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Facebook Twitter Assign default values from the last record. Microsoft Access Tips for Serious Users Provided by Allen Browne,

Assign default values from the last record

Created May 2006. Updated Nov 2013. (An older, less powerful version of this tip is archived here.) Sometimes you need to design a form where many fields will have similar values to the last record entered, so you can expedite data entry if all controls carry data over. ASP Free Forums - View Single Post - Please please help me...LDAP query works on localhost but not other web server. Stupid htaccess Tricks. Welcome to Perishable Press!

Stupid htaccess Tricks

This article, Stupid htaccess Tricks, covers just about every htaccess “trick” in the book, and is easily the site’s most popular offering. In addition to this htaccess article, you may also want to explore the rapidly expanding htaccess tag archive. Along with all things htaccess, Perishable Press also focuses on (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, security, and just about every other aspect of web design, blogging, and online success. Server.MapPath Method. Path This method has no return values. Asterisk (*)Question mark (?) Angle brackets (< or >)Comma (,)Colon or semi-colon (: or ;)Single-quote or double-quote (' or ")Right square bracket (])Double slashes (// or \\) The following example uses the server variable PATH_INFO to map the physical path of the current file.

Dreamweaver CS3 crashes after Daylight Savings Time ends. To view/add comments, you must enable JavaScript in your browser. Issue Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 crashes when working with certain PHP or ASP files in Code view or Design view after the clock goes back one hour, when Daylight Savings Time ends. The crashes only occur when selecting certain lines in Code view, or selecting certain objects in Design view. The crashes only occur in files that have PHP or ASP code, intermingled with HTML code. AJAX Database.