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Gor / Gorean

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GLUEDOG: Greater Laran Unabridged Encyclopedia & Dictionary Of Gor (A-E) T L i The Greater Laran Unabridged Encyclopaedia Dictionary Of Gor based on The Chronicles of Counter-Earth by the MasterScribe , John Norman. (4) How many subs does it take...? - Suck it up, Buttercup - FetLife. Goreans Portal Radio. Your Gorean Library. The Gorean Forums. -= Gorean Meter =- Why a Gorean Slave? ~The Gorean Cave~ Ean Encyclopedia. The Library of Gorean Knowledge. Gorean Living Entry Page. MasterRocker's Channel. In the orbit of Hesius - Home. Woman of Gor. What is the Kurii. Kurii on Gor.

"A creature who had not known hatred, lust and terror, I suspected, would be ill-fitted to understand the Kur, or men.

Kurii on Gor

" (Tribesman of Gor, p.218) Gor is not safe. Neither is Earth. An alien race, the Kurii, wish to conquer both worlds. Gor SL. Login - FetLife.