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Japanese dwarf flying squirrels. 'Unicorns of the Sea' Tagged for New Tracking Effort. Continents may reflect conditions in the Earth's core. In bold new research, a group of scientists in France believes that it has established a link between two of the great discoveries in 20th-century geophysics – plate tectonics and the fact that the Earth's magnetic field has reversed direction many times throughout the planet's history.

Continents may reflect conditions in the Earth's core

The researchers from Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS and Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris, argue that during a given geological period the location of continents is linked with the frequency of magnetic field reversals. Creepy Critters: Marine Life Surfaces for Halloween. Incredible Wildlife Photography. Wildlife — By Stephanie on January 11, 2010 at 10:58 am Canada goose protects her young Ever have one of those moments when you think to yourself, “Boy, I wish I had my camera?!”

Incredible Wildlife Photography

Well, you can enjoy the good fortune of the photographers who were not empty handed when they shot these amazing animal pictures. These high-speed images are treasures that tell stories we rarely get to see – let alone capture – in stunning detail. Incredible wildlife photography like this takes a steady hand and sharp eye. Smithsonian Institution. Orange Donkey – World’s Strangest Animals. There are so many different kinds of animals, that no one knows the exact number.

Orange Donkey – World’s Strangest Animals

So far, people have discovered very big number of them, but, so many animals has left to be a puzzle. Here is some really strange and bizarre animals, that i bet you never seen before. If you did, take a look again, because, these are some really special species. Shishamo Makropinna (fish with a clear head) Isle Royale National Park - Large format photography - US National Parks Large Format stock photos. 50 Cute Baby Animals that Make You Smile. Canada’s Spotted Lake. Wednesday, 09 December 2009 GreenMuze Staff Canada's Spotted Lake. Located near the city of Osoyoos in British Columbia, Canada’s Spotted Lake draws visitors from around the world. The calcium, sodium and magnesium sulphate, silver and titanium filled lake creates more than 365 strange pools and patterns during the summer months when the water levels are low. 10 Positively Peculiar Plants. Don’t Stand Under the Cannonball Tree.

Jabuticaba – The Tree that Fruits on its Trunk. No, this is not a belated April Fool’s prank. They look as if they may have been pinned there by an over enthusiastic gardener to impress the neighbors but the fruit of the Jabuticaba really does grow off the trunk of the tree. Otherwise known as the Brazilian Grape Tree, this plant is native to South America, notably Paraguay, Argentina and (obviously from its name) mostly from Brazil.

The fruit, a succulent looking purple color can be plucked and eaten straight from the tree. Top 10 Unusual but Fascinating Cloud Formations. What is the sky without little fluffy clouds?

Top 10 Unusual but Fascinating Cloud Formations

Boring if you ask me. A cloudless plain sky is like a garden without flowers. SQUIRREL'S GOTTA EAT: Have some nuts little buddy (7 Pics. 10 largest animals on Earth: Argentavis. Dam Goats! Cute Baby Animals. These pictures of baby animals were taken mainly in the wild, in the national parks and game reserves of Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa.

Cute Baby Animals

As with the young of domestic animals, baby wild animals have a special appeal and it’s magical to see them in their own habitat. I’ve included on this page pictures of baby foxes,baby raccoons, baby giraffes, baby cats, baby elephants, baby bears… ← Older Comments Related Posts Adorable Baby Animal Pictures (Part 1) Adorable Little Animals Incredible Wildlife Photography. Animal did you knows. Siamese tortoise.

Tiny Adorable Animals. New Week Nudibranch! - Blue Dragon. Image credit: image credit: image credit: the doubtful guest image credit: | Dan | Mental_floss Blog » 6 Animals That Show Mother Nature’s Sense of Humor. You've heard jokes like these all your life: What do you get if you cross an octopus with a cow? An animal that can milk itself. Climate change is making our environment 'bluer' The "colour" of our environment is becoming "bluer", a change that could have important implications for animals' risk of becoming extinct, ecologists have found.

Climate change is making our environment 'bluer'

In a major study involving thousands of data points and published this week in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Animal Ecology, researchers examined how quickly or slowly animal populations and their environment change over time, something ecologists describe using "spectral colour". Animal Sleep. Most animals have a daily pattern of rest and activity.

Animal Sleep

Some animals are more active during the day (diurnal) and some are more active during the night (nocturnal). How much time do animals spend sleeping? Well, it depends on the animal: References: This table was adapted from four sources: Aserinsky, E., Eyelid condition at birth: relationship to adult mammalian sleep-waking patterns, In Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, edited by B.N. Infographic of the Day: An Atlas of the World's Ecosystems. Esther Havens Humanitarian Photography. I am traveling with Austin Mann in Ethiopia working on the final prep for our Light The World workshop.

Esther Havens Humanitarian Photography

We looked up to the sky to see the strangest thing i’ve probably ever seen. Hurricane Irene - Alan Taylor - In Focus. Over the past week, Hurricane Irene grew from a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean to a category 3 hurricane as it blew north along the East Coast of the United States.

Hurricane Irene - Alan Taylor - In Focus

High winds and tremendous rainfall downed trees and battered shorelines, leaving millions without power and causing some 26 deaths across nine states. Though Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm as it made landfall in New York, the heavy downpours have caused flooding problems across many states that are still unfolding. Now Is the Time To Stop Climate Change. If ever there was a time for governments to take measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, this is the time.

Now Is the Time To Stop Climate Change

A study by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) of the Arctic Council states that a climate “tipping point” could happen in the next 20 years because the permafrost region of the Arctic is melting and it contains large amounts of carbon dioxide. Hey Kids! Mimic Octopus. 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.

"A tree is a wonderful living organism which gives shelter, food, warmth and protection to all living things. The lake that glows in the dark: Eerie phenomenon that turned waters... Swimming is supposed to give you a healthy glow, but these swimmers weren't quite sure what was going on when they took a late-night dip and turned a fluorescent shade of blue. 10 Amazing Examples of Espalier - Tree Art.