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Idea Lab Inc. was established by Ghazal Qureshi, the idea came up when she was on the quest of finding the best program for her own chilren. Now, we have tested and proven STEAM curriculum designed specially for kids. It ranges from 3D Printing, Augmented Reality, Coding, Science Investigation, Arts, Robotics and Language Arts.

Why is a Robotics Summer Camp Considered Good for Kids during this time? How Can Engineering Camp for Kids Help Them Learn New Things in Fun Ways? RSS Feed - Idea Lab Inc. After School Programs: The Benefits Can be Empirically Calculated. In the beginning after school programs, were simply supervision of students after the final school bell.

After School Programs: The Benefits Can be Empirically Calculated

Today it’s so much more. Nowadays after school programs not only focuses on academics but also on the holistic development of the student. After school programs accelerate test scores, improve homework completion, higher academic performance, enhance physical health, reduce unwanted behaviour and provide a safe environment for the children of working parents. Some benefits are: Create a sense of belonging.Develop critical thinking and problem solving skillsImprove social skills.Provide academic support.Make learning more fun.Provide safety and supervision.Build confidence. Effective after school programs bring a variety of advantages to youth, their families and the community as a whole. The Importance of Measuring Success There are benefits to measuring program success. Things to Consider Before Taking a Summer Camp Franchise. When looking forward to taking a summer camp franchise, it is important to look for an option that furnishes transitional experience and education to students from standards 4 to 12.

Things to Consider Before Taking a Summer Camp Franchise

Knowledge is imparted by availing of various workshops, favorable opportunities, stratagems, and seminars. Let’s take a look at the compulsory aspects that such kinds of kids’ education franchise encompass. Franchise that Organizes Workshop Programs Presentations by the students of different grades. Lectures Group projects Activities involving active participation of the students Consultations In addition to innumerable favorable chances for enhancing the professional skills of the students like analytical reasoning, judicious planning, alliance, and evaluative thinking, the courses offered by the education franchise also constitute technology and engineering workshop for kids.

After School Programs. IDEA Lab Kids after-school program is a project-based learning after school environment that encompasses all of the components of [STEM + Arts = STEAM] learning.

After School Programs

IDEA Lab Kids offers multiple convenient options for parents and students alike: Option: Convenient transportation options are available from local schools to IDEA Lab Kids Campuses. After school with transportation is paid on a monthly fee schedule. Option: Individual classes offer a more flexible pick up and drop off option for parents and students who may have multiple after school commitments and allows parents to choose a schedule that best suits them. With this After School option, you can select any [STEM + Arts = STEAM] class(es) featured on our After School schedule to attend once-a-week. Option: Monthly Memberships allow flexibility for a busy family. Option: Leagues and Clubs allow you to up the game!

Check your local campus schedule to view their wide variety of classes. Find an Engineering Camp for Kids. Girl Powered STEAMtm Camps: Bridging the gap between STEAM jobs and education and girls everywhere, Girls Rule in these STEAM camps as they explore project-based learning from science to engineering.

Find an Engineering Camp for Kids

We are STEAM Girls! Robotics and LEGO Camps: Explore Robotics from VEX to EV3 and more! Design, Build, Program, Race and complete challenges with Robots. In addition to LEGO camps, Robotics camps also cover a vast array of Robotics construction and Robotics based Engineering design camps. Art Studio Camps- Art puts the A in STEAM! Engineering and Design Camps: Design, Build, Tinker and more.. Science Lab Camps: IDEA Lab Kid Chemists engineer Explosions, and Reactions. Child Education Franchise. Steam Lab For Kids.

Stem Summer Camps For Kids. Traditional ways of teaching are so 2018.

Stem Summer Camps For Kids

At IDEA Lab Kids we believe in empowering the kids with skills needed in the future. From voice controlling living space to YouTube stars, kids today are hungry for more information. IDEA Lab encompasses all the aspects of STEAM into a powerhouse of unique and and cutting edge classes, camps, workshops, and event experiences. Adding the A! Arts that is! Traditional ways of teaching are so 2018. What to Expect At an Idea Lab Birthday Party? Birthday parties are some of our best childhood memories – but the planning parties and corralling kids hopped up on birthday cake can be a huge headache.

What to Expect At an Idea Lab Birthday Party?

Whether your children love dinosaurs, princesses, LEGOs, robotics or Minecraft, we have action-packed, learning-filled options for you with IDEA Lab Kids birthday parties. We bring the activities to you with a mobile party or you can come to one of our franchise locations – whichever is more convenient for you. Either way you get the best of the best in terms of customer service, fun activities and a no-hassle plan to enjoy your day.

You can have up to 24 guests. Prices depend on the theme and number of guests attending. Why create an hour of activities when we’ve already done the work? We have professional, energetic staff ready for each party. We personalize the experience every time. “A birthday that I always love to work are dinosaur parties! Book your party today or learn more at. Games To Careers: How We Prepare Kids For Jobs Of The Future? Walk into an IDEA Lab Kids classroom and you’ll see a hub of activity – robot battles, drones hovering or kids coding.

Games To Careers: How We Prepare Kids For Jobs Of The Future?

If it looks like play, you might wonder, what skills are they learning? Why Choose Idea Lab Kids' After School Program? When the school bell rings, what activities get kids excited?

Why Choose Idea Lab Kids' After School Program?

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp. With summer fast approaching, how can you choose the right camp for your child?

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp

We’ve put together a list of questions to ask. 1. What are your child’s interests?