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Campagnolo Nuovo Record derailleur (1020/A 3rd style) Campy Timeline. Amelia Campagnolo, the first child of Valentino Campagnolo and his wife, is born.

Campy Timeline

(Note: The official biography of Tullio Campagnolo does not list his mother's name.) Tullio Campagnolo is born on August 26, 1901, in a house between Ospitaletto and Anconetta in the eastern suburbs of Vicenza, Italy. Tullio Campagnolo begins his amateur racing career that lasts until 1930. Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary N-O.

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Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary N-O

" Nervex ® Noted manufacturer of lugs, no longer in business. Newton The official metric unit of force. Pics/bike/Catalogs/olmo1/