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“Why I Left Goldman Sachs” (VERSION TWO) This is a longer and still far from perfect post in response to the recent OpEd in the Times.

“Why I Left Goldman Sachs” (VERSION TWO)

Sorry my original one had so many typos but I was rushing to post something before leaving on a few day vacation with my family, which I am still on… Revised from the post on WEDNESDAY. Home. The last time we redefined what it means to be human. At the very least members of Hominini (humans & chimps) should be referred to as hominids I think you meant hominins?

The last time we redefined what it means to be human

The separation likely remains because it would also mean reclassifying the genus Pan to Homo. Since Hominini already contains multiple genera (e.g., at least one genus of australopithecine), there is little reason to place species currently in Pan into Homo. I mean, unless australopithecines also get placed into Homo, in which case our genus has been around for 6 million years and is an extremely heterogenous mixture. I did mean hominin and fixed it..seems to have taken awhile to show, thank you for the correction, though. Bye Bye American Pie: The Challenge of the Productivity Revolution)

Here’s the good news.

Bye Bye American Pie: The Challenge of the Productivity Revolution)

The economic pie is growing again. Growth in the 4th quarter last year hit 3 percent on an annualized rate. That’s respectable – although still way too slow to get us back on track given how far we plunged. An Executive Power to Kill? by David Cole. The President of the United States can order the killing of US citizens, far from any battlefield, without charges, a trial, or any form of advance judicial approval.

An Executive Power to Kill? by David Cole

That’s what Attorney General Eric Holder told a group of students at Northwestern Law School yesterday, in a much anticipated speech. The Constitution requires the government to obtain a judicial warrant based on probable cause before it can search your backpack or attach a GPS tracking device to your car, but not, according to Holder, before it kills you. Holder’s speech marks a victory of sorts for those who have condemned the secrecy surrounding the administration’s aggressive targeted killing program. At a minimum, we now have a better basis for a debate about the extent to which a democratically elected leader should be entitled to single-handedly order the execution of those he represents. The week our world got changed - Boardroom Talk. From my earliest memory, I’ve been in love with this country.

The week our world got changed - Boardroom Talk

But rarely have I felt so proud to be a South African as right now. It’s been a momentous fortnight. Joseph Kony, the world's Monster-in-Chief. I promise it wasn’t Captain America’s five-year-old son who made me cry, even though that was the strategy behind getting that cute blonde kid into the movie.

Joseph Kony, the world's Monster-in-Chief

No, it was the original video footage from 2003 of a young Ugandan boy telling of how he would prefer to die and join his brother, who was perhaps in heaven, after having had his throat cut with a panga by one of Joseph Kony’s murderous fighters. The thing is that the phenomenon behind the Invisible Children's slick and rather self-indulgent social media campaign is one of the most ghastly situations I have ever encountered. And if it took the moral indignation sparked by one young American’s exposure to the horror of what was happening in an ignored and quite inexplicable conflict in east central Africa, that’s okay with me. The leader of the terrorist rapists, slavers and child killers known as the Lord’s Resistance Army is a Ugandan called Joseph Kony. The Browser. Walt Whitman, First Artist of Finance (Part 1): Robert Shiller. One of the myths surrounding economic inequality in our society is that high incomes are often the result of selfishness and narrow-mindedness, rather than idealism and humanity.

Walt Whitman, First Artist of Finance (Part 1): Robert Shiller

We tend to think that those in careers other than our own are fundamentally different kinds of people. Personality and character differences are, indeed, somewhat associated with occupation. THE MAN WHO STOLE THE MONA LISA: THE GREATEST ART THEFT IN HISTORY. He could scarcely believe the ease with which he carried out the crime.


On Monday 21 August, 1911, an Italian man named Vincenzo Peruggia walked out of the Louvre with the Mona Lisa wrapped inside a white artist's smock. No one saw him steal the world’s most famous painting; no one heard him prise it from the wall. Peruggia slipped out unnoticed and took the painting home to his apartment. Yoga-for-Trophy-Wives Fitness Fad That’s Alienating Discipline Devotees. It all feels as if something very precious might be at risk.

Yoga-for-Trophy-Wives Fitness Fad That’s Alienating Discipline Devotees

“The tradition holds such incredible things in it,” says one teacher. “The last thing I want to see is that things get so complicated that damages are irreversible.” He adds, “When a glass breaks, you have the pieces of glass. I write for myself and I'll say anything I damn well please. Transcripts follow.

I write for myself and I'll say anything I damn well please

(Source: Dexter; Image above, via NME.) Transcript December 2, 1996 Green Day P.O. Box 710 Berkeley, Ca 94701-0710Re: InsomniacTo whom it may concern:I am a parent, and I am very disturbed by the cassette tape my 8 year old son was listening to. 1984 v. Brave New World. In October of 1949, a few months after the release of George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four, he received a fascinating letter from fellow author Aldous Huxley — a man who, 17 years previous, had seen his own nightmarish vision of society published, in the form of Brave New World. What begins as a letter of praise soon becomes a brief comparison of the two novels, and an explanation as to why Huxley believes his own, earlier work to be a more realistic prediction. Fantastic. Trivia: In 1917, long before he wrote this letter, Aldous Huxley briefly taught Orwell French at Eton.

(Source: Letters of Aldous Huxley; Image: George Orwell (via) & Aldous Huxley (via).) Wrightwood.