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Wise Pond, Inc. Pinterest / Home. Screen-shot-2010-12-03-at-12.34.05. 8 December '10, 04:48pm Follow We often hear from people that they just don’t have enough time to blog.


People are busy running their business or taking care of their daily lives and blogging is something that fits in way down the list of priorities. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Up until a couple of years ago blogging used to involve serious coding and design knowledge but these days the tools are out there to help you get great content online in minutes. The Rise of Personal Networks Over Social Networks. When you think social media you think openness, inclusive communities and platforms that know no boundaries.

The Rise of Personal Networks Over Social Networks

You think Facebook – that is open to anyone and has, I believe, gone a long way to creating more a more equal playing field for communication and information. But are we starting to reach a point where we’re looking for more personal networks, smaller and more closed communities and exclusivity? One of the Worlds Leading Social Media Blogs. Focusing on Social Media Culture, Applications and Marketing.