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H818 Activity 1.6 Researching conference formats

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Allyson Ward Neal: Keeping Websites Relevant in the World of Social Media Dominance by Davide Trimarchi on Prezi. Blackboard TLC EMEA 2016 (Groningen) The SPECTRE of Blackboard Design This Virtual Poster Session on The SPECTRE of Blackboard Design deals with trying to avoid “empty course syndrome” by providing inspiration to academics, course builders and learning technologists through a glimpse at what is possible in terms of design in a Blackboard Learn course, and with the ultimate goal of enhancing the Student Experience.

Blackboard TLC EMEA 2016 (Groningen)

This is a journey through improving student engagement by exploring what can be done differently and done better with the look and feel of a Blackboard Learn course and strategic deployment of some resources, both widely available and bespoke. I will discuss theme; foregrounding; use of video; interactive menus; the relationship between content and structure; strategic deployment of Blackboard and third party tools; and getting the most out of embedding existing institutional resources, external resources, and dynamic social media content.

Click here to start the recording in a new tab in full screen James Leahy. Design of an adaptive learner directed model for e-learning. Adaptive learning - how algorithms are transforming learning - LTSF2016.