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Empathy and the interactive documentary mode – Jasper Lauderdale. As commonly attends the arrival of a nascent art form, the field of scholarship that surrounds the emergent interactive documentary mode is as yet highly contested, replete with suggested, sometimes limiting definitions and aspirational, perhaps totalizing taxonomies, mired in familiar questions of medium-specific features and properties and the dialectics of content and form.

Empathy and the interactive documentary mode – Jasper Lauderdale

Indeed, McMillan has proposed that “interactivity may be in the eye of the beholder,” (2002, 165). But whatever new modalities of interaction bring to the table, whether they lay in the eye or the hand of the beholder, we must be wary of acclaiming the newness and novelty of interactive documentary when investigating or evaluating its artistic and political implications as an innovative digital approach to factual representation, “a form of nonfiction narrative that uses action and choice, immersion and enacted perception as ways to construct the real, rather than to represent it” (Aston and Gaudenzi 2012, 125). A Series of Untranslatable Words About Love. The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information. 0 Stories. Introduction to Future of StoryTelling. A Tale of Two Videos · Hatch for Good. The difference between making a video and making an impact.

A Tale of Two Videos · Hatch for Good

Why do some nonprofit videos motivate donors more than others? Below are two videos produced for the same organization, Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY), a nonprofit focused on getting formerly incarcerated kids back on track. One helped FLY reach an annual fundraising goal in just four months. Take a few moments to watch both videos, and see if you can figure out which one accelerated fundraising. Andy Goodman Andy Goodman is a nationally recognized author, speaker and consultant in the field of public interest communications. On the surface the two videos appear to have a lot in common: both include staff and clients discussing the way FLY’s programs work, an external partner describing his experience with FLY, and shots of clients engaging in FLY’s programs.

“We don’t start by asking, ‘What are we going to film?’” Our 11 favorite multimedia storytelling platforms. Fear not, social media doomsayers, the art of storytelling isn’t dead – it’s just evolving, perhaps for the better.

Our 11 favorite multimedia storytelling platforms

Apps and platforms aimed at multimedia journalism, social impact inspiration, education, and entertainment are proving that immersive, beautiful narrative works are now easier to produce than ever. Here are some of our favorites. Storehouse From National Geographic photographers to chefs to daytrippers, free iOS app Storehouse is home to a diverse crowd of digital storytellers. That’s a reflection of the platform’s flexibility – a minimalist layout allows for seamless blending of photos, videos, and text in just about every shape and size.

Creatavist If any modern media house is redefining longform journalism, it’s Brooklyn-based The Atavist, a monthly collection of stunning, interactive multimedia pieces for purchase. Digital Storyteller Sourcebook. About the project. Every Object Tells a Story – a short history Every Object Tells a Story was funded from the University of Sheffield’s Knowledge Transfer Opportunities Fund, which aims to turn research into something people can use.

About the project

The original project was called ‘Ferham Families’ and was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Diasporas Migration Identities fund. The project aimed to look at the relationship between objects in the home and the narratives of migration of families of Pakistani heritage. The project involved five families who were able to share their stories and objects with the team. The stories and objects that were collected were displayed in an exhibition in Rotherham Arts Centre in March 2007. Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield, ran the project called Every Object Tells A Story.

The exhibition celebrated the lives of Asian families who have lived and worked in Rotherham for more than 50 years. It tells their family history. Intro to Twine 2.0: Variables. Storydesign. Telling the story behind a memorable photo. Amongst the thousands of photos we take these days, a few stand out as really special.

Telling the story behind a memorable photo

If you have a photo with a powerful story behind it, you can record the story in text or audio to create a digital story you can share online. Whichever technique you use, here are useful tips to help you craft your story: Make sure you describe what’s going on in the photo, and try to focus on the moment it captures. Hint at the bigger story, but focus your story on the moment we see in the photo. A great story takes you to another place or time. This story is important to you - but why? You're telling this story not just for yourself, but to share with other people. SAMPLE QUESTIONSYou don’t need to ask all of these questions, just think about which ones will help get to the heart of the story. The most important questions to answer are: What are we looking at in the photo? Download this page as a PDF tip sheet. Learn more storytelling tips and tricks with ABC Open.