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Sites 1. Submission-directories. Services. Portables. Win. Internet. Sites 2. PrePromote, free meta-tag analysis pre-promotion software. Internet Information Skills. Primary Resources ICT (IT) Computer Lessons. The Computer Museum History Center Home Page. Minutes from ME Index. MAPE -- supporting effective use of ICT in Primary Education. Becta - Information Sheets ICT Advice Index. British Educational and Communications Technology Agency. Computing & Technology.

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Computing & Technology

If so you can spend it to get one of Google's wearable computing devices. Of course, I can se... ICT Teacher. eSchoolNews.com - The #1 News Source For K-12 Technology and Internet Decision Makers. Whatis.com - encyclopaedia of IT terms. I.C.T. Teaching Ideas. ICT Unit 0 - A brilliant resource to get children started with computers.

I.C.T. Teaching Ideas

Key Stage One Programme of Study - Another PDF, contributed by Liam Buckley, containing the Programmes of Study for KS1 ICT. Review of Units 2A-2D - A set of plans, intended to review skills during units 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D. Contributed by Helen Crompton. Interactive Whiteboard Tips - A selection of tips and ideas for making the most of an interactive whiteboard. Using a Visualiser - Ideas for using a visualiser in the classroom. Electronic School. Computers & Internet.