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Snow White and other tales of Aarne-Thompson-Uther type 709 translated and/or edited by D. L. Ashliman © 1998-2013 Snow White
Cinderella Unit Plan [English Online]
Educational Games NEURO SCIENCES Find out more about our nervous system in 18 animated stops. Have a look! or watch the documentary The Mystery of Memory which provides a unique insight into the secrets of the brain's astounding ability to record and recall information, and includes interviews with some of today's most prominent scientists, such as Eric Kandel, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine.

Educational Games

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Welcome to Crickweb

Welcome to Crickweb

Suitable for use on an IWB, PC or Mac at school. Also for teachers, parents & children at home with a PC or Mac. Online educational learning games and activities for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Kindergarten and Elementary schools. Subjects including:Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, R.E., D.T., I.C.T, French and Spanish. Stay up to date with the Crickweb News or subscribe to our RSS feed.
The Magic Key - Homepage
Fairy Tales
Welcome to the new Merriam-Webster's Word Central now reprogrammed for superior word power and language fun. Introducing…Alpha-bot! The word-spelling robot hosts the latest amazing word game and challenges spellers of all ages. Please follow these word-to-word trajectories for the ultimate Word Central experience: Test your verbal sensors with two great games—Robo-Bee and BIGbot Share your own word creations and definitions at the turbo-charged Build Your Own Dictionary Give your vocabulary a growth spurt with Merriam-Webster's Online Student Thesaurus . . . and once you've examined the nuts and bolts of our new design and content, tell us what you think! Merriam-Webster's Word Central Merriam-Webster's Word Central
for Busy Business-Parents - Whimsical Bedtime-Stories for Children of All Ages
Don't Buy it from PBS - Interactive
Your students may be aware of the techniques used by advertisers to sell products and services. They may be less conscious of the purposes and intents of advertisements that try to shape their opinions and affect their behavior. In this activity, they look for and analyze examples of those ads. Magazines and newspapers that can be cut up Paper and pencil An Analysis Chart for each group (print and copy) Stapler Discuss with students what they already know about advertising techniques for selling products and services. Then ask them to think of ads that try to sell a particular point of view in order to shape public opinion and affect readers' behavior. Education Center Activity Convince Me! Education Center Activity Convince Me!
AdCracker - an i-tool to create marketing and advertising concepts or campaigns AdCracker can help you create advertising concepts that build brands and drive sales - faster and bolder than ever. You'll start with a selection of professional creative briefs. Next, you'll find tutorials on all the strategic creative skills, from branding to direct response.

AdCracker - an i-tool to create marketing and advertising concepts or campaigns

Listen & Read Grade 1: Animals & Food
The Little Animals Activity Centre - Menu page

Language Arts

Language Arts Get the power to tug by select the one of three letters that comes first in alphabetical order. Practice letter recognition by trying to find the missing letter that completes each vocabulary word. Make words to collect the candy. How many words can you make?
Progressive Phonics is an all-in-one reading program that is easy, fun, and totally FREE---that's right, totally and completely free! And with Progressive Phonics, ANYONE can teach a child to read and write in just a few minutes a day, which makes it ideal for parents, teachers, tutors, volunteers and home-schoolers. No experience necessary. Just pick a book and start reading it with your child/students. Matching handwriting worksheets and activity sheets for each book -- when children write what they learn, they learn it better. Also teaches the essential sight-words (and phonics rule-breakers) that most phonics programs fail to teach. Progressive Phonics homepage and free books Progressive Phonics homepage and free books
Mediascape - Welcome to Mediascape Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been released subject to legal review. It has taken three years for the 37 countries to produce this agreement. Twitter users have commenced a "I am Spartacus" campaign to view their opinion on the prosecution of an accountant for an offensive tweet. Rallies have been organised for Labour Day afternoon to show Warner Bros movie executives the amount positive support in keeping filming of the Hobbit in New Zealand. Mediascape - Welcome to Mediascape
Aesop's Fables Browser Alert Aesop's Fables Browser Alert Since 1994 Professor Copper Giloth has assigned her students in Art 271, Introduction to Computing in the Fine Arts, the task of illustrating the traditional Aesop's fables along side their own retellings of the fables in a modern setting. This collection gathers together artwork from several semesters. Over the years the Web has developed to allow for more action and interactivity.
There are a lot of stories available on the Internet to read or download. Some of them are from well-known books, others can be found only online. Story Collections Here you will find Web sites that have a variety of stories available: some folktales, some contemporary stories, maybe some poetry and non-fiction as well. Online Children's Stories
Tall Tales - Fables - Myths You will find various Lesson Plans on the top portion of this page. Further down, you will find Web Sites. At the bottom of the page, you will find Books that you can order directly from Amazon.com! Lesson Plans This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner. The Teacher's Corner - Tall Tales
The Teacher's Corner - Poetry You will find various Web Sites on the top portion of this page. Further down, you will find Lesson Plans . At the bottom of the page, you will find Books that you can order directly from Amazon.com!
It's Greek to Me Thematic Unit
Character Building Unit Plan [English Online]
Consumer Affairs Kidsite Home

Myths Texts

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Social and Political Cartoon Satire Unit Plan [English Online]
Folktale Writing With Alma Flor Ada
As Far As The Eye Can See Unit Plan [English Online]
BEARS - Activities and games
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Science Fiction and Fantasy Unit Plan [English Online]