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Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising [Infographic] We've posted a new infographic to our B2B Marketing blog that shows how content marketing is competing with traditional advertising these days — the advantages to content marketing, which types of companies are using it and how much they're spending on it, which tactics are the most popular, and which key challenges content marketers are facing now.

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising [Infographic]

The infographic encompasses a variety of statistics and other information on how content marketing is being used, answering such questions as: Why should companies use content marketing? Future-Ready Content. The future is flexible, and we’re bending with it.

Future-Ready Content

From responsive web design to thinking, we’re moving quickly toward a web that’s more fluid, less fixed, and more easily accessed on a multitude of devices. As we embrace this shift, we need to relinquish control of our content as well, setting it free from the boundaries of a traditional webpage to flow as needed through varied displays and contexts. In the words of’s Brad Frost, “get your content ready to go anywhere because it’s going to go everywhere.” Content Marketing Plan Development: Bricks vs. Feathers.

Favorite Content Marketing Lessons 2011.