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Bartering: Skills and Equipment

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Top Post-Collapse Barter Items and Trade Skills by Brandon Smith. By Brandon Smith The concept of private barter and alternative economies has been so far removed from our daily existence here in America that the very idea of participating in commerce without the use of dollars or without the inclusion of corporate chains seems almost outlandish to many people.

Top Post-Collapse Barter Items and Trade Skills by Brandon Smith

However, the fact remains that up until very recently (perhaps the last three to four decades) barter and independent trade was commonplace in this country. Without it, many families could not have survived. Whether we like it or not, such economic methods will be making a return very soon, especially in the face of a plunging dollar, inflating wholesale prices, erratic investment markets, and unsustainable national debts. It is inevitable; financial collapse of the mainstream system ALWAYS leads to secondary markets and individual barter.

BARTERING - 100 ITEMS TO DISAPPEAR FIRST IN A PANIC. Barter items for post teotwawki - SHTF Survival Forum. If SHTF tomorrow, 12 months later, what items would you have that you could use for barter?

Barter items for post teotwawki - SHTF Survival Forum

Is bartering even in your plans, have you even thought about it? The other day I was walking through wal-mart and was thinking about low cost, good quality trade items. Barter/Trade Items in a Survival Scenario. Imagine a worst-case scenario.

Barter/Trade Items in a Survival Scenario

The Most Frequently Overlooked Long-Term Survival Items by Robert Wayne Atkins. The Most Frequently Overlooked Items for Long-Term Hard Times Survival Copyright © December 1, 2008 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. One of the suggestions that is frequently mentioned on a variety of internet forums is to purchase "trade or barter items" before the hard times begin. Some of the typical "trade and barter items" that are recommended are salt, first aid supplies, toilet tissue, and 22LR ammunition.

The general reasoning behind this "trade and barter strategy" is as follows: At the current time these "items" are widely available and reasonably priced.During really hard times these items will become scarce or very expensive.When that happens almost everyone will be desperate to obtain these items.You will therefore be able to trade these "items" for the things you really need. A top 100 Barter list of survival supplies. Barter Goods. Below is a list of barter goods considered by experts in the survival preparedness world to be vital for a barter currency in a post-long-term disaster world.

Barter Goods

Remember, as valuable as goods are, skills will also be very valuable; learn to barber, make soap, about herbal medicine, etc. 38 Must Have Kitchen Items for Any Survivalist. The list : 101 Barter Items. The Art of Barter. Gardening in a drought. Guest post by Mark M.

Gardening in a drought

NOTE: This may be something to print out and store in your SurvivalMom Binder for future reference. image by International Center for Tropical Agriculture I have lived in many countries over the years, and have always had a vegetable garden. Not just for cost, as many of the countries I have lived in have had what we considered dirt cheap food, but for the quality. Nothing compares to the taste of veggies fresh from the garden. Recently, some friends told me about the bad drought in Texas. Kenya and Botswana. So how do they manage that? The technique involves three separate things, all of which are easily made by anyone with the ability to use a shovel, hammer or a trowel. Raised beds When we rented our home in Botswana, in the yard behind the house was a series of concrete troughs, roughly 4 foot wide, 2 foot deep and 15 foot long, running north to south.

Shade netting Every 3 feet in the troughs was a hole, just the right size to take a ¾ inch PVC pipe. Thread watering. How to Save Your Seeds. I think the practice of saving seeds is due for a revival.

How to Save Your Seeds

Seed saving is rewarding in so many ways. It’s very easy. If you find yourself smitten by it, there are ways you can get more expert about it. However, even a little seed saving is an empowering and powerful thing to do. Basics What you basically do when you save seeds is this: you go to the seeds when they are ready and get them; you make sure they’re really dry, and then you store them. It’s as simple as that but … Getting good seeds at the right time involves knowing the usual life cycle of a plant and whether a seed will stay true. You can gather them in different ways such as plucking, rubbing, shaking or grabbing. Survival Skills Inventory. The main purpose of any inventory is to keep track of what you have and what you need.

Survival Skills Inventory

Knowing these two things can help you plan for or correct any items that may be lacking in your inventory. While most people have and keep a fairly good account of their survival gear, firearms, ammunition, and food and water supplies, they often fail to assess their survival skills. Skills can be an important asset in any survival situation. The ability to do improvised or expedient repairs to your home in the event of catastrophic damage from a storm is just one example of where your skills can help you restore order and normalcy to your life after such an event.