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International Education Consultants (IEC) is well known for its consultancy services in India. We are signifying various universities and colleges in all main countries like Europe, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, New-Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia and UK etc. IEC have well-versed advisers who will give valuable information to the students regarding to select right destination. We provide best education with professional counselling support.

Bulgaria Visa consultant in Mohali. The higher education system has largely conformed to the somewhat standard Anglican system with three stages of higher education - Bachelor, Master and Doctor. Higher education is provided through three types of institutions - universities, specialized higher schools and colleges. The academic year in Bulgaria runs from September to June. Application deadlines are generally September first for fall entry but as an international student, it is always wise to apply in good time. What is notable is that most programs are offered in Bulgarian, and require a good level of Bulgarian proficiency for acceptance. For international students not yet proficient in the language, a one year course in the Bulgarian language followed by an examination is mandatory. As previously mentioned, degrees offered at Bulgarian institutions of higher education are on three levels; Bachelor, Master and Doctor.

Italy study visa consultant in Mohali. France study visa consultant in Mohali. France is an ideal place for pursuing an excellent study abroad education, whether at a university or other school, in a country which allows easy access to the rest of Europe.

France study visa consultant in Mohali

Indeed, most of Europe's major cities (and countless smaller ones) are only a short trip from France, providing a great opportunity to visit a new place for the weekend or longer. For students who love adventure, culture, and quality schooling, studying in France is the perfect option. France offers a multitude of athletic, touristic, and cultural activities.

Germany Study Visa consultant in Mohali. Cyprus study visa consultant in Mohali. Bulgaria Visa consultant in Mohali. Lathuania study visa Consultant in Mohali. Study in the geographical heart of Europe - welcome to Lithuania!

Lathuania study visa Consultant in Mohali

The country is a melting pot between historical and multi-cultural influences mixed with a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Republic of Lithuania is a European country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania borders on the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Poland. Lithuania is the largest and most populous of the three Baltic States. Located in the heart of Europe, Lithuania is enjoying a rapid economic growth and development, making it an ideal location for studies abroad. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and also the country's largest city. Lithuanians speak Lithuanian, which belongs to the group of Indo-European languages.

Higher education in Lithuania is available at Universities or Colleges. The Bologna system, and thus the higher education system of Belgium, follows the Bachelor/Master system: 1 or 2 years (60 or 120 ECTS credits). Klaip? Lativa study visa Consultant in Mohali. Study in Latvia and enjoy the great mixture of a beautiful landscape with lakes, rivers and rolling hills, and a rich intellectual and cultural atmosphere.

Lativa study visa Consultant in Mohali

Placed in North Eastern Europe, by the Baltic Sea, Latvia has always been a multi-ethnic country and rich in different cultural and education traditions and sees its role as a bridge between the East and the West. The higher education institutions in Latvia are members of international cooperation within many different fields of study. The key tourist attractions are concentrated in Riga, the Latvian capital. Netherlands Study visa consultant in Mohali.

Students who enroll in higher education programmes in the Netherlands will obtain a bachelors degree upon completion of the undergraduate phase, and a masters degree upon completion of the graduate phase.

Netherlands Study visa consultant in Mohali

Institutes for International Education offer masters programmes, but no bachelors programmes, as opposed to Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences who award both types of degrees. A research university bachelors degree program in the Netherlands requires 3 years of study (180 credits). Graduates obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (BA/BSc) degree, depending on the discipline. Poland study Visa consultant in Mohali. Hungary study visa consultant in Mohali. Sweden Study visa consultant in Mohali. Sweden is known for its openness toward the international community – and its education system is no exception.

Sweden Study visa consultant in Mohali

International students from all over the world study in Sweden, where there are over 1,000 degree programs taught entirely in English. Unlike many countries, Sweden gives their international students the right to work in Sweden during their studies. If you're interested in working in Sweden - the innovation capital of Europe - after you complete your studies, you can apply for time to search for employment even if you're not from an EU/EEA country.

Read on through this Study in Sweden guide to learn the practicalities of how to study in Sweden as well as get a glimpse into student life. In order to meet the general entry requirements for bachelor's level studies, all students must: have successfully completed their upper secondary (high school) education (post-16). Estonia Study visa consultant in Mohali. Georgia Study visa consultant in Mohali. South Korea visa consultant in Mohali. China Study visa consultant in Mohali. Study in China to discover a country under constant development working hard on the path toward a market economy and a well educated society and work force.

China Study visa consultant in Mohali

An important step in the right direction is the hard work and ample investment that is being put into placing Chinese universities on the list of top class educators on the international playing field. Many schools are already meeting very high standards and are attracting ever more international students by providing preparation programs in Chinese as well as a growing number of English speaking programs. If you choose to study in China you will experience an adventure unlike any other, and one that you will likely never forget. What you can learn goes far beyond the knowledge that will be conveyed in the classroom, and will to a great extent come from the experiences gained from everything surrounding you during your time. Australia study visa consultant in Mohali. The country famous for kangaroos, surfing and koalas but there is a lot more to Australia.

With a total area of 7.69 million square kilometers, it is the 6th largest country in the world by total area and is home to more than 23 million people. Australia is also considered as a global leader in education, which is one of the many reasons why students from around the world choose to pursue their studies there. With approximately more than 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions, a great number of fields or study areas are available, making it highly likely that you can take up your choice of degree, training or course. The Australian education system has three main sectors of higher education: universities, vocational institutions, and English language institutions.

Ireland study visa consultant in Mohali. Different Types of Study Studying in Ireland for foreign students is available in a variety of different forms.

Ireland study visa consultant in Mohali

The majority of students choose to come through an exchange program where your parent university or institution will be able to help you with most of the necessary preparations. New Zealand study visa consultant in Mohali. New Zealand as a choice for education by the students is growing rapidly because of the education quality and employment opportunities in this island.

New Zealand study visa consultant in Mohali

Talking about the financial portion, education in New Zealand is affordable and also it is qualitative. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) requires that institutions are registered to enroll international students and ensures compliance with qualifications standards. The job opportunities are sufficient enough for the students but the only thing is that a student has to be patient enough to take a job with low wages initially which will give them experience for future jobs. Canada Study Visa consultant in Mohali. Canada’s education system is maintained to a high standard by each of the provinces or territories.Canada’s education system draws students from all over the world to study.

There were 336,497 international students in Canada in 2014, representing an 83% increase since 2008, and an increase of 10% over the previous year.Combining the great outdoors with great student cities, Canada holds its own among the world’s leading study destinations. There are over 90 universities in Canada, of which 17 are private. As is common elsewhere, Canadian universities offer three levels of degree: bachelor’s (usually lasting four years), master’s (requiring an additional year or two) and doctorate (usually an additional three years). Canada also has around 150 colleges – also known as community colleges, technical colleges, regional colleges or CÉGEPs (in Québec) – which offer short courses and diplomas.

Niagara College - Ontario & Toronto Georgian College - Ontario & Toronto Algonquin College - Ottawa. USA Study visa consultant in Mohali. The American Education system offers a rich field of choices for International students. In the United States, the term ”college” refers to a four-year undergraduate school where students earn Bachelors degrees. Colleges can be part of a university, which is a school offering both undergraduate and graduate programs. Within either of these educational institutions in the US, you can choose between three different opportunities to study. A student who is attending a College or University has not earned a bachelor's degree is studying at the undergraduate level. It typically takes about four years to earn a bachelor degree. This type of degree is aimed at students who have already earned a Bachelors Degree. It can take a long time for an international student to be accepted to a university or college in the USA.

Alliant International University - california Ashland University - Ashland Auburn University, Monogamy - Alabama Bowling Green State University - Ohio Clark University - Massachusetts.