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Digital Citizenship

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K12Blueprint sur Twitter : "Analogue and #Digital Classrooms - Layouts for Learning 2- Mixed Media-Small Group #design. Analogue_and_Digital_Classroom.pdf. Snapchat tells teens: Keep your clothes on! Ahh, Valentine's Day: the day of romance, filled as it is with roses, chocolate, and college kids sneaking into football stadiums to have sex and chronicle it on Snapchat.

Snapchat tells teens: Keep your clothes on!

Like any Snapchat image that's timed to disappear within seconds but does not, the image of the young woman in the story above, sans pants, was probably screenshotted before it was posted to a Snapchat account called "Volnationsnaps" and then onto Instagram. Really, it was just another day for the Snapchat app, where non-disappearing snaps are old hat. But this time (at least in theory), those kids should have known better, given that Snapchat had launched the Snapchat Safety Center just a few days earlier. If the football lovers had known (or cared) about Snapchat's new Safety Center, they would have known that the community guidelines on the new site nix sharing porn or nudes - at least, it does if users are minors. It's essentially aimed at parents and teachers of its users, rather than at the users themselves. A new twist on cyberbullying. Protecting Your Online Reputation: 4 Things You Need to Know [INFOGRA…

Edutopia sur Twitter : "Our favorite resources for #DigitalCitizenshipWeek: #digcit... Chris sullivan sur Twitter : "Q6 This provides done useful #digitalcitizenship touch points #aussieED @robmctaggart... 4 Characteristics Of Critical Digital Pedagogy. 4 Characteristics Of Critical Digital Pedagogy.

4 Characteristics Of Critical Digital Pedagogy

How to Thrive as a Digital Citizen. Thanks to the pervasiveness of easy-to-use technology and the accessibility of the internet, teachers are no longer lecturing from a dais as the purveyor of knowledge.

How to Thrive as a Digital Citizen

Now, students are expected to take ownership of their education, participate actively in the learning process, and transfer knowledge learned in the classroom to their lives. In days past, technology was used to find information (via the internet) and display it (often via PowerPoint). No longer. Now, if you ask a fifth grade student to write a report on space exploration, here’s how s/he will proceed: Understand ‘Digital Citizenship’ Before the engines of research can start, every student must understand what it means to be a citizen of the world wide web.

Don’t talk to bad guys, look both ways before crossing the (virtual) street, don’t go places you know nothing about, play fair, pick carefully who you trust, don’t get distracted by bling, and sometimes stop everything and take a nap. Educate yourself: Cybersmart. Test your knowledge about what children are doing in their digital world.

Educate yourself: Cybersmart

Madeinargentina : Tomando Apuntes en el Siglo ... MrsAdamsTCETech : Great videos. Wrapping up ... Schools Can No Longer Ignore the Importance of Digital Citizenship. 12-Feb-2014 Schools can no longer ignore the importance of digital citizenship The need for digital citizenship programs to be developed in schools has been ongoing since the mid-1990s.

Schools Can No Longer Ignore the Importance of Digital Citizenship

So nearly 20 years on, why have so few schools actively developed policies and programs to support the education of primary and secondary students as digital citizens? Digital Learning Day: Resource Roundup. Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter.

Digital Learning Day: Resource Roundup

Why have passwords taken over our lives? Last updated 10:45 21/10/2013 I'm on my 25th work password.

Why have passwords taken over our lives?

We have to change them all the time. They need to have numbers or punctuation as well as letters, and can't repeat any of your old passwords, which is pretty standard. I've moved past the regular three words and various number combinations I usually use into full sentences that feature a number. Some very good advice for all... - ICentre Mt Alvernia. Website shut down after cheating claims. Expand Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce. Photo / Mark Mitchell A website alleged to have helped tertiary students to cheat on assignments has been shut down and police are now investigating. New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) lawyer Anna Longdill lodged an application for an interim injunction in the High Court at Auckland this morning. The website - called Assignment 4U - has been offline since yesterday afternoon. Today in court lawyers for Assignment4U's parent company Ateama Ltd gave a written undertaking that the website would not advertise or providing cheating services.

It is understood that as many as 10,000 assignments written by ghost writers could have been submitted to universities around New Zealand. The matter is back before the High Court in September. But Ms Longdill said a police investigation was under way and criminal charges could be laid. Police have searched the offices of Ateama Ltd, which traded as Assignment 4U. By Edward Gay @edwardgay Email Edward. Student Safety in the Age of Facebook. 29 Steps to Internet Safety for Kids. Photo credit: Public domain pictures This is a great list from Deb Ng, founder and former owner of the Freelance Writing Jobs.

29 Steps to Internet Safety for Kids

I thought hard about what she’d written to see if I could add anything, enhance or disagree. Nothing. Digital Footprint. Plagiarists, beware: the internet will find you out. Hurrah for the internet, which has unmasked and brought down another plagiariser: in this case a romance "writer" going under the name of Kay Manning.

Plagiarists, beware: the internet will find you out

Her uncovering came courtesy of a crack team of authors: first Liz Fielding, who posted about a short story of hers which she'd discovered had been plagiarised. "All Kay Manning has done is change the names of the characters, change the location and minor details," wrote Fielding. "Why, I cannot imagine, since she's giving it away free. To have her name on a successful story, perhaps? To build a reputation she can use to sell her own work?

" Perhaps. Managing your digital footprint - Digital Citizenship Adventures. Goal and overview Goal: The overall goal for this adventure is to help you understand how you project yourself to world on the Internet.

Managing your digital footprint - Digital Citizenship Adventures

Digital Footprint. Online Safety Tips and Tools to Protect Kids and Inform Parents about Internet dangers. Our Space: Being a Responsible Citizen of the Digital World. Re-Inventing the Wheel in the Study of Human Character Date posted: April 2, 2014 James Heckman, Nobel Prize winning economist, has just published a 435 page collection called The Myth of Achievement Tests. As Digital Tools Abound, Help Kids Self-Regulate. Teaching Strategies By Yalda T. Uhls With tablets, laptops, apps, and online games, there’s great promise in technology to inspire and excite students to learn with digital tools.