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Icanio technologies, credible and ingenious software development company, persistently delivering extensive solutions in application development, product development and digital engineering. Our distinguished design-led development process emphasizes that the features and functionality of our apps and web systems lead to an innovative product, validated by exhaustive user research. At Icanio, we provide development of simple, yet strategic enterprise software applications for businesses of any size. contact: +1 302 4809 804 USA +91 6369108670 India

Youtube. Technology – Reimagining the Landscape of the MSME Sector. Spelling out the benefits of a ‘technological turnaround’ for MSMEs Statistically speaking, MSME stands for the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, but the significance of these organizations is anything but ‘small.’

Technology – Reimagining the Landscape of the MSME Sector

While they hold a strong position in the global economy, for long, MSMEs have stood as bystanders watching established counterparts leverage technology. And now that we stand at the cusp of Industry 4.0, it’s time for such businesses to amp up their technological integration as well. Effective use of technology will simplify processes, eliminate roadblocks, and level the playing field between MSMEs and market titans. Digitization of Processes For ages MSMEs have hung onto the traditional and manual way of doing things; passing off as a mere bystander as larger enterprises quickly adapted to technology. The fruits of optimizing processes with technology don’t end there! Data Mobility & Flexibility Accurate Market Analysis Data Security Targeted Promotions Global Reach. Top Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2021. Importance of UI/UX Design in APP Modernization – Icanio. Enhancing brand identity and increasing customer engagement are crucial factors in today’s modern business environment.

Importance of UI/UX Design in APP Modernization – Icanio

The digitally-driven business activities and the constant need for generating better income necessitate business owners and marketers to ensure the best user experience (UX) through an excellent user interface (UI). UX & UI Development– the Fundamentals UX Development procedure involves improving the overall experience of the users during their interaction with a website or application. This aims at providing the maximum possible satisfaction to users. The main focus is on efficiently wireframing an application while structuring all of its elements and components to facilitate smooth user flow. 4 Ways to Boosting Your Business - Pandemic with Technology.

COVID-19 is the catalyst for digital transformation and highlights the security of a technologically-sound business model.

4 Ways to Boosting Your Business - Pandemic with Technology

“The Future is here” – Words we didn’t think we’ll use in 2020. While the pandemic put a pause to several of our ‘usual’ activities, statistically speaking, it fast-forwarded digitization by five years. Forced to rethink and pivot strategies, businesses are successfully manoeuvring through the pandemic with technology. And these tech-friendly alternatives are here to stay; with benefits that will outlast the pandemic, they pave the way to the much-coveted competitive edge.

For all those who perceive digital transformation as a daunting task, our tech mavens have a few suggestions for you stay ahead of the trend curve and leverage optimum solutions for your business. Digitization Earlier this year, when the pandemic brought about a worldwide lockdown, businesses digitized their workflow to provide flexible working conditions. 6 Technological Advances in Home Care Agencies - Senior Caregivers. The home healthcare sector is sprawling.

6 Technological Advances in Home Care Agencies - Senior Caregivers

The industry was valued at $281.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $303.6 billion by 2020. But the journey for home care agencies hasn’t been free of hurdles. Manual processes and discrepancies between caregivers and providers have made things challenging. But now, as the sector adopts technology, a tangible improvement in home care agency operations is visible. Let’s take a look at how technological advancements are impacting home care businesses. 1.

Home care agencies often struggle when it comes to screening and onboarding new members. Mobile apps for home care agencies enable seamless member onboarding. 2. Home care agencies play a pivotal role in connecting patients and caregivers with healthcare service providers. These apps provide patients and caregivers access to multiple healthcare and ambulance facilities. This way, you’ll be able to provide your patients with quick, good-quality service. Enterprise Software Solutions, Web Applications Development-Icanio. Best Custom Software Product Development Company - Icanio. How 2021 Can Be The Year of Enterprise Applications? - Icanio Technologies Blog. The market sector of enterprise apps development is always on a growth sprout in recent years.

How 2021 Can Be The Year of Enterprise Applications? - Icanio Technologies Blog

Especially since the development in modern computing, data center management, and other related areas, the field is seeing a tremendous development. However, experts believe that 2021 could redefine the field completely and set a pioneer for what is about to come in the future. What can you expect in 2021 in this genre? Whom does it concern? These developments and solutions from any enterprise app development company were once relevant to only the top brands or businesses that were ready to shell out a large sum of money. Growth in 2021. Overcoming Top 10 Challenges in Enterprise Application Development. - Icanio Technologies Blog.

7 Benefits of Implementing Mobility Solutions with Your Enterprise. - Icanio Technologies Blog. Smartphone usage has been booming and burgeoning over the past few years.

7 Benefits of Implementing Mobility Solutions with Your Enterprise. - Icanio Technologies Blog

The mobile, once used mostly for conversation purposes, has been finding increasingly more uses. There are no qualms about the driving factor: mobile applications. Enterprise mobility solutions are essential not just for showcasing products and services, they are crucial today for business transactions as well. Major Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions 1. By allowing an organization’s employees to work remotely, mobility solutions help to enhance productivity. Flexible offices lead to improved employee satisfaction that translates into better productivity and less employee turnover. Software Development Company. 5 Step Solution for Successful Product Development. - Icanio Technologies Blog.

Innovation and development are an integral part of every business model.

5 Step Solution for Successful Product Development. - Icanio Technologies Blog

Hence, launching new products and services is always one of the top agenda, the management ponders on. In a recent Executive Leadership Innovation Survey, in which 722 corporate executives participated, 60 per cent of them listed it among the top 3 priorities of the company. However, in the same survey, around 50 per cent of the participants reported that success in launching new products is not “developed and sustained” throughout their company.

This highlights the concern that something so essential for the growth of the business, is also the thing companies don’t do well. Based on what are the factors for successful product development of pioneering businesses, we have worked on a 5 step solution. 5 Step Process for Successful Product Development Step 1: Framing a Strategy It all starts with having a purpose. Step 2: Adhere to the Process Dynamic and Iterative: Rigid plans seldom drive desired results.