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Only 23 percent of those arrested in Illinois for driving under the influence (DUI) are women, yet they make up half of all licensed drivers.

USELESS GOVT/WORTHLESS MEDIA & THE WILDING OF AMERICA BY THE AIRCARTEL - A Cleaning Schedule - MOP -MAN. California DUI with Out-of-State Priors - at Pressable. Theft-Related Offenses - ID N YU L Blog. Stealing is a crime that falls under several different offenses.

Theft-Related Offenses - ID N YU L Blog

While taking something that doesn’t belong to you, without permission, is always a crime, certain factors will determine the severity of the crime and what type of punishment is possible. The value of what is stolen, whether a person is present, and the how it is taken will all be considered when determining charges and penalties.

The following are a variety of offenses that involve stolen property: Theft. Theft occurs when a person knowingly takes the property of another person. What is Probation? - ID N YU L Blog. Not every conviction means jail time.

What is Probation? - ID N YU L Blog

Sometimes you will receive probation instead of a jail sentence, or a shorter jail sentence that includes probation. While not every criminal offense allows for probation, if you’ve never been convicted before and the offense is not severe, probation is a possibility. ID N YU L Blog - Get Your IDNYUL On.