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iCodeinc is a training institute located at Dallas, Tx. It provides training on new growing technologies like coding, programming, robotics, computer science, hackathon events, coding projects, alice classes etc., and also provides summer camps for kids and as well as teens on new upcoming technologies. For more information visit our site or call us on 469-608-7023.

Python Classes Kids. Feb 26 2016 On February 19th, we graduated our first class ever.

Python Classes Kids

At iCode we are proud to recognize the discipline, commitment and perseverance of this first cohort of White and Orange graduates. We are also very happy to know that our first commencement has been recognized in several publications around our community. Robotics Projects. Best Computer Science Schools. Coding Courses for Kids. Hackathon Events. Computer Classes. Learning Programs. iCode Opening Franchise in the Dallas Area. Computer programming for kids. Computer Programming for Kids. Coding Classes for Kids. Java for Teens. Computer Science Classes. Learning Computer Programming. Computer Science Enrichment Classes. Computer Science Schools Dallas. Computer Projects for Kids. Robotics Classes Kids Dallas. Programming Languages for Teens. Computer Programming Courses Children. Scratch Classes Kids.