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It all started with the great idea to provide America with the best in surveillance security - fast, on point, and at killer prices.

How Does A Home Security System Works. Every home security system follows the same basic principle that is securing the entry points such as windows and doors along with securing the interior spaces that contain any valuables.

How Does A Home Security System Works

No matter the size of your home or the number of windows and doors you want to protect, the only difference is in terms of the number of security elements deployed all over your home. What is a security system? A security system is basically a means through which your home is secured with the help of interworking devices and components. They are in place to protect your home against any burglars and other home intruders. It comprises of interior and exterior motion sensors, door and window sensors, a high decibel alarm, wired or wireless security cameras and a control panel.

How does it work? Door and window sensors – These sensors comprises of two parts that are installed adjacent to each other. Motion sensors – They create an invisible zone that can’t be breached without going off of alarm. Junction Box - Mounting and Brackets - Installation Accessory. France in firing line with Louvre terror attack. Tuesday, March 21, 2017 4:12:00 PM America/Toronto From the attack on Nice and the Batalcan theatre, plus the offices of Charlie Hebdo, this onslaught has forced the country to maintain a state of emergency much longer than was originally envisaged.

France in firing line with Louvre terror attack

Back in December the country’s parliament voted once to keep these heightened security measures in place, this time until the middle of July which falls after the French elections. In the case of the Louvre incident itself, this began when an Egyptian citizen, Abdullah Reda Refaei al-Hamamy, who had recently arrived in France, approached four soldiers who were patrolling the entrance to the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall. The mall is situated under the museum proper. When prevented from bringing two backpacks he was carrying into the mall he proceeded to attack the soldiers with a machete while, apparently, shouting ‘Allahu Akba’ (‘God is Great’). Link: About Sky Net Longbow and Recurve. Thursday, March 23, 2017 3:53:57 PM America/Toronto The Sky Net Longbow and Recurve suite of products are said to be a highly effective defeat solution that removes the threat posed by, unmanned aerial systems, unmanned aerial vehicles or drone aircraft.

About Sky Net Longbow and Recurve

Modern warfareAdvances in UAS and similar technology have profound effects on the asymmetric modern warfare landscape. Kirintec prides itself on understanding the threat in country and providing unique technology, allowing you to respond and counter specific terror threats. Sky Net Longbow and Recurve targets the control and video feed from target drones, this and counters their use for intelligence gathering, target acquisition, and direct target effect. UsesUAS typically poses a threat to: Military opsSecurity (national, border and prison for example)Airlines and so on Ask the expertsThe Kirintec team is on hand to advise users, and are confident the equipment purchased will be the best available in the international market place.

Link: Dahua 4MP Tribrid Security Package. From the Manufacturer: Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of video surveillance products and services, with the world’s 2nd largest market share, according to a 2015 IMS report.

Dahua 4MP Tribrid Security Package

In addition to its core video surveillance product line— network cameras, NVR, HDCVI cameras and HDCVI HCVRs—Dahua also offers a full range of solutions, from intercoms and alarms, to motion sensors and access control. Dahua Technology provides video surveillance solutions that are applied in many markets, including banking, public security, energy, telecommunication, intelligent-building and intelligent-transportation. Embedded processorH.264+/H.264 Dual-stream video compressionSupport HDCVI/CVBS video inputsMax 6 channels IP camera inputs, each channel up to 5MPMax 24 Mbps Incoming BandwidthHDMI output up to 4K(3840x2160) resolutionSmart Search and Intelligent Video System Camera: 120dB True WDR, 3DNRMax 4MP real-timeHD and SD dual-output3.6mm fixed lensMax.

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