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Pool and Soccer Had A Baby, Budweiser Named It Poolball! & MTV Geek. Soccer and nightlife don’t really mix too well and Budweiser feels so strongly about it they’ve invented a new sport called Poolball. Yes, I said Budweiser invented a sport. I know it’s not what you thought you’d be reading about today but you are. You’re welcome. - StumbleUpon. Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies - StumbleUpon. Terminator, the two-part Schwarzenegger thriller, finds a way to reconcile both films into a complete story, and suggests a possible continuation.

Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies - StumbleUpon

The addendum answers a letter from a reader. Back to the Future is presented in three parts, making sense of the first, but finding many problems with the second and third. Millennium, a well-written time travel story that makes a few mistakes but overall does better than the more popular ones. Star Trek begins with an introductory page discussing time travel in the Star Trek universe, and then looks at the three films which attack the subject. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home has a lot of scientific problems, but succeeds where it counts.