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Highlighter. Patterns. Gallery. JavaScript Cursor Position. Frequency decoder - accessible, unobtrusive slider demo. Accessible Unobtrusive Slider Demo Accessibility Enhancements ( ARIA ) Whenever a slider has focus, the arrow keys ← , → , ↑ and ↓ can be used to control the slider handle, the Home key to set the slider at it’s minimum value and the End key to set the slider at it’s maximum value.

frequency decoder - accessible, unobtrusive slider demo

The script automatically assigns each slider the required ARIA role of “slider” and states “valuemax”, “valuemin” and “valuenow”. Should an element with an id of fd_slider_describedby exist, this is used to set the ARIA “describedby“ relationship. Additionally, should the sliders associated form element itself have an associated label , this label is used to set the ARIA “labelledby” relationship.

JavaScript: Ctrl, Alt, Shift keys. Javascript Tutorial - Resizeable Textboxes. So something that seems to be popping up a bunch on various sites lately is the resizeable textbox.

Javascript Tutorial - Resizeable Textboxes

Some are implemented with a resize handle on the corner, others let you drag any of the sides. I thought they were kind of cool, so I sat down to see how hard it would be to write. And, surprisingly enough, it is actually pretty easy. CodeMirror: In-browser code editing. Javascript - Draggable Elements. Base64 and URL Encoding and Decoding. The JavaScript Source: Page Details: Copy Selected Text.