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TOUR & TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES IN EXOTIC AND MYSTIC PLACES. Russia Tour Package an Easy Way to Discover Russia Russia is developing as a great travel destination in the world due to its amazing natural surroundings, surprising cultures and knowledgeable heritages.


Its most traveled places like Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the prime attraction of Russia tour packages. If you are planning a tour to Russia, then keep some travel tips in mind that will definitely help you. Introduce yourself to Russia Do some research prior to take flight for Russia! Health-Wise Always think about the health and in Russia, it becomes necessary as you are going first time and you don’t know what to eat here.

Currency Russia is little pricy mostly cities like Moscow and St. Russia is a developed country and it is influenced by modern culture. Like this: Like Loading... About Tim Mark Tim Mark is an experience writer and professional blogger. Armenia Tour Package Gives You A Chance To Visit Paradise. Armenia is a small but famous travel destination.

Armenia Tour Package Gives You A Chance To Visit Paradise

Travel Around The Corner (Discover Many Aspects of the City through Tbilisi...) TOUR & TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES IN EXOTIC AND MYSTIC PLACES. Armenia Tour Package Gives You A Chance To Visit Paradise. Travel Around The Corner (Discover Many Aspects of the City through Tbilisi...) Travel Around The Corner (Tashkent Tour from India) First Travel to Russia – Anvi Sharma. It was chance that I had to travel to Russia.

First Travel to Russia – Anvi Sharma

My niece had to get admitted to a medical college and a chance for me to discover the Kremlin. I searched for Russia travel package online and got some really good offers. TOUR & TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES IN EXOTIC AND MYSTIC PLACES. Tbilisi to Armenia – One Day Trip Armenia was the first state to announce Christianity as the state religion in 301 AD.


The effect of the same is seen in the culture and architecture. Instead of taking Armenia tour packages from India, you can go to Tbilisi and from there take a day tour to Armenia. Bungee Jumping For the Adventure Junkies by Jumpin Heights. The adrenalin-filled activity of jumping from a great height is an adventurous act which many of us consider being a great accomplishment.

Bungee Jumping For the Adventure Junkies by Jumpin Heights

Throwing themselves from tall buildings, towers, bridges or cranes to enjoy the up and down trampoline like movement is actually very thrilling for many. It is an extreme adventure filled activity which is considered to be safe done under the guidance of experienced and trained professionals. Those of you who have a strong desire to go Bungee jumping in Rishikesh, we at Jumpin Heights offer one of the best bungee jumping platforms. They are very reliable and follow stringent safety procedures. All you need to possess is plenty of nervous energy to make the most of this activity which lets you float in the air with your feet being tied with an elastic rope or cord.

Bungee jumping is slowly and gradually gaining popularity in India. Let us have a look at some of the best places in India which are perfect and safe for bungee jumping: Yoga and Adventure in Rishikesh Part I – Anvi Sharma. When the proposal for a ten day stay in Rishikesh came, I was quite skeptical.

Yoga and Adventure in Rishikesh Part I – Anvi Sharma

The last time I visited the place on the way to Badrinath Dham and was not quite amused. The town looked too crowded for a pleasant stay. But my friend told me to go and stay in a Yoga Ashram instead of a hotel to get the real feel of Rishikesh. He also booked Rishikesh Adventure Packages for me and my mother. He also booked a 7 day Yoga package along with the adventure tour package. Travel Around The Corner (Enjoy Adventure Activities in Rishikesh, India) Adventure and River Rafting In Rishikesh. Advertisement After completing the seven day yoga stay at the serene Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, we proceeded to stay in a camp at the bank of the river Ganga.

Adventure and River Rafting In Rishikesh

The water was as clear as you can get in a river, and it was ice cold. Rishikeshis the last place where the river Ganges is in the mountainous region, and descends into plains at Haridwar. The Camping and River Rafting. Travel Around The Corner (Experience the Most Adventurous Sports with...) Fly, Jump & Swing from India’s First Highest Bungee Tower. Amid the pristine river and serene backdrop of Rishikesh, Jumpin Heights have introduced India’s most extreme adventure zone for the sports and travel enthusiasts to relish the brand-new experience while travelling.

Fly, Jump & Swing from India’s First Highest Bungee Tower

If you’re planning to visit the spiritual city in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, you must surely not forget to encounter the highest bungee jump in India. The entire set-up of Jumpin Heights has been done by Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam to proffer extremely adventurous sports to the youth of India and to be an outstanding zone for life’s most electrifying experiences. With the help of an eligible and certified technical team from New Zealand, the safety points have been successfully accomplished by using advanced technologies and methodologies.

Travel Around The Corner (Ukraine an Unseen Marvel) Uzbekistan the Country on Route the Silk Route. Advertisement Uzbekistan has many wonderful things to offer for the tourists.

Uzbekistan the Country on Route the Silk Route

The attractions include a desert that rolls through the country, culture which you can soak in, architecture which makes it stand out from other countries and the silk route which is the ancient trade route. While booking Uzbekistan tour package from India, I made sure that I would include all the adventures in my 15 day tour and would take you through it in this post. While doing some research online reading blogs and articles I came to know of many unknown treasures of this country with tumultuous history. TOUR & TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES IN EXOTIC AND MYSTIC PLACES. Russia the Nation with Glamour Russia is one place which is known popularly as the largest country in the world.


The range of flora and climatic conditions is from Arctic climate and Tundra forests to subtropical beaches and deciduous forests. The famous cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cradle of the erstwhile Soviet Union. It is such a vast country that you should take Russia tour package in order to plan your visit. Georgia the Place of Marvel – Anvi Sharma. Georgia is neither Europe nor Asia and the confluence of the culture makes it the perfect holiday getaway place. The locals prefer to call the place as “balcony of Europe” and when I visited the place they are quite right.

It is a beautiful and soulful experience to visit this amazing place. The place is filled with places for every kind of adventure you can dream of. There are mountains, green meadows, valleys and amazing pristine rivers. Travel Around The Corner (Armenia the old man of Europe) Travel Around The Corner (Tashkent - The Indian Connection) Russian Holiday To Some Unknown Places (with images) · iamanvi. Dook International Presents Tashkent and Tbilisi Tours Packages. Advertisement The largest city and the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is an ancient city on the Great Silk Road.

Tashkent is a mixture of both old and new as it is one part a Soviet city and other part an old historic city. Dook International brings to you an amazing Tashkent Package from Delhi, India that will give you the experience of a lifetime. Tashkent is a surprisingly fun and interesting place with its own unique flavor. There are many things to see in and around Tashkent like Metro Taschkent, Chorsu Bazaar, Independence Square (Mustakillik Square), Charvak Reservoir, Teleshayakh Mosque, Amir Temur Square, Railway Museum, Tashkent TV tower and many more.

Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia and is known for its distinctive architecture. Tbilisi Botanical Garden, Lisi Lake, Rike park, Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskhati Basilica, Chardin street and Mtatsminda Park are some attractions that you can visit during your Tbilisi tour. TOUR & TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES IN EXOTIC AND MYSTIC PLACES. Yerevan the City With A View Yerevan the capital city of Armenia is one place where you would have to stay to experience it. It is not a normal tourist place where you have designated places to see. You have to walk a lot to know the beauty of the city. That is why people who take Yerevan tour packages from India stay near the Yerevan Cascade. The hotels near the Cascade are popular as it lets you explore the upper neighbourhood of the city and also have a view of the magnificent Mount Aramat. Another place you should visit while in Yerevan is the Vernissage. Travel Around The Corner (What To Do And What Not While Travelling In...)

Armenia: One of the Places to Explore – Anvi Sharma. None of the Armenia tour packages from India will tell you much about the country. It is a country between Europe and Asia bordering Turkey on the west side, Georgia on the Northern side, Azerbaijan on the east side and Iran to the south. The country has a unique blend of European and Asian people and this show in their culture and food. It is not a regular destination for travelers. Russia The Place to be in 2018. The FIFA World Cup is round the corner, and it is taking place in Russia. But it is just one of the reasons to visit the Kremlin Country. There will be the most popular sports along with the traditional sightseeing for tourists. Here are the places where the World cup matches are scheduled and also some places to see. Moscow. TOUR & TRAVEL – EXPERIENCES IN EXOTIC AND MYSTIC PLACES. Jim Corbett National Park a Natural Wonder – Anvi Sharma – Medium. If you are looking for a weekend get away from Delhi, Jim Corbett Tour Packages from Delhi are the best bet.

It is a world with greenery and water holes where you could explore. Bali the Island of Adventures. Advertisement Bali Tour packages from Delhi are very popular these days. The reason is the value for money one gets as compared to other vacation spots in South East Asia. Travel Around The Corner (Shimla the Place to Enjoy Life) Travel Around The Corner (Tips for An Inexpensive Holiday in Ukraine) Taking a Tour to Kyrgyzstan: The essentials. Advertisement Kyrgyzstan is a prominent country on the old silk route and a perfect place for a holiday. Most of this country is made of Tian Shan Mountains and abundant in green gorges, glacial lakes and mountain peaks.

The Charming Place in Georgia: Tbilisi – Anvi Sharma – Medium. On first look Tbilisi looks intimidating for a tourist who has taken one of the Tbilisi Tour Packages. The capital of Georgia is a big city which is a blend of old world and new. The city consists of ancient sites, old crumbling structures and also some new tall modern day buildings. Russia the Unexplored Place.

Russia is not as shown in the James Bond movies but quite different. Kyrgyzstan The Popular Destination For Trekkers. COMING SOON HOUSE ADVERTISING ads_leader Kyrgyzstan is a place where you can find rolling topography which includes mountains, ridges and endless grassy pastures. Travel Around The Corner (Armenia The Land of Noah’s Ark Landing) Tashkent the cosmopolitan with the old world flavour. Russia The Land Of Ice and Fire – Anvi Sharma – Medium. Travel Around The Corner (Uzbekistan The Place With Magic In The Air) Explore the Beauty of the Central Asian Countries with Dook International Visit the remote desti... - Travel Around The Corner (Adventure Trips to the Iconic Central Asian...) Make Amazing Travel Plans To the Central Asian Countries with Dook International. Travel Around The Corner (A Trip to the Incredibly Beautiful Countries of...) Trip to World’s most Archaic Country with Dook ... - Travelmax - Quora. Adventure is waiting for you!

Scrutinize World’s Ninth Biggest Country with Dook International. Unwrap the Mystery of the Largest Eurasian Country with Dook International. Make Your Living Comfortable In The Unexplored Countries With Dook International (with images) · iamanvi. Travel to Countries you’ve only Heard of with Dook International (with images) · iamanvi. Voyage To The Only Country Exists In 3,000 Years Old Maps. Catch your Flight before you miss the befalling of Voyaging to CIS countries. Pay Limited to Visit World’s Ninth Largest Landlocked and Biggest Countries by Anvi Sharma. Wanderlust to the Alluring and Diversified lands with Inexpensive Travel Packages. Resolve the Unresolved History of the Marvelous Destination with Dook International. Travel to World’s Biggest Country with Dook International. Special Travelling Offers For The Globetrotters To Travel To Any CIS Land With Dook International (with images) · iamanvi.

“Travel To A Destination That Will Replenish Your Body, Mind & Soul” “Travel To The World’s Most Mysterious Land with Dook International” Pack Your Backpacks and Get Ready To Fly Overseas with Dook International by Anvi Sharma. Wander Amidst the Unexplored Land where History Sits Next to Modernity by Anvi Sharma. Jump from 83 meters Tall Platform for an Electrifying Adventure.

Jump, Swing & Fly through Sky amid the Lush Green Valleys of Rishikesh. Jump To Feel The Chill With Jumpin Heights – Anvi Sharma – Medium. Go On An Extreme Adventure To Discover A New “You” Sail to the World’s most Enchanting Land with Dook International. En Route to an Unknown Destination with Dook International. Escapade To The World’s Largest And Magnificent Country, Russia With Dook. You can now Travel to any CIS country with Dook International. Fly Off to an Unknown Land, Wander to Uncover the Hidden Histories with DOOK TRAVELS (with images) · iamanvi. En Route to the Mysterious Lands of Russia with Dook International Packages by Anvi Sharma. Jumpin Heights: Plunge from an Edge, Stimulate your Nerves, at the stunning valleys of Rishikesh (with image) · iamanvi. Serene Landscapes and Spine-Thrilling Sports: Jumping Heights at Rishikesh by Anvi Sharma. Get out of your Comfort Zone, Try the Extraordinary Escapade at The Serene Land of Rishikesh.