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Résultats de la recherche. Résultats de la recherche. Résultats de la recherche. Résultats de la recherche. Learn English 44 - Planning Vacation. 960 Fashion Sense. Todd: Well, what about clothes?

960 Fashion Sense

Like, are you a brand name person? Melissa: No, not at all. That's not my style. 1065 Types of Tourists. Rachel: So, Steven, you're from Costa Rica, and I've heard it's an amazingly beautiful country, and I've seen some of pictures you've shown us in class.

1065 Types of Tourists

Do you get a lot of tourists going? Steven: In Costa Rica we are considered one of the most important places where there's mostly rainforest. We are composed of 4% of the world's natural forest. But this is increasing due to the fact that Brazil's cutting down the trees. Rachel: So, do most tourists go to Costa Rica for eco-tourism or are there any other reasons? Steven: Most of the people that go to Costa Rica is not only due to the environment, like going to see the trees, volcanoes, animals, but they also come to Costa Rica because they want get plastic surgeries because in Costa Rica it's really cheap. Rachel: Wow, I didn't know so many people went there for medical tourism. Rachel: Yeah, that's amazing.

Travel. Travel This is the preparation material for an English conversation lesson about travel and vacations.


There is an audio discussion about backpacking with some questions to consider, as well as some common idioms we use when talking about holidays and travel. There are also some conversation questions relating to this subject. Audio discussion about backpacking Listen to a discussion about backpacking Download transcript of discussion * Audio courtesy of

ESL Conversation Questions: Travel. Press Control + P to print these out.

ESL Conversation Questions: Travel

Related Articles Conversation Questions: Houses and Architecture - Press Control + P to print these out. Do you think that old buildings are more beautiful than new ones? Why or why not? What's your favorite room in the house? Travel conversation questions. You are free to use this material in class.

Travel conversation questions

For general advice on using conversation topics, see our ESL conversation questions article. For our complete list of topics click here. For more help on editing teflpedia click here. To add new questions to this page: click the edit tab above type your question into the appropriate section preceded by an asterisk click the Save page button at the bottom of the page. Graham : my dream job. Sarah : School rules in New Zealand. Allen : saving the planet. Allen : the biggest environmental issues. Allen : environmental disaster.

Caitlin : I love travelling. John : teen jobs in the UK. Gloria : unemployment in the UK. Jenny : I'm concerned about environment and food. Jenny : I don't consider myself to be very eco-friendly. Maria : I'm trying to do my best to protect the environment. Tarik : how the economic crisis made me change my job. Alice : youth unemployment in the UK (2/2) Alice : youth unemployment in the UK (1/2) Alice : my travelling experiences. Bibi : I have travelled all around the world (10) Emma : I like to travel. Kerry : I've travelled all around the world thanks to my job. Tina : recycling program in Seattle. Jessica : my travelling experiences. Lindsey : my favourite outfit. Lindsey : my favourite outfit. Erica : the countries I have visited. Simonetta's passion : travelling. Sam : travelling is important.

Mobile version. Mobile Video #1259 What is your dream job? Mobile Video #1271 What kind of movies do you like? 1190 Language Learners. Jana: So we're talking about learning English.

1190 Language Learners

Has that worked for you in any other languages too? Peter: Actually I thought about that question before and I started studying Japanese a few years ago. I shouldn't say studying because I haven't studied so much but for some reason my Japanese learning is very different to my English learning. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English for intermediate English learners. There are more vocabulary activities related to these podcasts on the 'extras' page. 120 Cowboy country.

Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English for intermediate English learners

Join Jackie and Richard with the cowboys, horses and shoot-outs (15 Oct 15) ► Download (1.59MB, 3min 29sec) ► Transcript(pdf 53KB) ► Worksheet & Answers (pdf 602KB)► Vocabulary tasks(pdf 131KB) Health & Fitness – Zapp! English Listening – Audio/Mp3 podcast. Zapp!

Health & Fitness – Zapp! English Listening – Audio/Mp3 podcast

English Listening 3.14 – Health and Fitness Audio PlayerIn this unit you’ll practise listening to people talking about their fitness regimes and whether they consider themselves to be fit and healthy. Topics include yoga, diet and marathons. We’ll also hear from people who are more like ‘couch potatoes’ (couch potato = a very lazy person) than fitness fanatics! © Superstitions – Zapp! English Listening 3.16 – Audio/Mp3 podcast. Zapp!

Superstitions – Zapp! English Listening 3.16 – Audio/Mp3 podcast

English Listening 3.16 – Superstitions Audio PlayerDo you believe in superstitions? In this unit you’ll find out if our speakers do, as well as discovering some common British superstitions. This is a natural conversation, split into three parts and contains lots of the features of conversation that you need to learn to deal with, such as interruptions, hesitation and broken sentences. © English Vocabulary & Pronunciation MP3 – Clothes & Fashion. Zapp!

English Vocabulary & Pronunciation MP3 – Clothes & Fashion

English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3.1 – Clothes & Fashion Audio Player These days people spend a lot of time talking about what clothes they wear and the fashion they follow. In this unit you’ll learn English words for parts of clothing as well as adjectives to describe how different articles of clothing look, including their shape and style. This unit is in the form of a game; you’ll hear Tom and Katie describing clothing and you need to guess the words. . © Download the Zapp!

Travel – English Podcast Vocabulary & Pronunciation. Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation Podcast 3.4 – Travel Audio Player When we’ve travelled somewhere, we usually want to tell our friends and family all about our trip. In this unit you’ll learn how to do this in English. You’ll be improving both your English vocabulary and your listening skills, as you hear Tom and Katie answering travel questions and discussing what kind of travellers they are. . © Download the Zapp! Movies & cinema – Zapp! English Listening – Audio/Mp3 podcast. Zapp! Health & Fitness – English Vocabulary & Pronunciation Audio/MP3.

Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation 3.14 – Health & Fitness Audio Player GET FIT!! Learn some parts of the body that are commonly used when talking about fitness as well as useful exercise verbs in English. Alec, Stuart and Katie discuss exercise and their attitudes to it. . © The Environment – Zapp! English Listening – Audio/Mp3 ebook.

Zapp! English Listening 3.31 – The Environment Audio PlayerA useful unit in today’s environment-conscious world. Practise your listening skills while comparing your green credentials to our speakers. You will also pick up and review ways to talk about the environment and environmental problems. Recorded in Barcelona parks and at the beach, with accompanying background sounds. Audio: Superstitions English Vocabulary & Pronunciation. Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation Audio 3.16 – Superstitions Audio Player Seven years’ bad luck? All the vocabulary in this audio is presented through a very natural conversation between Tom and Katie. You’ll learn English words you can use to describe people and their attitudes to superstitions, facts and beliefs, as well as working on your pronunciation of individual words and how they sound in connected speech. Jobs & Work – Zapp! English Listening 2.1 Audio/MP3.

FREE English Listening Audio/MP3 Podcasts B1 B2 C1 — Page 2. Money – English Listening Audio Conversations 2.15. Dinero para estudiantes. Hello and welcome to Trend UK, your shortcut to popular culture from the British Council. 8883809.