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Ice Machine Clearance

We are committed to bringing you the best deals on commercial ice machines and refrigeration equipment. Our team of technicians takes the charge of making the ice machines free of defects and providing the end user an error free ice machine. Our specialty is refurbished equipment, which we handle ourselves and now offer local service out of our West Orange, NY, NJ, CT location within a 100 mile radius.

Points To Consider When Buying a Used Ice Machine. Tips For Keeping Your Ice Machine Running Properly. A restaurant or bar cannot function without an ice machine.

Tips For Keeping Your Ice Machine Running Properly

So, if your machine goes on the blink, you will have many unhappy patrons drinking lukewarm beverages! This will affect your bottom line for sure. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to keep your ice machine running optimally, so that you can get access to ice as and when the need arises. Here are some invaluable tips to keep your ice machine running efficiently and effectively. Regular Cleaning Just like any other appliance you have in your establishment, your ice making machine requires regular cleaning. All ice makers use water and the environment inside the machine is wet.

Protecting Against Contaminated Ice. Convenience stores, health care facilities, restaurants, hotels and motels always have significant ice needs for their customers and patients.

Protecting Against Contaminated Ice

While every customer who walks through the door means additional revenue, it can also mean an increase in your liability if you aren’t doing all that is possible to ensure the sanitary conditions of “community” equipment such as your commercial ice machine. While being able to provide your customers with the convenience of having a self-serve commercial ice machines, it might also provide opportunities for public health concerns. For this reason, it is critically important that you the owner/operator, employee staff and even the customers who frequent the ice machine are made aware of how to properly utilize it safely. Just as if a customer who “slipped or fell” in your establishment could easily file suit against you, so too could anyone who might become sick as a result of an unsanitary condition which you might could have prevented.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Ice Machine Online. If you are in the market to purchase a commercial ice machine there are a number of factors to consider before making that purchase online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Ice Machine Online

Reputation: There are plenty of online companies offering commercial ice makers for sale so it is important that you spend a few minutes to look into the company before making such a large and important purchase. For new equipment, you want to be sure that you are purchasing from an authorized dealer which will guarantee that the machine you are buying comes complete with a warranty. Ice machines are expensive and it is worth checking out customer reviews and also asking about the company’s returns policy should your machine arrive damaged, faulty or not as described. Any company that does not look favorably at these points is one to avoid. Welcome to the Ice Machine blog. Nugget ice was introduced to the world in the year 1981 when Scotsman Ice Systems was created.

Welcome to the Ice Machine blog

The name “nugget ice” was used for its small size and soft and exclusive shape. Nugget ice varies in sizes and its consistency ranges from semi clear, hard to opaque and semi-hard. In fact, its cooling capacity differs according to its shape and size. The importance of Ice Machines for your Hotel or Motel. Anytime you go and stay in a hotel or motel, you usually find everything that could make yourself comfortable.

The importance of Ice Machines for your Hotel or Motel

You find a comfortable bed, cable television, internet access, a nice place to shower, and other comforts of home. Top 6 Ice Machine Handling Tips. Did you know ice is considered a food?

Top 6 Ice Machine Handling Tips

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration codes, ice is categorized as a food. As such, you should train your staff to handle ice just the way they would handle other types of food for food safety, sanitary and regulation purposes. One of the biggest misconceptions is that ice cannot harbor bactria or viruses because it is too cold. MDT3F12 Touchfree® Flake Ice Machine and Dispenser. Touchfree?

MDT3F12 Touchfree® Flake Ice Machine and Dispenser

There are many different settings where cross contamination is a concern. Whether in a hospital, laboratory, or food service setting, having a way to get ice without having to touch a lever or some type of button can help to eliminate the spread of germs and help to keep everyone healthy. The perfect ice machine to do this is the MDT3F12 TouchFree Flake Ice Machine and Dispenser by Scotsman. This table top unit produces and dispenses flake ice by using an infrared sensor to detect when someone wants ice or water.

Due to its design it is able to accommodate a wide range of containers as the ice is dropped. Specifications: This unit stands just over 34” high, with a width of 14” and a depth of 23.75” making it feasible for most countertops. To ensure reliability and life span, this unit was designed with fewer parts, a strong drive system, and sturdy construction. By Daniel Hirsch. Welcome to the Ice Machine blog. Ice machines produce three types of ice.

Welcome to the Ice Machine blog

Flake, Nugget, and Cube, which all serve different purposes. Cube ice machines are the least expensive and most reliable, but this type of ice isn’t always the best for many businesses. How Does My Commercial Ice Maker Work? Most commercial ice makers are vertical standing and have the ability to make large quantities of ice in short periods of time.

How Does My Commercial Ice Maker Work?

These are perfect sized machines for restaurants, hotels, stadiums, and other places that need large quantities of ice quickly. These ice machines produce ice in a way that freezes the ice to be clear, and not cloudy like ice you might take out of an ice tray from your freezer. This is because the ice in your freezer has air bubbles in it due to it freezing from the outside in, much like a lake or pond. Scotsman Ice Machine Serial Numbers. Having the serial number for your Scotsman ice machine will allow you to determine the date of manufacture.

Scotsman Ice Machine Serial Numbers

Using the Scotsman website, you may validate the warranty, if there are any service updates, or check to see if the machine has been recalled. If you’re looking to purchase a used Scotsman ice machine, it will let you know exactly how old the unit is, but unfortunately, cannot tell you for how long it was actually used. This serial number number is also necessary if you call for service.

A technician will want to know the ice maker model and the production date will help him to determine what replacement pieces to order should that be necessary. The production date code can be found within the serial number. Machines Manufactured from 1972 – May 2004: These units have simple to read dates, when you understand what the numbers actually represent: The years are represented by the following letters: For buyers, or sellers, having this information is important.

By Daniel Hirsch. Decoding the Taylor Ice Cream Serial Number. Not Sure if a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is Right for your Business? If you operate a restaurant or convenience store, you want to offer your customers as many options as possible without overspending on your budget. There are many options you can choose, including hot desserts, snacks, and appetizers. Scotsman Ice Machines – A Long History of Innovation. What began as Queen Stove Works in 1921 soon blossomed into a much larger company when it bought out the American Gas Machine Company in 1950. With their purchase of the company came heaters, ice chests, commercial ice machines and other equipment. Top 5 Reasons to Use a Remote Ice Machine. A remote ice machine is an ice machine that has a separate condensing (cooling) unit that is installed in a different location from the ice maker itself. This type of machine works just like a central air conditioning system on a house where the condensing fan is installed outside the home but is configured in a way so it cools the inside of the home.

Traulsen Serial Number Date Code. So you are in the market for a used Traulsen refrigerator or freezer and have no idea how to figure out the age of the unit. This is a very common issue. The reach-in looks nice and clean, but some consideration should always be be made to the age of the unit. While this is important, the past location of the unit and the care it received are much more important factors than the age. The Traulsen compressors and sealed systems can easily last for 20 years, but if they are not maintained, the components can be overworked which can shorten the life of the unit. Reach-ins don’t usually have service records like automobiles, but if you can see the location they were used or even the establishment, you can get a very good idea of how they were treated. The first thing we look for is the condition of the condenser.

The Traulsen serial number is 9 alpha-numeric digits always beginning with a “T”. Sample Serial Number: T12345A14 By Daniel Hirsch. Welcome to the Ice Machine blog. The Various Types Of Ice Cream Machines – Which one do you need?: icemachine1. Restaurant owners, bar managers and even the mothers will now be out of the confusion as to which ice cream machine they should buy. Used and Refurbished Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machines: icemachine1. Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines For Tasty Treats: icemachine1. Refurbished commercial Ice Machine Buying Tips: icemachine1. A Guide to Buying the Best Ice Machines for Your Business: icemachine1.

Why We Clean Our Ice Cream Machines. Soft serve ice cream machine are great for both a business and customers, but let’s face it, they can be a pain to clean. In general, ice cream machines are designed to be cleaned by low-skilled employees, but that doesn’t mean you should take cleaning for granted. Air Cooled vs Water Cooled Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines.