptitude / Interview iFEEL will conduct Apptitute Test followed by 2 rounds of Personal Interview at selected cities across India. Personal Interview (PI) on the other hand, conducted for the admission process is entirely different from the GD, therefore a set pattern is definitely not possible.

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Certification Program in Family Managed Business. Family management business program. Best MBA colleges in Pune. Ganesha Wisdom. YOGA. Success. Ganesha Wisdom. Think. Beauty. Bollywood Sarees. Hinduism. Images. 2 years PGDM Program approved by AICTE. Entrepreneurship Excellence Program. Education/Training. Success4Students. Books (education)