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Assistive Devices to Prevent Senior Falls at Home. Falling is a serious problem in the senior population.

Assistive Devices to Prevent Senior Falls at Home

The consequences are often severe, with many seniors likely being admitted to emergency rooms due to a serious injury. Assistive devices are products that make it easier for seniors to move around their own homes. At Ideal Home Health Services Inc., we encourage seniors with balance and mobility problems to use assistive devices for daily activities. Here are our top five recommendations: Handrails for both sides of stairwaysNon-slip treads for bare-wood stepsA raised toilet seat with armrestsGrab bars for showers or bathtubsA sturdy plastic seat shower chair. Arthritis Care: Helping Seniors Ease Joint Pain.

Arthritis is a range of conditions that cause inflammation of the joints.

Arthritis Care: Helping Seniors Ease Joint Pain

Its main symptoms are joint pain and stiffness, which worsens with age and can make even the simplest activities difficult. Fortunately, there are many things you or your senior can do to get relief from joint paint. New Year’s Resolution to Improve Caregiver Well-Being. It’s the start of a brand new year.

New Year’s Resolution to Improve Caregiver Well-Being

For many people, this means setting goals that will help improve life throughout the year. If you’re a caregiver providing home health services in Carolina, we strongly recommend that you set your new year’s resolutions to ensure you get the care you deserve. Here are our top suggestions for you: Schedule regular breaks Set a specific date and time to take a break from your caregiving responsibilities. Holiday Caregiving Tips to Alzheimer’s Patients Caregivers. The holiday season is a meaningful time for most families.

Holiday Caregiving Tips to Alzheimer’s Patients Caregivers

But for families with a member that has Alzheimer’s disease, this time of the year could bring mixed feelings of celebration and concern. Family members may feel overwhelmed in preparing holiday meals while providing care. At the same time, a person living with Alzheimer’s may feel confused since holiday events break their routine. Caregiver Burnout: Tips for Managing Stress. The responsibilities of a family caregiver can take up your time, energy, and attention.

Caregiver Burnout: Tips for Managing Stress

If left unchecked, it may lead to burnout — a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. However, there are steps you can take to cope with stress and regain a sense of balance in your life. At Ideal Home Health Services Inc., we want to help you avoid caregiver burnout and continue to offer compassionate care for your senior loved one. Communicate with your family.Be upfront about what you need or how you’re feeling with your family members and the person you’re caring for. Meaningful Benefit of Companionship to Seniors.

For most people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep.

Meaningful Benefit of Companionship to Seniors

But, more and more research show that social interaction is a fundamental part of living healthier and longer lives. However, as people age, opportunities for social interaction become less and less frequent due to several factors. It makes seniors feel lonely and isolated. The good news is companionship is a great chance for seniors to socialize even at their homes. What makes compassionate care necessary? Protects against cognitive decline Researches revealed that the more socialization activities for seniors, the better their cognitive functioning is. The Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors. Most seniors may fear physical activities, thinking that it will put them at risk for accidental slips and falls.

The Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors

However, being physically active has been shown to have various health benefits and is a great way to prevent accidents related to body movements. As a provider of home health care in Durham, North Carolina, we ensure that our senior patients are getting a sufficient amount of physical activity every day. Here are some benefits to physical activity for seniors according to the WHO: Better cognitive functionImproved bone health, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, and lower risk of fallingHealthier body mass and compositionLower rate of all-cause mortality including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and breast cancer This can include leisure time activities such as walking, dancing, gardening, hiking, swimming, cycling, and others.

Do you need help staying physically active in your senior years? Flu/Pneumonia Vaccine Linked to Lowered Risk of Alzheimer’s. Three new studies reported that the 2020 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference suggests that influenza and pneumonia vaccinations are tied to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Flu/Pneumonia Vaccine Linked to Lowered Risk of Alzheimer’s

The report stated that with at least one flu vaccination, there was a 17% reduction in Alzheimer’s incidence recorded. More frequent vaccinations were associated with another 13% reduction. Meanwhile, vaccinations against pneumonia between the ages of 65 and 75 showed a 40% reduction on Alzheimer’s disease incidence. With the whole world still battling against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, preventive measures, such as vaccinations are at the forefront of most public health discussions.

There is still, however, more research to be done on why and how this biological mechanism works in the body. State Assistance Programs for Home Health Care in North Carolina. The State of North Carolina has several programs, aside from their Medicaid program, which grants older adults assistance with Home Health Services in Carolina.

State Assistance Programs for Home Health Care in North Carolina

How to Safely Exercise with Arthritis? Arthritis is a common condition seniors face.

How to Safely Exercise with Arthritis?

But there are joint-friendly physical activities to alleviate pain brought about by its symptoms. These activities can also improve body functions, mood, and overall quality of life. The recommended activity level will vary per individual. And one of the best agencies that can help you perform these activities is Ideal Home Health Services Inc. We have competent professionals who deliver varying home health services in California expertly. When it comes to exercising, one must be extra careful in performing different routines, especially seniors. There will be instances when the loved one’s arthritis will feel worse.

Taking Care of the Patient's Caregiver. Ideal Home Health Services Inc. takes Compassionate Care to a dimension of authentic health care solutions for homebound patients. While most of the services under Home Health Care in Durham, North Carolina serves the patient, we understand the importance of taking care of our unsung heroes, the caregivers. Home Health Services in Carolina enable patients and their families to achieve optimum quality of life at home. While caregivers are mostly family members, it does not exempt them from fatigue and stress. Taking care of those who do the caring is also important at the same time. Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility. Knowing that there is some form of support is also reassuring for the caregivers. The caregiver’s health is important and they must keep eating healthy meals all the time.