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Expanding beyond 3D printed guns, DEFCAD is officially the anti-MakerBot When MakerBot booted 3D gun files from its file catalog in December, it may have created its own worst enemy: DEFCAD. That’s pretty clear to me after watching the latest creepily effective video from Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson, who doesn’t filter his distaste for MakerBot and its founder Bre Pettis. “When this guy decided that “radically open” meant not so radical, not so open, DEFCAD was born,” Wilson says over an image of Bre Pettis’s face. DEFCAD is using search to bring in revenue. In many ways, the difference between Pettis and Wilson could not be more pronounced. Expanding beyond 3D printed guns, DEFCAD is officially the anti-MakerBot
Tempo AI comes up with a smart calendar that keeps you on time and organized Tempo AI comes up with a smart calendar that keeps you on time and organized In the age of smartphone apps, the calendar certainly seems dumb. Tempo AI, a startup spun out of Silicon Valley’s SRI International research center, is changing that today with the launch of its Tempo Smart Calendar on the iPhone. The app takes advantage of artificial intelligence to keep you on time and prepared when you’ve got back-to-back meetings. It converts the old-fashioned data calendar into a smart secretary. It can do things like prompt you to leave for your next appointment, guide you there with a map, and share the relevant documents for the meeting with you so that you don’t have to go searching for them while you’re on the run. The Tempo Smart Calendar may sound a little like Siri, and it is a kind of cousin to Apple’s so-called personal assistant.
Data startup takes on fight against human trafficking Data startup takes on fight against human trafficking People have many ways to make the world a better place, but analyzing data has not traditionally been one of them. Data startup SumAll has established a foundation to use its resources, expertise, and equity for the greater good. The objective of is to collect, visualize, and present data to help nonprofit organizations tackle global issues.
Disrupt Finalist TalkTo Brings Its SMS-Based Communication Platform To The Web Disrupt finalist TalkTo is today bringing its powerful communication platform for local businesses and consumers to the web. In its most basic form, the result is a Google-type search experience combined with text messaging. TalkTo launched a little over a year ago on our Disrupt stage, bringing to market a mobile app that let users contact any business via SMS. Disrupt Finalist TalkTo Brings Its SMS-Based Communication Platform To The Web
WP Pinner The Ultimate Pinterest dashboard inside your own WordPress admin area WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin to manage your Pinterest account. With this plugin you can easily auto-pin Wordpress posts, schedule your pins throughout the day, auto-follow users to get noted and keep track of your account (CTR, clicks, likes, repins, reach, etc). This will definitely help you to get more out of your Pinterest efforts! WP Pinner
By on under Electronics With iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s replacing Game Boys and Nintendo DS’s, it made us wonder how board games will change with the times. Sifteo Cubes is the new face of board games – packed with sensory technology, the fun new “Game Cubes” bring back the timeless playability of games brought to you by the likes of Mattel with the latest technology to produce a “hands-on play experience.” Each pack of Sifteo comes with three cubes having a 1.5” display, sensors and wireless communication abilities. The 1.5” cubes allow for interactive play through its touch, motion, proximity and contact sensors. Sifteo Cubes: The Future of Gaming Sifteo Cubes: The Future of Gaming
MANETTE 8-BITTY POUR IPHONE, IPAD ET ANDROID MOBILE Bien qu’elle soit encore à l’état de prototype, ThinkGeek vient d’annoncer le lancement prochain d’une nouvelle manette Bluetooth pour iPhone, iPad et périphériques sous Android baptisée 8-Bitty… NEEED!!! Avec son design fortement inspiré par celui du célèbre paddle de la non moins légendaire console de jeu de salon Nintendo NES, cette manette conçue par iCade est équipée d’une croix multi-directionnelle, de 4 boutons de contrôles ainsi que de deux boutons Select et Start. On notera également que cette manette est alimentée par 2 batteries AAA dont l’autonomie est optimisée par à un système de mise en veille automatique de l’accessoire. MANETTE 8-BITTY POUR IPHONE, IPAD ET ANDROID MOBILE
By on under Fashion Creating an online store has a lot of options for would-be creative merchants. From WP-Ecommerce and Magento if you’re looking for a large catalogue solution, Shopify if you want a pre-structured platform and now ShopLocket – which makes selling anything online as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Founded by Katherine Hague and Andrew Louis out of Toronto, Ontario; ShopLocket wants to make selling anything online super simple and in a way so you can start selling in minutes. “Simply create a product, embed it in any website, Facebook page, or blog post, and start collecting orders! ShopLocket helps you leverage your social networks, display your product in a beautiful way, and ultimately make more money.” ShopLocket: Selling Products As Easy As Embedding A YouTube Video ShopLocket: Selling Products As Easy As Embedding A YouTube Video
Do more with your spreadsheets with CollateBox Do more with your spreadsheets with CollateBox For those who live inside spreadsheets, CollateBox launches today as a no-fuss way to clean house and get productive. “Any data you would see in a spreadsheet, we are bringing into CollateBox. You’ve heard of WYSWIG, well this is “what you get is what you have seen,” and that’s the new way of working with data,” said co-founder Sunny Ghosh at DEMO Spring in Santa Clara, Calif.
DecisionJam: Helping Startups Figure Out What to Use DecisionJam: Helping Startups Figure Out What to Use By on under Entrepreneurship Building a startup means making smart decisions, and sometimes those decisions can mean being put in difficult situations or periods of head scratching. DecisionJam helps starters and startups make smart and fast decisions. The decision solution provider does so by providing suggestions about products and services covering almost all possible scenarios which an entrepreneur/startup guy or gal might face while making decisions about which website creation tool, blogging tool, feedback tool, chat widget, web analytics, project management, collaboration tool etc., to use for their startup. Founded by Taha Khan and Mudasir Khan, the idea came about when the entrepreneurs themselves were trying to decide what CMS to use for one of their websites,
Mash up Evernote and Pinterest, mix in beautiful layouts, and you get NotesCloud Bruce Linn was sitting on a surfboard just outside his favorite surf break in Costa Rica when the idea came to him. He wanted a way to collect and save everything he was interested in — notes, pictures, web pages, what have you — that also made it easy to dive into different topics and share those things with other people. In other words, he wanted something like Evernote, except with better tools for sharing and topic exploration; or something like Pinterest, except with better organization and presentation tools.
Cobook: The Smartest Mac Address Book App By on under Office and Career Touted as “The Smart Address Book”, Cobook for Mac helps you spend less time managing contacts and stay better informed about them. The simple yet powerful alternative to Apple’s Lion Address Book is a unique app is a solid solution if you find yourself managing a large contact list and need a place to find details instantly.

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By on under Music Imagine you’re at a local startup event, people are mingling, drinks are flowing and music is pumping … wait “is that Nickelback? Ewww”. Anthm is a newly launched free social music app on the App Store. Powered by the streaming music service Rdio, Anthm allows people to create or join location-based parties, which they can use to control the music being played in their location. Anthm: A Modern Day Jukebox : le service pour toutes vos dépenses à plusieurs

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