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The Future Of Work. The World of Work - Did you know? Hacking Language Learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw. The Secret to Learning a Language in 10 Days- Revealed! Learn Languages Fast - CRAZY, but Powerful TRICK. AUDIO – Professions / Occupations + People – Zapp! English Vocabulary 2.17. Superstitions – Colloquial English Expressions Podcast 3.16. Zapp!

Superstitions – Colloquial English Expressions Podcast 3.16

Zapp! Colloquial English Audio Podcast – Controversial Issues. Zapp!

Zapp! Colloquial English Audio Podcast – Controversial Issues

English Colloquial 3.23 – Controversial Issues Audio Player Katie is describing colloquial English phrases that you might use when talking about controversial issues and topics. Do you know why she might be using the word devil? Discussion about life changes – Zapp! English Listening – Audio/Mp3 podcast. Zapp!

Discussion about life changes – Zapp! English Listening – Audio/Mp3 podcast

English Listening 3.11 – Discussing life changes Audio PlayerIn this unit, people talk about what has changed in their lives over the past five years. You will practise pulling out the key points, spotting differences between recordings and noticing details. A variety of speakers of different age groups from all over the UK, as well as the US, describe and discuss changes in work, family and relationships. Jobs & Work – Zapp! English Vocabulary & Pronunciation Audio. Describing Work Situations – Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work 2.2. Describing Work Situations – Zapp!

Describing Work Situations – Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work 2.2

English Vocabulary for Work 2.2. Looking for a Job – Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work Audio/MP3. Looking for a Job – Zapp!

Looking for a Job – Zapp! English Vocabulary for Work Audio/MP3

English Vocabulary for Work 2.1 Audio Player One of the most common reasons people learn English, is because they want to find new work or a better job. Free Audio – The Environment – English Vocabulary & Pronunciation. Zapp!

Free Audio – The Environment – English Vocabulary & Pronunciation

English Vocabulary & Pronunciation Audio 3.31 – The Environment Audio Player How green are you? The environment is a topic which contains a lot of useful English vocabulary. You’ll find the words in this unit useful for describing environmental problems and solutions, as well as being helpful in terms of reading articles about conservation and the environment. . © Download the Zapp! Pasttimes. Spain. A taste of Spain (learn English with pie) Taste. Travel. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English for intermediate English learners. There are more vocabulary activities related to these podcasts on the 'extras' page. 66 Paris in summer.

Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English for intermediate English learners

Sarah thinks the French capital is the most romantic place to be in the sun (29 Jul 10) ► Download (2MB, 4min 23sec) ► Transcript (pdf 57KB)► Worksheet & Answers (pdf 82KB)► Vocabulary tasks (pdf 66KB) 65 Blue for boys... and pink for girls.


Value%20Cards%20v4.d. Value Cards Activity. This is a very fun, engaging and introspective activity that can be used for almost any group and is ideal for students age 13 through 100!

Value Cards Activity

INSTRUCTIONS: (Click HERE for printable version of these instructions) Following the discussion simply hand each student a packet containing the 40 value cards. Instruct them to clear their desks and lay the cards out in front of them face up so they can see each of them. Remind them that there may be one or more "blank" cards that are to be used as "Wild Cards". The Wild Cards can represent a word or "value" that they feel is important to them but may not be represented among the 36 other values.

Ask them to study the cards for several minutes and try to identify a meaning that pertains to them. Once they have had some time to reflect on the words, challenge them to identify the five values that best represent them as an individual. Once everyone has only their five face up on the desk in front of them. Activities that Teach Values. Summary:These activities help students identify and evaluate their personal values.

Activities that Teach Values

Main Curriculum Tie: FACS ExplorationStandard 4 Objective 2Discuss values, goals, decision-making and personal responsibility. What are your values?... What Matters Most in Life? The High Price of Materialism. Learn English 34 - Climate Change. 978 European Matters. Face a problem We are facing kind of a big problem.

978 European Matters

When we are facing a problem that means we have a problem we need to take care of. Notice the following: The world is facing the big problem of global warming. We are facing kind of a big problem. Function It functions almost like a lake. To function like something or someone means to work or perform the same as another thing or person. Most of the time our guest room functions as a storage room. Due to The pollution is due to the factories. We use the phrase 'due to' when we want to give a reason why.

Due to the rainy weather, we've been facing a horrible traffic problem. Organic materials. 1084 Eco Tips. Rachel: You were talking about Earth Hour and that's switching the lights off is one way to save electricity and protect the environment. What other things do you do in your life to save for example water? Steven: Well, as for me, I recycle all my waste. I also, as for water, before brushing teeth, I have a cup. I just fill the cup and then use it. I don't know if you do it. Rachel: Actually, I have to confess, I don't save water very efficiently. 1065 Types of Tourists. Rachel: So, Steven, you're from Costa Rica, and I've heard it's an amazingly beautiful country, and I've seen some of pictures you've shown us in class.

Do you get a lot of tourists going? Steven: In Costa Rica we are considered one of the most important places where there's mostly rainforest. We are composed of 4% of the world's natural forest. But this is increasing due to the fact that Brazil's cutting down the trees. Rachel: So, do most tourists go to Costa Rica for eco-tourism or are there any other reasons? Steven: Most of the people that go to Costa Rica is not only due to the environment, like going to see the trees, volcanoes, animals, but they also come to Costa Rica because they want get plastic surgeries because in Costa Rica it's really cheap.

1039 Power and Corruption. Todd: So, Aiman, we're talking about bribery. Now you've worked in a very modern country like Dubai in the business setting, so even in large business settings, do you have some type of bribery. Mobile #1301 Climate Change. Mobile #1302 How to Change. Mobile #1307 Money Matters. Mark: Hi, Sorie. Money – English Listening Audio Conversations 2.15. Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index. Urbanization and the evolution of cities across 10,000 years - Vance Kite. Starting with those first small farming villages, people have flocked to cities in ever increasing numbers. Urban environments offer the promise of a higher standard of living. Most of the great technological innovations that make our lives what they are came out of the exchange of ideas that result from so many people and ideas being concentrated in one area.

This concentration of ideas facilitated rapid, global improvements in living standards which allowed the human population to grow at an unprecedented rate. In 2011 the world population flew past 7 billion people. In recognition of this milestone, the National Geographic society produced a spectacular feature series on the global implications of 7 billion people. In many ways, cities can be compared with living organisms. Crumbling industrial centers offer a unique opportunity for reinvigoration, redevelopment, and reimagination.

Best measure of Standards of Living.