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IBBQ offers the world’s first and only gas barbecue grill that allows you to sit and experience the cooking and eating at the same place with your family and guests. Our Gas barbecue grill is beautifully decorated with Iroko wood and stainless steel.

Angara Maximus –– World's Most Beautiful Outdoor Dining and Barbecue Table. Angara Maximus –– World’s Most Beautiful Barbecue Table. Angara Maximus Barbecue Table at the Hotel Lautner in Desert Hot Springs during Modernism Week 2017. Angara Maximus at Modernism Week 2017, Desert Hot Springs, CA. Chef Andrew Spurgin at iBBQ Party in Del Mar, California. Well known Palm Desert Landscape Architect, Ron Gregory and the Angara Maximus, at Hotel Lautner in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

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