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A Look at Basic SEO Concepts. There’s no doubt that SEO is a vast and complex realm, so it’s best left in the hands of experts. However, it will greatly benefit you to arm yourself with basic SEO knowledge. If you’re a beginner to SEO, here’s a quick guide on some of its most popular concepts. The Importance of Links Inbound links are still important in SEO, despite trends like social signals, brand signals, and co-citations.

Google still considers links in ranking websites on their results pages, since quality links are good indicators of a website’s authority. User Experience SEO and user experience go hand-in-hand, and improving one will also improve the other. Content Remains King One way to give your users a unique and satisfactory experience is to provide them with quality content. Like this: Like Loading... Why Social Media Marketing is Good for Business. Social media has grown into more than just a means to contact friends and family. It has developed into a way of connecting businesses to consumers, and building a company’s reputation.

Using social media in this way helps put a company in a more personable light. It's also beneficial for sharing news about the business, including discounts and even coupons. What makes this form of Internet Marketing ideal for your business? Local Interaction Millions of people interact over social media sites on a daily basis. In a populated area such as Oklahoma City, your social media page can reach a large number of potential customers in a personable manner. Affordable Brand Awareness Before social media, businesses had to work hard at creating brand awareness in their local communities. Why Every Business Needs Reputation Marketing. Most Overlooked yet Effective SEO Techniques. There are a lot of effective tactics you can utilize when implementing an SEO campaign on your website, including posting engaging content and ensuring that these are tailored to your desired keywords. Still, there are some tactics that most websites overlook and forego, but can actually be effective in boosting your website’s SEO.

Among these, three of them are proven to be equally effective in an SEO campaign: Keyword Variations While having one focus keyword per page is the recommended way to go, optimizing individual pages with variations of the same keyword also helps in targeting and ranking for multiple keywords. For example, if your business offers SEO training, keyword variations would include SEO class and SEO course, a tactic which does away with the problem of keyword stuffing and redundancy. Strong Tag Internal Links This is an effective way of defining the website’s hierarchy, making it easier for search engine bots to access and crawl the links within your website.

Like this: Reputation Marketing For Small Businesses. Getting Customers Closer to a Car. Auto dealerships are often in a race against time to sell as many new or pre-owned cars as possible. If you own a dealership, you may realize how hard it is for people to find your dealership online, and you often need search engine optimization (SEO) to turn things around. With that in mind, you should call on Oklahoma City SEO specialists to help work on your site. Easy Access A website with clean design and improved functionality could gain better perches in the search rankings. As such, the user interface should not confuse users and the buttons themselves must lead to the right landing pages. Content The content will be your website’s proverbial meat on the skeleton. DIY Link Building Link building can be a good tool for search rankings if they are not paid for, or even a product of any marketing agreement. Like this: Like Loading... Some Inspirations for your Next Blog Post.

Most company websites are now utilizing the power of blogs to building a stronger online presence, and it’s undoubtedly effective. Aside from giving you the freedom to be as wordy and verbose as you want, they’re also useful in getting your message across. At times, however, you might experience writer’s block as many other bloggers do. Thankfully, there are some places where you can find the topic for your next blog post. From Keyword Research It’s not just helpful in determining the words which will give you a boost on a search engine results page; it also tells you what people are looking for. Knowing what people are after can help you formulate great ideas for your next blog posts. Browsing Review Pages Although they might only contain praise or complaints, some review pages might contain questions or issues people would like to know more about. Away from your Computer.