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Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley. Urbanisme, prospective et identité nationale.

Open Data

Journalisme. Privacy. My Data. Online identity. Learning interfaces. Quantified self. Crowdsourcing. The New Big Data. Top scientists from companies such as Google and Yahoo are gathered alongside leading academics at the 17th Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) in San Diego this week.

The New Big Data

They will present the latest techniques for wresting insights from the deluge of data produced nowadays, and for making sense of information that comes in a wider variety of forms than ever before. Twenty years ago, the only people who cared about so-called “big data”—the only ones who had enormous data sets and the motivation to try to process them—were members of the scientific community, says Usama Fayyad, executive chair of ACM’s Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining and former chief data officer at Yahoo. Le Web à la puissance 2. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. Illustration Christoph Niemann Writers/Editors Min Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel, Michael Krantz Project Curator. Think Quaterly - the data issue.

Data Leaks