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It’s time to redefine agri-innovation with your ideas! Participate in the IC Square programme and get a chance to make your ideas a reality with ₹10 lakhs of seed funding.

IC Square on Its Way to Introduce India’s Next Agriculture Innovation. Why Some Startups Win and Some Don’t. A startup functions like a living organism.

Why Some Startups Win and Some Don’t

Various vital organs (departments, in startup’s case) working together in perfect synergy. Apart from performing their core function, every organ ensures that they contributor to the bigger purpose – keeping the organism alive. Similarly, every department apart from fulfilling their KPIs must contribute to building a strong brand out of the company. If your employees say, “How can I build a brand, I’m just a coder” or “This does not come under my KRA”, then your startup is destined to doom. It is this simple factor that a lot of startups and entrepreneurs overlook – engaging employees in building a brand. What makes a great incubator? Failure is part of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted.

Failure is part of entrepreneurship

It is for those who see success and failure as equals. Financial tips every founder must be aware of. Setting up and running a startup is a tricky business.

Financial tips every founder must be aware of

Becoming a stress-free entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is stressful by the very definition.

Becoming a stress-free entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone willing to take huge risks in search of huge profits. How can startups differentiate themselves from big old corporates? In business, market share is the name of the game.

How can startups differentiate themselves from big old corporates?

Whoever has the largest share wears the crown of the market king. More often than not, big established companies dominate as far as market share is concerned. It gives small, new companies a lot to worry. We have seen a fair number of startups driven into the chasm of anonymity forever by large companies. While there are lot of factors that contribute to big businesses’ win over startups, the major one remains the customer’s credibility towards established brands and company. Agriculture Innovation Ideas For Farming Solutions, Startup Ideas. Tracking the journey of a start-up. Nowadays, the only thing entrepreneurs want is to see their start-up expand at an exponential rate.

Tracking the journey of a start-up

Before diving deep into the factors affecting the journey of a start-up from early stage to growth stage, let us understand the different stages. In the simplest terms, every start-up goes through three stages – Existence, Survival and Success, and Growth. How to create a strategic plan for your Start-up? - CrazyRank. 5 signs that you are building a winner startup. Are you familiar with that moment in the cricket when you hit a ball and already know that it is going to clear the boundary?

5 signs that you are building a winner startup

You feel like you are Sachin Tendulkar. You haven’t even processed all the factors, but somewhere inside you know that your stance was perfect, bat swing was clean, the angle, the trajectory, the force – everything was precise. The exciting future of technology in agriculture -Bloglog. An empowered farmer builds an empowered nation.

The exciting future of technology in agriculture -Bloglog

With this every thought in its heart, the startup ecosystem of India is giving one great innovative agri solution after another. From the Internet of Things to data-driven farming, the entrepreneurs of India are making ground-breaking technologies accessible to the farmers and agriculturists. The sole objective of these solutions is to simplify farming and boost harvest year after year. Today, we will try to understand the nature of these solutions and how they benefit farmers directly or indirectly. Here are some modern problems associated with farming that need innovative solutions sooner than later. Instant testing of nutrients and micronutrients in soil Humans need a blood test to understand their health problems as well as assess what medicines to take. Tips to write a killer elevator pitch. Posted by icsquare on August 11th, 2020 What do you think is the difference between an entrepreneur and a hustler?

Tips to write a killer elevator pitch

The answer is ‘the ability to close funding’. The importance of entrepreneurship-culture in India. India being a home to a population of 1.3 billion is quite unique a marketplace.

The importance of entrepreneurship-culture in India

Here you will find problems you won’t find anywhere. It means here you will also find solutions that are unheard of. India has had entrepreneurs since forever, even though the term came into trend recently. Having a business idea is great, but is it enough? IC Square: All Ready to Welcome the Agriculture Innovation. The importance of our agricultural ecosystem needs no introduction. Almost 60% of the Indian population earns money via agriculture as well as it serves food as the fuel to the whole of the Indian population. Yet there are so many obstacles that hinder the smooth functioning of this agricultural ecosystem, resulting in low productivity, food storage issues and more. The extreme climatic conditions such as floods, heavy rainfall, droughts, etc. have adverse effects on crops, lowering their productivity. Due to these unprecedented situations, farmers lose a huge part of their income and incur huge amounts of debts to keep the cycle going.

Furthermore, these unprecedented circumstances not only worsen the situation for farmers but also for the whole country, affecting the storage conditions, crop transportation and more. Share Agriculture Innovation Ideas For Farming Solutions, Startup Ideas. Have an Innovative Product Idea? Turn it Into a Reality. Need to Know What’s the Worth of Your Business Idea? Log ... What’s a Good Business Idea? Here’s Everything You Should Know. Choosing a great business idea is the key to having a successful business. It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make because everything from investment to its execution depends on your business idea. Many people stumble upon creative and innovative product ideas while working on something or when they encounter any problem.

IC Square on Its Way to Redefine The Agricultural Sector. Posted by icsquare on July 10th, 2020 Today, agriculture is so much more than sowing seeds and harvesting the land. It takes a whole ecosystem to produce the food that we eat every day. This complex agricultural ecosystem manages to serve food to the total Indian population of 135.2 Cr through scientific discoveries and innovations. These agriculture innovations have equipped it to cope up with multiple challenges like combatting climate change, managing natural resources, addressing food and nation security, etc. Agri Innovations — The Need of the Hour. Creative and Innovative Product Ideas, New Business Ideas.

IC Square is an Inter College Innovation Challenge, an intellectual property of Rajan Nanda Innovation Lab, an initiative by Escorts Limited. The program will scout for innovative ideas and start-up concepts in the area of Agriculture (Agri-Tech), Construction Equipment technology (Infra-Tech) and unique rail transport technology solutions (Rail-Tech). Turn your Innovative Business Idea into a Reality. How many times has it happened that a game-changing idea has crossed your mind but you have asked yourself - “Next what?” The Need of the Hour Agricultural Innovation Ideas for Farming.

Almost 60% of the Indian population depends on agriculture for survival. As our population is increasing day by day, our arable land is constantly decreasing. Furthermore, the extreme climatic conditions such as floods, droughts, poor rainfall and more have adverse effects on crops, lowering the crop productivity in India. Every year, farmers lose a huge part of their income to these unprecedented circumstances and take huge amounts of debts to provide the whole nation with food. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to transform Indian agriculture so as to ensure affordable and sufficient food harvest along with overcoming farmer’s challenges around low productivity and income.

Have a Brilliant Business Idea? Here’s What You Should Do Next. Want to know what’s the worth of your business idea? Find out at IC Square. Your ideas, our platform: Escorts Group presents IC Square. Agriculture Innovation Ideas for Farming, New Business Ideas – IC Square.