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Sites 1. Submission-directories. Services. Portables. Win. Internet. Sites 2. PrePromote, free meta-tag analysis pre-promotion software. Internet Information Skills. Primary Resources ICT (IT) Computer Lessons. The Computer Museum History Center Home Page. Minutes from ME Index. Supporting effective use of ICT in Primary Education. Becta - Information Sheets ICT Advice Index.

British Educational and Communications Technology Agency. Computing & Technology. Happen to be expected over a $1500 tax refund?

Computing & Technology

If so you can spend it to get one of Google's wearable computing devices. Of course, I can se... ICT Teacher. - The #1 News Source For K-12 Technology and Internet Decision Makers. - encyclopaedia of IT terms. I.C.T. Teaching Ideas. ICT Unit 0 - A brilliant resource to get children started with computers.

I.C.T. Teaching Ideas

Key Stage One Programme of Study - Another PDF, contributed by Liam Buckley, containing the Programmes of Study for KS1 ICT. Review of Units 2A-2D - A set of plans, intended to review skills during units 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D. Contributed by Helen Crompton. Interactive Whiteboard Tips - A selection of tips and ideas for making the most of an interactive whiteboard. Using a Visualiser - Ideas for using a visualiser in the classroom. Electronic School. Computers & Internet.