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iAgency is the best SEO agency with which you could ever work, so wait no more! Contact us by phone +40723.208.290 or by e -mail at, if you need professional services like SEO, digital media consulting, web design, copywriting , social media promotion, SEM (Search Engine Marketing ) or AdWords and PPC campaigns.

What is the difference between SEM and SEO. Key Performance Indicators for e-commerce businesses. One of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make is related to the fact that they consider any value as a KPI indicator.

Key Performance Indicators for e-commerce businesses

Here the next question: how can you choose the right KPI indicators that exactly fit your business? First, you should know that the KPI indicators of an eCommerce site differ from those of a presentation website or news site. What are the KPI indicators of an online store Choosing the right KPIs indicators for an online store is not a step by step process, but there are a few things you need to consider: First of all, you must carefully define your business objectives and only when you`ve done that, you can set the desired KPI indicators. For example, Mark Hayes, Shopify CEO, has compiled a top with KPI indicators` for online shops, including all 32 of them. 1. 2. 3. 4. KPI indicators vary from one industry to another. Everything you need to know about the KPI indicators. In the online industry, just like in any other business, performance is associated with two key processes, management, and measurement.

Everything you need to know about the KPI indicators

If performance management reflects the bond between the entity and the performance (defining and implementing the strategy, training and the performance measurement), measuring it focuses on identifying, tracking and communicating the results performance indicators obtained. Thus, key performance indicators are measurements (or metrics) that reflect the performance (the failure or the success) of your business plan. In other words, Key Performance Indicators or KPI indicators are used to evaluate the degree of performance of a desired parameter (either enrolling for a newsletter, purchasing products/services or completing the contact form). The difference between a value and KPI indicators Firstly, a value can become a KPI indicator. Let`s take for example an online store. What Is Google Disavow And How To Use It. 8 Essential Steps For Creating A Website.

We live in the speed century.

8 Essential Steps For Creating A Website

The one that if you’re not online, you don’t exist. SEO Cost – How much do you have to pay for SEO? You are an entrepreneur and you want online visibility.

SEO Cost – How much do you have to pay for SEO?

The same objective want all the businessmen. But how much money are you willing to pay for quality SEO services? That’s the question that so many people can’t respond. Although SEO optimization is very known in Romania, there are few entrepreneurs that know how complex this process is. 11 essential steps for on page SEO optimization. Even though the Internet is full of “how to” articles about SEO optimization, website or Social Media promotion, it’s important for you to know that not all of them are true.

11 essential steps for on page SEO optimization

If you really want visibility and to become an online brand, you should be very careful with who you work with. And we tell this because, in more than 10 years of experience, we had many customers that have worked with so-called “SEO specialists”, that hurt them more than helping them. SEO audit, the cornerstone of the optimization process. You have a start-up and you want to become powerful and visible in Google.

SEO audit, the cornerstone of the optimization process

Whether you are in a full process of realizing or developing your website or you want an objective evaluation of the SEO process, an SEO audit is all you need to see. Moreover, an SEO optimization audit will help you attract more traffic that will turn into conversions, meaning sales. Is your ecommerce website properly optimized? If you are just starting out and you want to create an ecommerce website, you can have trust in iAgency, interactive agency.

Is your ecommerce website properly optimized?

We have experience with clients from various domains like Gadget World, Vipercig, Tigara Electronica nr. 1 and a lot more. How to choose the best SEO agency for you - The dream of every online business owner is to obtain more traffic and users on his website.

How to choose the best SEO agency for you -

This thing can be done better with the help of an agency which offers quality SEO services. Some can believe that if they choose the right keywords and create as more backlinks, their website can climb higher in the searching engines, but a successful SEO campaign is more complex. Maybe this strategy is on short term, but Google’s algorithm updates, whose purpose is to improve the user’s experience, can change very fast this thing. The truly positive results, after which your website will climb in top positions and remain there on long term, can be achieved only by an experienced SEO agency, which went through numerous projects and was confronted with situations that are more or less diverse and complex. SEO techniques for optimizing a mobile website. Millions of people access the Internet on their mobile phones, so, therefore, it became mandatory to adapt sites for an easy navigation on these devices.

SEO techniques for optimizing a mobile website

So, the ones who want a maximum visibility on the Internet should make efforts to optimize their website for mobile. That’s the only way they can generate more traffic, they can grow the interaction with potential clients and they can increase their conversion rate. How does look a mobile optimized website? To have a mobile optimized website you should take into account various aspects such as screen size, user interface, page loading time. 4 easy steps to get clients with the help of SEO. From the moment in which a potential customer searches for information on search engines about a particular product or service to the actual conversion, he follows a complex route/ From awareness to action is a long way, but a very good SEO strategy will help the user to shorten this route and turn quickly into your client.

4 easy steps to get clients with the help of SEO

The key of a successful SEO campaign: Customer’s satisfaction! In recent years, there have been many updates of Google’s algorithm, whose purpose was to improve the user’s experience. Hummingbird update wanted to understand better the searches, so the search engine offers more useful pages, and Panda and Penguin have searched to eliminate the bad quality content, which managed to position itself quite well in SERP. In order for a website to achieve his purpose, it must appear as top in search engines on relevant keywords for the business.

The importance of the backlinks in the SEO process. SEO is a domain where you must be very careful how you choose to promote yourself. That’s why, we, iAgency, are here for your success and visibility in online. Quality backlinks help you obtain top positions in Google searches. That’s why is very important the image and well written content, that respond quickly and sure to internet surfers. How users search when they want to find out more details about a subject they are interested in: after a brand – represents the user’s searches to a company’s brandafter money keywords – are the searches that Google suggests and the ones who should generate sales for online products or servicesafter long-tails – are natural searches, like “Busteni accommodation with pool”, “cheap and fast self development courses” and the list may continue.

Quality backlinks, an important part of the SEO strategy. A website, it’s considered by Google as being quality if, beside images, responsive design and quality content, the internal and external links are made with good precision, taking into account the website’s theme. For a correct visibility of your website, you need experienced SEO specialists with projects that talk about their success. iAgency has more than 10 years of experience and help you build a correct, visible image, that sells.

The user’s experience on a website is given by all the aspects he is in contact with a website and can influence his perception, behavior and actions. The user’s experience is closely linked to a successful SEO strategy, moreover, if together conquer to obtaining a Return of Investments in a positive way. Digital Marketing – Tips&Tricks in 2016. We say GOODBYE to 2015, a year in which the change was the watchword. And at every end of the year we make a list of objectives we want to achieve the next year, it is imperative to establish a strategy for 2016 digital marketing.

That’s why we prepared for you a list with tips you should take into consideration when you choose to send information about your offers and services to collaborators or clients or the way you choose to communicate with them. The digital marketing industry is very complex and volatile, but for 2016, the trends are already established. It will be a year in which video will be in the center of attention, in which people are more connected with their smartphones and they will have a buying behavior even more complex than in previous years.

The truth about using diacritics in SEO. Diacritics are typographic signs, added to some letters, to differentiate them as pronunciation or to distinguish the sense of two words, which are written the same. Although many internet users or SEO specialists consider that the texts should be written with diacritics, we will explain you why this isn’t an imperative. The myth that Google has learned Romanian is partially true Diacritics are not well understood characters for search engines. Analyzing latest years statistics, it was observed that the internet surfers have between 25-40 years, and have been grouped in the category of people who have adapted quickly to new technologies and for whom diacritics are just signs on a keypad that confuse them rather than help. A PR campaign that has tripled the sales of is an oline shop launched in 2013 that sells the coolest and trendiest foreign gadgests and gifts. Most of them are very useful because they improve the life of the buyers and enhance everyday comfort. Another feature of this online shop is the fact that every month they bring new gadgets, in order to satisfy even the most exigent tastes of technology lovers. iAgency is the interactive agency who dealt from the first day with creating and promoting this brand, starting with the web design, copywriting and SEO optimization and finishing with Social Media promotion and in the biggest online publications.

We wanted to create an attractive and “responsive” website, easy to use both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, we have created a promotion strategy to bring this online shop closer to gadget consumers, through search engines. Web design trends in 2016 - Adserving iAgency. We have entered a new year in which each of us has made a list of resolutions that we hope to tick up by the end of the year. Online branding, a recognition gateway to Google. Each new year marks new resolutions on our “TO DO” list. The importance of keywords in SEO optimization process. Parallax scrolling websites, a trend in 2016? Parallax is a website creation technique, very popular in the late years.

This trend has started with the launch of touch screen smartphones, that offer to users a real interactive experience.