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Project usage overview. This page summarizes the usage of all projects on

Project usage overview

For each week beginning on the given date the figures show the number of sites that reported they are using (any version of) the project. Detailed usage information for each release of a project is available by clicking the project name. These statistics are incomplete; only Drupal websites using the {*style:<a href=' Status{*style:</a>*} module are included in the data. As this module is now included with the download of Drupal since version 6.x, the data is heavily biased toward newer sites. 10 Drupal Modules You Can&#039;t Live Without. Via my contact form, someone asked me to list 5 or 10 of the best drupal add ons.

10 Drupal Modules You Can&#039;t Live Without

I decided to move away from "best", and rather decided to move to "can't live without". Or to put it differently, without these 10 modules, your experience with the minimial base install of drupal is likely to suck. (in spite of my physics teacher I once had who insisted that nothing sucked, but rather blew...). Anyhow, this list isn't really ordered in any fashion other than the order that I think of ten "can't live without modules". Now -- there are many modules that have dropped my jaw that I haven't included. Syntax highlighter. This module integrates the SyntaxHighlighter Javascript Library into Drupal for source code list syntax highlighting within any Drupal contents.

Syntax highlighter

Note: the SyntaxHighlighter Javascript library is not included and must be downloaded and installed in sites/all/libraries. See README.txt for more details. This module is compatible with both the 2.x and 3.x versions of the Javascript library. To markup your code, use the <pre> tag with the class attribute and optionally the title attribute. See the <pre /> method section on this page and the configuration page for exact/complete explanation <pre class="SYNTAXHIGHLIGHTER-OPTIONS" title="My title"> program code ...

Very important!!! HTML filter or Wysiwyg filter or whatever HTML filters you use. Note: Ajax and autoloader do not work together. TinyMCE wysiwyg editor integration: See #617758: Integration with wysiwyg module Read this blog post on how to setup this. D7 update of this module see D7 WYSIWYG intergration: Old 1.x branch: Alternatives: 10 Must-Have Drupal Modules for Drupal Web Developers. Each Drupal developer out there has their own list of their "must-have” modules.

10 Must-Have Drupal Modules for Drupal Web Developers

These modules are the tarballs (.tar) that each developer downloads and unzips immediately after installing the Drupal CMS. The following list is partially mine and partially that of my Twitter followers. This post should help those new to Drupal get started on the right path. With any luck, other Drupal ninjas will weigh in with their must have modules that they can’t live without. If you do share any stellar modules, then we will add it to this list and give you credit for the mention, too. 1.

There is a good reason Views is at the top of my list. ... a smart query builder that, given enough information, can build the proper query, execute it, and display the results. To sum it up, Views gives you a very usable interface to create complex MySQL queries which are used to display your content. The second module we install - Content Construction Kit. The possibilities are virtually endless with CCK.