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Hack Attack: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router. Ruby on Rails. How to set up a safe and secure Web server. Fifteen years ago, you weren't a participant in the digital age unless you had your own homepage.

How to set up a safe and secure Web server

Even in the late 1990s, services abounded to make personal pages easy to build and deploy—the most famous is the now-defunct GeoCities, but there were many others (remember Angelfire and Tripod?). These were the days before the "social" Web, before MySpace and Facebook. Instant messaging was in its infancy and creating an online presence required no small familiarity with HTML (though automated Web design programs did exist). Things are certainly different now, but there's still a tremendous amount of value in controlling an actual honest-to-God website rather than relying solely on the social Web to provide your online presence. The flexibility of being able to set up and run anything at all, be it a wiki or a blog with a tipjar or a photo hosting site, is awesome.

The hardware You'll need some hardware, and fortunately, a personal Web server doesn't require a lot of juice. Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks. @neverbeenback: As was said down below in the comments, many warranties state that you can't change the OS to something 'not approved' which is generally a few versions of windows.

Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks

Wether or not the company *actually* voids your warranty is up to them. edit: hackintoshing is vaguely illegal as well, so I can't see Dell being psyched to help fix your hackmac @freedomweasel: You miss the point, you would be expected to return the laptop to windows before return as using the restore discs is always the first thing to do to remove the chance of software problems, if they easily diagnose a problem then they often tell you to remove your HDD before return , so again YOUR WARRANTY IS NOT EFFECTED. Python Course, Other Programming Video Tutorials, Nick Parlante. Ruby Programming Tutorials. Um, i think most of the people here have mastered all the simple stuff like loops and variables, classes, kernal methods, what about threads, could these make the pong.rb compile or start up faster, i think it would help people more if you showed common guis and api, you need to explain all the existing classes and methods and how to use them with complex and individualized example programs, also, its been a while, acording to ur utube vid dates, since you’ve posted any tutorials, i think your written ones are better, i dont have to pause or jump to different parts over again, but rember to explain every part of your code and even describe different combinations that may be useful, this would really help beginers and intermediate rubyists.

Ruby Programming Tutorials

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python. Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition — Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition. Open a Padlock with an Aluminum Can. Yup, it was so easy that he had to use a key with the key lock.

Open a Padlock with an Aluminum Can

Note that you don't ever see the bottom of the lock, and that two points in the video after the cut-away show him not really holding the lock at all, because he's stabilizing it by holding onto the key in his palm. Not to mention the obvious "twist" right before the lock opens. I'm not even so sure about the combination lock, since it looks like he turns the dial slightly just before it opens. DIY Mosquito Killing Device a.k.a. The Handheld Flamethrower. Meant for slaying mosquitoes, but equally capable of maiming an enemy or two, the DIY mosquito killing device is made using various doodads you can undoubtedly find laying around your home.

DIY Mosquito Killing Device a.k.a. The Handheld Flamethrower

Needed to create your very own mosquito killing device is a bottle of hair spray and an old bicycle handlebar with brakes included. Anything that combines the ability to burn someone’s face off with unbeatable portability is OK in my book. Self-defense meets anti-itching. l633905370133666920.jpg (JPEG Image, 1872 × 1224 pixels) University lectures computer science. Whether your goal is to earn a promotion, graduate at the top of your class, or just accelerate your life.

university lectures computer science

Lectures can help get you there. Our archives of lectures cover a huge range of topics and have all been handpicked and carefully designed by experienced instructors throughout the world who are dedicated to helping you take the next step toward meeting your career goals. With's engaging collection of lectures, your free time will turn into self-improvement time. Our online lectures are more than lecture notes or a slideshow on a topic; they were designed for audiences like you, with carefully sequenced themes and topics taught by veteran educators, and often with additional resources for your own independent study.

The lectures are available to anybody, completely free of charge. Lecture courses are a valid and vital learning tool, and may be one of the best methods of learning available. Python_cheatsheet.png (PNG Image, 773 × 938 pixels) - Scaled (58%) Android Game Development Tutorials. Some months ago we received an email from a fellow Java developer, Tamas Jano, asking to be part of our JCG partners program.

Android Game Development Tutorials

To our surprise he maintains a blog named “Against The Grain” debating about game development for the Android platform. I have been reading all of his articles since then and I must admit that his writings have been an inspiration and a motivation for me and my colleagues here at Java Code Geeks so as to start developing our first game for the Android platform. RubyMonk - Interactive Ruby tutorials. - Free video tutorials on interactive development.