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« SAS Weekend » ou comment gagner 2000€…de frais d’avocat! Le process d'analyse de l'investisseur face à une start-up by @jeff #infographie. YouTube. Overview YouTube has created an advanced set of copyright policies and content management tools to give rights holders control of their content. YouTube provides content management solutions for rights holders of all sizes across the world, and provides tools to cater to the specific needs of various rights owners.

Commercial partnerships Use of YouTube's copyright tools is free, and does not require any commercial partnership with YouTube. Facebook’s newest mini-data center is putting your profile on ice for a long, long time. Facebook, Intel, & Rackspace get more open-source than ever with new designs. SANTA CLARA, Calif. — This morning, Facebook and a slew of big names in cloud computing and data center hardware unleashed a whole boatload of news — new hardware designs, new jobs, and new partnerships — all around the Open Compute Project.

Facebook, Intel, & Rackspace get more open-source than ever with new designs

Facebook shows off search function to knock out Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, & even This morning, Facebook gathered a handful of press at its Menlo Park campus to announce it’s finally rolling out a functional search tool — a tool that’s been more than one year in the making. Called Graph Search, Facebook’s offering will play on its strengths, allowing you to find people, places, and information based on human connections. For example, it’ll make it easy for you to find friends of friends who are single women. Or friends who work at Microsoft’s San Francisco office. Kinvey_backend-as-a-service.jpg (1200×857) Ville connectée : JCDecaux et Paris Incubateurs créent un incubateur. Un appel à candidatures est ouvert jusqu'au 31 janvier 2013 pour identifier les entreprises qui pourront bénéficier des service de ce nouvel incubateur.

JCDecaux et Paris Région Innovation Lab (Paris Incubateurs), ont signé hier un contrat de partenariat pour la création d'un incubateur de jeunes entreprises innovantes sur le thème : "Services urbains de proximité, pour la ville connectée de demain". Pour JCDecaux, l'objectif est de "renforcer ses liens avec des start-up, détecter ainsi des technologies innovantes, mettre en place des partenariats business et développer la gamme de ses offres au service des villes, des marques et des consommateurs". Kaggle: making data science a sport.

Mobiquithings. Why VCs see gold in energy management software. The nearly five million commercial and industrial facilities in the United States account for nearly half of all domestic energy consumption, at a cost of over $200 billion each year.

Why VCs see gold in energy management software

But according to Chris Pacitti, general partner at venture capital firm Austin Ventures, only five percent of that market has adopted sophisticated energy management tools. Investors are taking notice. Software-based cleantech like energy management software (EMS) is a fast-growing segment as interest in hardware-based cleantech wanes. Leading EMS vendors like C3 and Hara offer tools that allow organizations to measure their energy consumption and, often, identify operational inefficiencies. That can lead to savings in energy consumption as well as real dollars, a fact that’s attracting some business owners’ attention. A Pike Research report estimates the EMS and services industry will grow to $5.5 billion by 2020, from just under $1 billion in 2011.

Datadog - Home. Khan Academy. Sugata Mitra shows how kids teach themselves. Promotion de Blog. Going all in: How to run a company on 21 apps in the cloud. Ready for the revolution? It's time for us all to rally behind the Raspberry. This is a guest post by Harriet Green, Chief Executive of Premier Farnell.

Ready for the revolution? It's time for us all to rally behind the Raspberry

Premier Farnell is a global distributor of electronic components, including the Raspberry Pi. It is also the founder of the electronic engineering community, Element14 Few products in recent history have created the level of excitement generated by the Raspberry Pi launch last week. Let's Make Robots! Career of the Future: Data Scientist [INFOGRAPHIC] DataScientists.Net. The Data Science Venn Diagram.

Posted: September 30th, 2010 | Author: drewconway | Filed under: Philosophy of Data | Tags: data, data science, visualization | 9 Comments by Drew Conway Last Monday I—humbly—joined a group of NYC’s most sophisticated thinkers on all things data for a half-day unconference to help O’Reily organize their upcoming Strata conference.

The Data Science Venn Diagram

The break out sessions were fantastic, and the number of people in each allowed for outstanding, expert driven, discussions. 5 Predictions for Online Data In 2011. Josh Jones-Dilworth is the founder and CEO of Jones-Dilworth, Inc. a PR consultancy focused on bringing early stage technologies to market.

5 Predictions for Online Data In 2011

He blogs at The Surprising Path Of Artificial Intelligence. Editor’s note: This is Part I of a three-part guest post written by legendary Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla, the founder of Khosla Ventures.

The Surprising Path Of Artificial Intelligence

In Part II, he will describe how software and mobile technologies can augment and even replace doctors. In Part III, he will talk about how technology will sweep through education. Forty years ago this December, President Nixon declared a war on cancer, pledging a “total national commitment” to conquering the disease. Fifty years ago this spring, President Kennedy declared a space race, promising to land a man safely on the moon before the end of the decade.

The “Unhyped” New Areas in Internet and Mobile. Editor’s note: Legendary investor Vinod Khosla is the founder of Khosla Ventures.

The “Unhyped” New Areas in Internet and Mobile

You can follow him on Twitter at @vkhosla.


Apple's iMessage comes to the Mac in OS X Mountain Lion. Apple has announced the next version of OS X will be OS X 10.8 " Mountain Lion", and will be released in Summer 2012.

Apple's iMessage comes to the Mac in OS X Mountain Lion

Why your startup’s culture shouldn’t be ignored. Starting a new technology company is exciting.

Why your startup’s culture shouldn’t be ignored

Since the founders have their energies fully focused on new technologies and innovations that promise to change the world, there is little time left for them to think about creating the right culture for the company.