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Books: A Finest Way To Go Through A Break-Up. As an avid reader, I often turn to books as a source of information, comfort and humour when I’m undergoing change and seeking inspiration.

Books: A Finest Way To Go Through A Break-Up

Here are some gems I’ve come across in the last few years: It’s called a break up because it’s broken – Greg Behrendt & Amiira Routola-Behrendt – A light-hearted break up guide written from both the male and female perspective. It deals with common quandaries and challenges along the break up journey. I love the fact it’s both humorous and direct, so you’ll end up with some great advice and you’ll laugh along the way.

Excuse me – your life is waiting – Lynn Grabhorn – This book is all about stepping out and claiming the life you want (and deserve). Stop self-sabotage – Pat Pearson – If you’re coming out of a breakup you may be guided by self-sabotaging thoughts which can make life even harder. Psycho cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz – This book centres around increasing your opportunities for success through improving your self-image. About the author. Beginning Of New Life With Expert Life Coach In Australia. Well, the new year is upon us again.

Beginning Of New Life With Expert Life Coach In Australia

Is it just me, or does January 1st come round quicker every year? To be honest, I love new year – I know it’s only another day on the calendar, but for me it’s always an opportunity to look at my life, decide what’s working well and where I need to make adjustments. It’s also a symbolic blank page, which is ready to be filled with great things over the next 12 months. An Expert Life Coach In Australia. Most people I know have pretty busy lives.

An Expert Life Coach In Australia

Mine seems to get busier every week, to the point I feel overwhelmed and like I’m drowning in “doing”. I’ve noticed the way I start each day makes an enormous difference in the quality, productivity, happiness and calm of the following 16 hours. The Best Life Coach For Single Or Co-Parent. Every parent I know, regardless of relationship status, encounters times of struggle.

The Best Life Coach For Single Or Co-Parent

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bred an angel, a monster or something in between, we all have times where we feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted by the responsibilities and busyness of parenting. It’s generally even more so for single and co-parents who look after kids by themselves and therefore don’t share the caring responsibilities. I became a co-parent last year. The breakup was petty shit – selling the beautiful home, kissing goodbye to the happy-ever-after and ongoing disagreements over splitting our assets. But by far the hardest part was the realisation and then the reality that I would no longer see my son every single morning and I wouldn’t be tucking him in to bed every night.

The first two months were tough. I’ve now come to see that if you approach it with the right frame of mind, regular time away from your child/ren can provide the best of both worlds. About the author. Reason For Choosing Good Life Coach. Divorce & Separation Coaching Classes Australia. I’m sure it happens to all of us…that dreadful feeling that you’ve lost control of your own life.

Divorce & Separation Coaching Classes Australia

Those moments when you believe your feelings, to do list and fate are all in someone else’s hands. As a self-confessed control freak, this feeling doesn’t sit well with me. In fact, it induces a panic-stricken, tear-fuelled melt down of the highest order as I flail around, desperately grasping for fragments of control.

The most recent occurrence happened last week. An unfortunate alignment of the planets left me feeling as though my bank manager, tenants, coach, my son and a whole range of other factors were dictating the direction of my life rather than me. Sound familiar? Recovery Classes From Divorce, Separation And Breakup. When I look back at the woman I was 6 years ago and compare her to the woman today, there are stark contrasts.

Recovery Classes From Divorce, Separation And Breakup

A few factors have influenced those changes (I had a child, I changed careers and I grew up….a little bit). But the most significant factor is I spent 5 years in an unhappy relationship and I slowly lost touch with the person I was. As the relationship slowly died and I woke up to the fact there was no hope for us. I awakened to realise if I wanted a happy and fulfilled life I had no choice but to leave.

Apparently these factors are common in the death of a relationship. 1. 2. 3. 4 My ideal life was pushed to the back of a cupboard – We didn’t want the same things. 5. Easy Recovery Breakup With Life Coach. Ready to get your life back on track?

Easy Recovery Breakup With Life Coach

Sign up for our 10 week program here There’s no doubt about it, break ups suck. Aside from the emotional turmoil and the practicalities and legalities, there’s the adjustment to your new-found single life. Most people who find themselves single again after the end of a serious relationship have the following questions: • How am I going to fill the gap that’s been left by the ended relationship?

For some of you, just reading the above questions will leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. The Fresh Start For Me Program Our program is a simple, staged approach to getting yourself back on track. We provide the program over 10 sections. The logic behind spreading the program over 10 weeks is as follows: 1. 2. 3. Where to from here? So, the big question remains…are you ready to buckle up, leave the bad stuff in the past and carve a life that will make you feel happy, content and fulfilled in a way that’s unique to your particular needs?

Coaching Classes To Recovery From Breakup. Recovery Coaching Classes for Divorce. Fresh Start For Me is an organisation that’s all about creating new beginnings.

Recovery Coaching Classes for Divorce

It’s about taking stock of where you are, looking at where you want to be and creating a workable plan to get there. We believe anything can be achieved if we have the right roadmap to get there. Our 10 week program has been developed by an accredited life coach and provides all the tools you need to create that roadmap and implement it successfully. Most of us encounter set backs in life. Our program is specifically designed for women who have undergone a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce or other major changes and are looking to move on.